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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. This is the enclosed response form that also contains a QR code though I don't have means to scan it. NRAM PPI REVIEW RESPONSE FORM Name: Mrs XXXX NRAM Reference: T3G_nos. here. Contact tel no._________________ Best time to contact (between 0800 - 17.30)_________________ Having read your letter dated 17 February 2012 I woud like you to review the following areas of the sale of the PPI policy attached to m personal loan with Northern Rock (please tick each area you have concerns in): There is then a table set out headed up Issue with a list of issues and next to it a tick box headed up 'Please Review'. Issues stated as: 1. I was not aware that the insurance policy was optional and I did not have to include it to obtain the loan 2. I was not aware that the total cost of the PPI policy was added to my loan and interest was charged on it throughout the loan term. 3. I was not made aware that I would not receive a proportionate refund of the cost of the PPI policy if I cancelled it before the end of the term 4. I was not made aware of all significant exclusions affecting my personal circumstances that could have led to a claim being declined 5. Any existing PPI policies or other means I had of making the monthly loan payments were not taken into account 6. I was not asked sufficient details about my personal circumstances to allow the adviser to provide appropriate advice 7. I was unduly pressured to include PPI during the sales process 8. I was not aware that I was being sold a PPI policy with the loan If you have concerns in more than one area above please explain which one you feel was most important (1 to 8). If you have any other reasons why you are unhappy with the way your sold your policy, or you have made an unsuccessful claim please describe the details here. (hmm?) .................................................................................................................................................. As part of investigating your complaint, NRAM may need to contact Pinnacle Insurance plc, the underwriter of your policy and obtain some of your personal data from them. This may include the amount of premium paid, whether or not you have made a claim against your policy, what that claim was in relation to and any claims payments that were made to you but may also include other information that is held by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Without this information NRAM will not be able to fully assess your complaint. By signing below, you consent to NRAM contacting Pinnacle Insurance plc on your behalf. Signed................................................. Mrs xxxxxx Phew - that is the end of the content Cheers Andrea
  4. PAGE 2 & 3 OF LETTER What to do next Please take time to read the key points set out in this letter and contact us, either by phone on 0800 294 6744 or using the response form at the end of the letter, if; you think that any of the issues may apply to you; you have any concerns regarding the purchase of your PPI policy and whether it was suitable for your needs; or you have any questions about the sale of your PPI policy When calling please have the account details to hand as these will be used to confirm your identity before discussing the account with you. (note; it's unlikely I still have any of these details having no current product with Northern Rock) Key Points about your Loan Protection policy 1. Eligibility To be eligible to claim on the PPI policy there were certain criteria you had to meet when it was added to your loan. These criteria were: working at least 16 hours per week; Resident in the UK Aged between 18 and 64 throughout the term of the loan In addition to the above, there were specific terms relating to the self-employed and contract or temporary workers which you should have been made aware of at the time. 2. Optional nature of the insurance When you purchased your policy you should have been made aware that loan protection was an optional policy and was not a condition of the personal loan. Taking out this policy would not have enhanced your chances of being successful in obtaining the loan or determining the final rate of interest payable. 3. Cost of the cover When you purchased your policy you should have been made aware of the total cost and in particular that the product was paid for by a single one off payment added on to your personal loan. It should also have been explained that interest was charged on the payment for the term of your loan. You should also have been made aware of the total amount you were paying for PPI each month. 4. Early repayment of your loan or cancellation of your PPI policy You should have been made aware that if you redeemed your loan early or cancelled your PPI that the refund of your premium was not proportionate to the remaining term of your loan. 5. What are you not covered for When you purchased your policy, we should have made you aware about the exclusions and limitations which applied to it, including that: unemployment within 30 days, or notified within 30 days of the start date of the policy would not be covered there was a minimum requirement to work 16 hours per week the policy would not be valild after you were 65 years of age psycho neurotic, back injuries or psychological conditions are not covered pre-existing medical conditions or conditions that you should have known about at the time of the application are not covered if the loan was a joint account the policy only covered the primary name on the account and not both account holders. You should also have been made aware of the need to read the policy booklet to ensure you fully understood all relevant terms and condtions. 