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  1. Now I've had no end of problems with the cretins at the crooked DVLA. I know only too well of their ineptitude and corruption. I've avoided as much to do with them as I can and not left anything to their incapable hands, but with this matter I have no choice. My car has been SORN for the past two years and currently is still SORN. I'm now selling my car. What do I need to do to cover every possible angle so that even the DVLA can't mess it up, I know that if I leave them any room for error they absolutely will take it.
  2. How do I get my stories in the paper? They did this to me twice! If they reported on everybody they'd done this to it would be a feature on every page, of every paper, every day!
  3. You are 100% correct Raykay. You have summarised DVLA procedures on a range of their false claims from Late Licensing Penalty to Failure to Notify. The question is how do we help put a stop to this?
  4. Yes Jimbo that would be helpful to make that public.
  5. Next Thursday, BBC1 8PM - the crooks at the DVLA are the focus of yet another episode of Watchdog, for the 10th consecutive series. Funny, I mentioned only recently in my last round of complaints to MP/PHSO etc. what a frequent and prominent feature DVLA are of so many complaints programs. They are truly the most prolific guest. What really gets me is DVLA make themselves a primary feature report on every single season of Watchdog, all the other rogue traders they appear alongside end up in jail for much smaller offences, but DVLA are the only one to feature time and time again unstoppable and untouchable allowed to get away with what they like. As you know, their tactics are well established and efficient at extorting money from people through lies and bullying threats, for every one of us who dares to challenge there's probably 100 who pay up to the escalating ruse of threats and harassment you'll receive from DVLA and their very own debt collectors. This of course is the intention, there's no innocent until proven guilty or consideration involved, you're just guilty because you've been told so. Be sure to tune in and get in contact while they're on air to make your feelings known. If it were up to me, they'd be on the show after - Crimewatch.
  6. This ought to be made a sticky - people coming here for help about DVLA trying to [problem] them over LLP is probably the most common occurrence.
  7. madsam

    DVLA Court summons.

    Yup, you can never trust a word they say - you'll know better in future and only have yourself to blame if you're not recording every encounter with them like the rest of us. Looks like they're rubbing their hands together and going to take you for all your worth. Welcome to the growing club of the victims of the DVLA. See if you can dig up any phone records of the conversation, and then seek legal advice without hesitation. Complain to your MP for assistance.
  8. Since DVLA seem to be as active as ever bullying people on false claims and more people turning up here for help, I'm just bringing this old thread back to the forefront.
  9. What a shame, it's all part of their plan not to take it to the Crown Court so that they can continue to do this to everybody else, I thought for a moment their tactics had finally not worked out how they intended and their misdeeds were going to catch up with them. A year of my life exposing them on a similar issue that I hoped would result in them not being able to continue this behaviour to others that they profit from had pretty much the same outcome - DVLA shown to be lying, cheating crooks and completely in the wrong, but nobody's going to do anything about them so they'll continue to profit from their crooked activities. I can only hope that justice will someday catch up with them another time, but until then - Paul, and anybody else, feel free to PM me and we can work to give our cases and findings more exposure - by making people aware of their rights and that the DVLA does not have a right to bully them in their single minded, amoral pursuit of profits based on a lying fraudulent pattern of behaviour.
  10. I really applaud you Paul, for challenging these crooks, I know first hand the DVLA have been acting unlawfully to extort money from innocent members of the public for far too long. I have twice been a victim of their false claims to try to bully me into paying that I have proven to be fraudulent, while their bullying tactics work on so many others, the only response from DVLA is to keep pretending like they're incapable of error - even when it's been proven they have erred. Take it all the way and don't give up for everybody's sake, and keep all results public - make sure as many people know about our victories and their defeats as possible. Write to newspapers, BBC, Sky, etc. to expose them. Their cracks are starting to become more apparent.
  11. The crooked DVLA are simply despicable.
  12. Could someone give me some information on the laws surrounding banks closing your accounts. I've combed over the terms and conditions of the bank in question but can't find any mention of it, but I'm sure there are some rules on notice they must give, return of funds, etc.
  13. DVLA probably sold it, I'm not even joking.
  14. Yes just tell them all your paper work was in order and you completed all the correct procedures, after this length of time you can't be expected to pull out a random document at will. And whatever you do, don't waste your time on Inter-Credit or even bother responding to them, I KNOW where you are with them and have had the displeasure of dealing with their useless selves, trust me they are bottom feeder DCAs and not even worth thinking about - if they're on the case it means DVLA (or anybody) doesn't really take it too seriously and they're just trying it out to see if they can bilk something out of you.
  15. They work out what the absolute most you could afford is and then rub their hands together.
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