Having recently issued my DPA letter to my branch, they are being less than helpfull (surprise surprise!) and seem to be stalling, my bet is that they are trying to get rid of me before it goes to head office, as one not to be detered in such matters, I have taken this further myself and have found out 2 things:

Firstly the number on the 'unhappy with our service?' leaflet is incorrect, you need to call
0800 015 5035 to get through to the Customer Relations Department


if you are emailing, the person you need to contact is Margaret King, her email address is :

she is apparantly one of the Senior Managers within Customer Relations

and I am sure that she is only too happy to look into all of our compalints!!

The person I spoke to on the phone said that it was ok to email her directly, so don't let me stop you..............

good luck !

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