6. Existing protection/means If you purchased the PPI policy over the telephone or in a branch, the advisor should have asked for the full details of any existing payment protection or life cover, either with your employer, Northern Rock or another provider or ssome other existing means (such as savings or assets) that could have been used to protect your personal loan payments in the event of a reduction in income. The advisor should have asked for full details and where appropriate taken them into account when giving advice. This should also have included details of any sick pay or redundancy payments you would receive. 7. Sales approach You should have been made fully aware that the total premium for the PPI policy was added to your loan. If you purchased the policy over the telephone or in a branch then the adviser should have provided you with all of the key points and limitations to allow you to make an informed decision about purchasing the PPI policy and whether it was suitable for you. A number of issues are identified in this letter that may be relevant to the sale of your loan protection policy. However, NRAM is not saying that the sale of your policy failed to adhere to the standards outlined in this letter, or that it mis-sold your individual policy. As such, this letter should not be construed as an admission of liability by NRAM in relation to the sale, and NRAM reserves its rights generally in this regard. If you believe that any of the key points and limitations were not made clear to you when you purchased your policy please contact us by telephone on 0800 294 6744. Our team will be available to handle your call between the hours of 0800 and 1800 Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can complete the enclosed response form and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided. Please provide a telephone number on which we can contact you to avoid unnecessary delays in providing you with the outcome of our review. Yours sincerely Robert Thackeray Head of Operations
  5. PAGE 1 OF LETTER 17 February 2012 THIS LETTER IS IMPORTANT AND REQUIRES YOUR CAREFUL CONSIDERATION Dear Mrs xxxx We recently tried to contact you in relation to your payment protection insurance policy (PPI). The contents of the original letter are below. (note I don't recall receiving this letter at all) This letter is important and you should take time to read it and consider your options. If you have any queries in relation to this letter then please contact us on tel 0800 294 6784 or write to us at NRAM PPI Review Team (PO box address as provided). If you have recently contacted us then please ignore this letter. Your Loan Payment Protection Insurance Policy Northern Rock (Asset Management) plc (NRAM) has recently reviewed its sales processes for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) sold with unsecured loans through Northern Rock's telephone, branch and internet sales channels between 14 January 2005 and 18 March 2008. As you were sold a PPI policy during this time, you may wish to review the policy that was attached to your unsecured loan. If you believe that your PPI policy may not have been sold appropriately you should contact us, either by phone on 0800 294 6744 or using the response form at the end of this letter if you would like us to review the sale of your policy. Depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to a refund of your premium and an interest payment of 8% to reflect the return you could have made if you invested this amount in another way. Requesting a review of your policy will not affect the terms of you personal loan in any way. If your PPI policy is stilll active and a a refund is due, your PPI policy will be cancelled and the protection you currently have will be lost. It would be your responsibility to obtain alternative protection elsewhere if you felt it was required. If you have recently contacted us to make a complaint in relation to the policy, please disregard this letter. We are reviewing your complaint and will contact you once our investigation is complete.
  6. Hi Dx. Thanks for looking at this. I don't have facilities to scan but can probably do it in the week. I can type up the content fairly quickly if that would help in the meantime. Letter is from: NRAM, NRAM PPI Review Team, PO Box 68596, London, EC2P 2LA Tel: 0800 294 6744 Each page is footed with Northern Rock (Asset Management) plc - Registered in England and Wales (Company no. 3273685). Registered Office - Northern Rock House, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 4PL., Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Act. The letter is signed by Robert Thackeray, Head of Operations. The prepaid envelope enclosed quotes the PO Box address of NRAM PPI Review Team given above. They quote their reference commencing T3G followed by nos. but I am not sure if it is personal to me. I'll post the content of the 3 page letter next.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Another post here entitled with NRAM in the title refers to something similar and says they are offering to do it for 30%. It's an odd letter as on the face of it it appears correct and proper but then when I re-read it is very bland - no personal account details and no confirmation whether I had PPI or not. I could almost interpret it as a cold call touting for me to appoint them to look into it just based on the fact that I'm on a list as someone who had a loan. Not sure whether to respond or start the process myself. Hence just wondering if anyone else has had one and what their thoughts are.
