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  1. Hi Everybody, For anybody who is interested, Ruthbridge have a new Collections Manager (Rob), who used to be the Operations Manager for DLC. Mick Mcevoy who was known as Brian Blair has been removed from the company (about time). I would direct any of your complaints regarding both companies directly to Rob, you may get more respect from him than has previously been the case with others and he will certainly know the correct legal and compliant answers to any of your queries and obviously has a direct link with DLC. ITK
  2. Just the sort of comment that I would expect. Thank you for maintaing my faith. ITK
  3. Hello all, Obviously my knowledge of this business and how it works spans from both ends of the scale. I have posted previously both 'for and against' practices by DCA's, but it is always blatently obvious to me that this type of forum is always about people who do not have the slightest conception of how a DCA operates and how reliant they are on information supplied by a creditor and consequently all it really is, in this type of instance, is a place for debtors to hear what they want to about how to avoid facing up to their responsibilities. You can be as offensive as you wi
  4. Oh look, peolple are passing opinions, according to some this is not what the forum is for. I am pleased that you recognise the naievity of consumers, but note that your interpretation of the truth seems to flount high court judges decisions. Do you really think you know better than they?? I don't and I am sure that none of you do either. The companies to which I refer, are all [problem] artists and the naievity in consumers who pay them good money to release them of their liability is frightening. Whilst of course I accept that a CCA should be legally binding, I do not acc
  5. Oh dear, have I hit a nerve! Surely anybody who posts on this forum does so with their own opinions don't they? Some people just do not like hearing the truth of matters becuase it makes them feel guilty; strange then that it is ok for companies who do try to get you out of your agreement are greeted with open arms simply because they all tell you what you want to hear. Please explain why cca issues are always the responsibility of the creditor?...anybody who has signed an agreement is an idiot if they have not read and understood the content firstly and all of you have your own
  6. Hi everybody, it's been a while. Thre has been a great deal said about CCA case law and the wrongs and rights of morals. The fact that anybody challenges a CCA (s77/78) issue with the sole intention of trying to get out of paying their debt, is simply wrong. For those of you who have been informed by all of these company leaches who incorrectly advise you of what they can and will do for you to ensure you do not have to repay your debt, you are being conned, which is easy of course when you are being told exactly what you want to hear. Regardless of what those of you st
  7. Hi all, As Experto Credite, have only recently (in past 7 months) entered in to this type of market and because it is their investors who have purchased this type of debt, they are striving to and indeed are obligated to ensure that their investors are happy that they are seen to do the very best possible job they can. This includes a required high standard of compliance, which is all important to such an investor, a training programme for their collectors which is both informative and apparently highly regarded in the industry already, is by the book and teaches the importance of em
  8. Varde Investments own the debt. Experto Credite are the Asset Managers acting on their behalf. MBNA have made obvious errors in the wording of their correspondence, but again Experto have no control over this. Hope this helps. ITK
  9. If the NOA you relate to is the 'Goodbye' letter issued by MBNA, then this is their error and not that of Experto Credite, if the NOA relates to the 'Hello' letter from Experto sent to all debtors, then the debts have simply been passed to Experto by Varde Investements. With this I see no problem. You are incorrect by the way that anybody working at Experto Credite ever 'headed up Ruthbridge'. That company has always been under the ownership of he who will not be mentioned.. (I don't want to be rude). Stefan Russell, who you are obviously referring to, was the Sales Manager
  10. No, that was an error. Even I make them sometimes, but only sometimes. ITK
  11. Yes, Defaults will if ness be re issued after they have expired, but this is still often on a regular basis due the persistant defaulting of a consumer who may have temporarily rectified a defaulted position only to stray back in to the same scenario. As a matter of interest, some of you obviously believe that I work for for Experto Credite. For the record, I do not. I retired form the debt recovery world some time ago, but this does not mean that I do not keep in touch with what goes on and with who and my personal contacts are many. Whilst Paul Thompson and Stefan Russell
  12. Dear Scarlet Pmpernel & Pumpytums, firstly, acquisition does not mean purchase..it mean to acquire..not the same thing at all..Experto do not purchase debt..secondly, if you have read any of my previous entries you would be well aware that I treat everybody on this forum with the intelligance they deserve. Just because the debt recovery industry doesn't have the greatest reputation in the country, this does not mean that they are all 'monkeys' as I believe somebody has quoted. Some of them are happy to treat consumers like human beings and discuss cases on their merit, unfor
  13. Hi all, Firstly, please note that Experto Credite will do their best to solve your dispute, but they do have to refer back to the vendor (MBNA) and this is time consuming. It is correct that cases are placed on hold until MBNA respond, but normally the cases sold by MBNA in this scenario are logged on their own system as having been resolved. Secondly, I do not believe that it is actually illegal to sell an account whilst in dispute, but the vendor should certainly inform the purchaser in such cases. Default notices can be issued on a regular basis and it does not have to be th
  14. Hi, just to let you all know; Experto Credite do not purchase debt, but rather act on behalf of a company of investors who do. MBNA have written to all account holders who's debts have been sold on and Experto Credite have in turn written to the same consumers confirming that they act on behalf of the new assignees. This does not mean that you have received the correspondence, but rest assurred that the letters have non the less been sent. The Experto correspondence does not state that 'they' have purchased the debt. With regards to client ref numbers, ie the orig
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