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  1. We have a Nationwide mortgage - this is in my husband's name. We started the ball rolling for a transfer of equity - we completed the form and sent it off to Nationwide who promptly cashed the cheque. However, it took a while for their solicitor's to get in touch and during this time we decided we wanted to move house and have put our property on the market. Our mortgage advisor said that there was no point doing the transfer of equity as moving = bigger house = bigger mortgage so my name could be added on the new mortgage application and the transfer of equity at this time is pointless.
  2. Thanks. I know what they're for though and when they were incurred, it's only this one, but seeing as I am trying to deal with it I think it's incredibly wrong!
  3. Have an ongoing issue with Welcome Finance. In August 09 they contacted me by telephone to say there was an arrears on the account of one month's payment from Feb 08. At the time I was caring for my Father in Law who was terminally ill so said I couldn't deal with it could they put it in writing and I would contact them. I duly did contact them, and asked again for everything in writing etc as nothing was received. I have contacted them a number of times by phone since August, including beg October by phone requesting everything in writing again. This hadn't arrived so spoke to them at th
  4. Just back! Can you post here or PM info / process please?? Bit frustrated to say the least to have moved and paid extra, and then have building work in "new" hotel - they were replacing the bar windows, which was by the pool, so not so relaxing sunbathing as they "smashed out" the old windows to replace them, amongst other bits and pieces they were doing....
  5. Hi all, thanks for the posts and sorry for such a slow reply - I thought I got email notifications for replies but obviously don't!! We phoned the operator as already stated, they just said they'd do best to minimise noise etc. We wrote and emailed them as well and heard nothing for over a week just a standard automated "we've received your email" reply. On Tuesday [27th] we had a letter dated 14th October advising us of building work going on, guess this was lost in the post or something. Anyway, to cut a long story short we finally find another number to call the tour operator on.
  6. Yep and we were just told they'd make a request for us to be as far away as poss from the noise which I guess is the easiest solution for them. Thanks for both the replies, we just didn't know what grounds we have, and obv do want to sort before we go!!
  7. This is a pre holiday query rather than the more common post event! We have a holiday booked on 1 November to Tunisia for a week. At the time of booking, there were no "information" messages regarding the hotel or anything on our booking confirmation, Trip Advisor reviews were good, etc. Having checked Trip Advisor this week every complaint is a bad one and they are bad ones in relation to building work that is apparently taking place over 12 hours a day [6 til 6]. Having looked on the tour operators website yesterday, there is now an "information" warning when you go to book the ho
  8. Recently received a letter from Westcot acting on behalf of Playboy TV for £19.99. Might not sound a lot but I know nothing about it and has nothing to do with me! Gave them a call, they said it was in relation to a property at XXXXX. I advised I moved out on XXXX 2007 and it had nothing to do with me. They said that the Sky account had been in my name, they're putting the account on hold and looking into it. I can't find a way of contacting Playboy TV by phone [the number Sky gave me is just engaged] and upon contacting Sky they said the account was closed in March 2008 - this was incor
  9. Not sure if this is the right forum but couldn't figure out where it'd fit! I'm currently looking at issuing a claim against my ex for a loan in joint names. He had 25% of the loan but has not contributed to any repayments. I understand I can only claim for what I have repaid so far and as it has now been a year it seems a sensible time to do it as I can't afford to keep repaying this much! He also has some property of mine, but the main thing was a brand new washer / dryer which was a gift from my parents. Over the past year he has refused to let me collect it and previously he agre
  10. yep I know, if people wouldn't mind editing, thanks - it wasn't my real name but a nickname some people did use!
  11. Thanks a lot Lex, I got a bit of a shock when I logged in and had 7 PMS - but it was just telling me it was done! Thanks a lot again for that, much appreciated
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