  8. I received a letter dated 17 Feb from Northern Rock Asset Management PPI Review team. The letter states that I was sold PPI during the period 14 January 2004 and 18 March 2008 and invites me to request a review of my policy. They provide a checklist where I can select the possible misselling criteria that might apply to me. My memory is sketchy about the loan I had with Northern Rock and I think I paid it off early. I have no recollection of taking out PPI as it would be something I would generally decline. My initial thought was that this was a genuine attempt by NRAM to rectify any misselling incidents however another poster has mentioned NRAM are doing this review for a 30% fee. There is no fee mentioned in the letter I have received. Does anyone know anything about this as I am sure I am not the only person to have received such a letter. Thank you
  9. I emailed them just the other day with the same question as OP. They replied really promptly (29 Sept) as follows: Thank you for contacting Metro Bank Mrs xxxx The initial stage of the account opening process will require you to be in store due to security reasons as all our customers set their own passwords and PINs. After that you are free to access your account online from wherever you please we also offer telephone banking. I hope this has answered your question. Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great day. Enquiries One Southampton Row London WC1B 5HA T: 0345 0808 500
  10. Seems they are some kind of government sponsored employment agency trying to get a fee by whatever means. They must need the money if they can't even pay travel expenses for their clients. Have you or your manager seen the form that needs signing? If they keep up this harassment it might be worth asking them to provide a copy then depending on what it asks for, return the form unsigned with a covering letter stating the facts eg. in no way shape or form did TNG find or assist you in securing your current vacancy. It's very suspicious that they turn up with the form and leave with it rather than leaving it to be completed. I agree, they want to get it signed and run. I am presuming you were referred to TNG by Connexions. I would refer the matter to them. Obviously they know when you signed off and your current employer knows you applied for your job yourself. Connexions should be informed and should deal with it in my view. I think it is an invasion of your privacy and I am not sure what the Data Protection implications are for TNG here. I suggest you write to them and copy Connexions in your letter telling them the facts and that TNG should refer to Connexions who and you will be seeking legal advice if they continue to harass you and your manager in this way. I would suggest to them that this is harassment and they are in breach of Data Protection Laws. Write to your local MP or Councillor too or copy them into your letter. They did not place you in employment so should not have any fee. If they need to sign you off their books then they should go to Connexions who probably referred you in the first place, to close the matter. If they turn up again, tell them to leave the form. Nothing will be signed on the spot. Tell them not to come back and they will only be dealt with in writing and after you have spoken to Connexions. Might scare them off if they are on [problem].
  11. Always send items recorded. That's your cover with paypal. If a buyer claims they didn't receive it my step mum tells me you just tell paypal the recorded delivery details. She sells on ebay for a living and always sends recorded. Have you looked at gumtree for selling - I think it's free. I've sold odd bits and pieces of my own over the years on ebay and not had any problems. The latest thing now though is, Paypal are holding your money for 21 days or until you receive positive feedback (whichever is sooner) until you build up a bit of a history. There are discussion forums within ebay which are very busy you could have a look there too.
  12. Letter sent to Nationwide today (by email to Graham Beale) 27 August 2010 Nationwide Building Society Dear Sir/Madam Flex account: xxxxxx I am writing to express my concerns about the way my account has been handled. I should point out that I have previously been advised only to deal with you in writing. It was only when the situation was becoming increasingly urgent that I decided to telephone. It is my view that going against this advice has not served me well. You will recall that I entered into difficulty following a spate of bank charges being applied to my account earlier this year. This quickly escalated until I was faced with severe financial difficulties and a rapidly, deteriorating credit rating due to the subsequent late or missed payments incurred due to lack of funds. (There’s a reason this situation is referred to as a ‘bank charges spiral!’). I tried all means of raising extra money to combat the situation but the amount owed increased by hundreds of pounds. Due to the nature of these charges and how they are applied is such that it is extremely difficult to predict their incidence and amounts in advance. Having no obvious route of acquiring the funds you required in time, I requested a review of my bank charges under financial hardship criteria, which you swiftly declined. Further charges were applied so on 8th June, I made a further request for these to be reviewed under hardship criteria. I provided full and detailed financial information as well as details of my personal circumstances as a single parent, working full time on a fixed income with no other means of raising money and all reasonable lines of credit closed off due to the impact on my credit file (as detailed in my previous correspondence). A default notice was then applied to my account. I took advice and was told that the default notice was firstly issued incorrectly in that the notice does not provide 28 clear days to rectify the situation and is issued under the Consumer Credit Act which does not apply to overdrafts. As I had asked for the charges to be reviewed, the account was effectively in dispute and therefore the default notice should not have been applied. I wrote to you to request it be removed and issued in the correct manner which you refused. (In the meantime, your review of my bank charges request took over six weeks for you to investigate which goes some way beyond your own policy of handling these within four weeks.) Whilst still awaiting the outcome of the review of charges and receiving further correspondence dated 13th July stating that I needed to settle immediately with the full amount of £748.59, I approached a doorstep lending firm to borrow as much as I could (£300). On the 15th July (I called and spoke to A in Flexaccount Collections. She told me that the amount due immediately was £277.37 (which would include forthcoming interest charges for the next month of £28.78) to bring my account back within the agreed overdraft and if I paid the amount outstanding by 21st July my account would be restored to normal. During that call I made a payment of £200 (payment ref: xxxxxx) On the 20th July I called and paid a further £80 being slightly over the balance due and believed that to be the end of the matter and all I needed to do now was set about paying off my overdraft at a reasonable rate. I received a letter from you saying that you rejected my claim for a refund of bank charges under hardship criteria. I found this surprising given that I meet a number of the criteria as laid out by the Financial Ombudsman. I then received a statement from you ) dated 24th July showing my payment of £80. There was no record of my £200 payment made on 15th July. I called your office to query this and spoke to B, who told me my account had been closed and all ‘charges’ amounting to £697.37 had been refunded. I said I knew nothing about this and explained the payments I had made and the conversation I had had with A on the 15th. The young lady I spoke to admitted my account had been closed in error, she noted my payment of£80 and advised that a settlement agreement had been reached. I expressed deep concerns about a settlement being agreed at this amount and without reference to me and about how this would be reflected on my credit file as I had taken all steps you required to bring my account back into line. I pointed out my payment of £200 on the 15th July which she found on her system. She kept me on hold for some time to discuss this with her manager. She came back and advised that my credit file would reflect the matter as satisfied at zero. (However, I feel obliged to check this and to see if there is an incorrect amount showing as owed). I was still very concerned about the events that have transpired and I asked for details of this to be provided to me in writing. I received your letter of 29th July outlining what was said on the phone but did not reflect the correct position. I later received statements showing a debit and a credit of £697.37 dated 28th July. My balance outstanding with you since 21st July was £468.39 bringing my account back to within my agreed overdraft limit by the date you stipulated. Therefore, please advise the following: Given that you declined me a refund of charges under hardship criteria and given my actual outstanding balance with you was £468.39, on what basis was the amount of £697.37 showing as a debit then a credit to my account as at 28th July? What has happened to my £200 payment made on 15th July by telephone which is not recorded on any statement or correspondence? I believe given the above and as per my previous correspondence, you have dealt with me very unfairly and incorrectly as follows; · in the time taken to review my hardship request, · in the issue of the default notice whilst this review was ongoing and the account under dispute (the result of which would directly impact amounts owing by me) · in the issue of the default notice which is non compliant with regulations and whilst being fully aware of my personal circumstances and the impact this would have on them and my borrowing ability – making it all the more difficult to pay you back and ensuring my hardship is further secured · despite complying with your request and bringing my account into line within your deadline, you intend to report to credit referencing agents a default from me of an incorrect amount satisfied at zero · in going against what I was told on 15th July 2010 and closing my account · in failing to record my payments incorrectly · in reaching a settlement agreement without any approach to me and without my agreement and at an amount I did not owe I look forward to your response. For your information, I may refer this matter to the Financial Ombudsman for review. Yours sincerely
  13. To finalise this matter, I ended up ringing them and am on a payment plan to pay of the bill at £55 per month. It will take forever. Eon are currently charging me a similar rate so I am still paying less than the £149 per month I was paying on direct debit to npower. Not too happy with the tarrif from Eon either. They promised me I would be on much lower than I am with Npower and one of them is about the same! Another call I guess! I think they are all the blooming same!
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