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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I am new here and looking to draw on your wealth of knowledge. I bought a shower from Victorian Plumbing around 6 months ago that was not fitted until around 8 weeks ago, on having the shower fitted my plumber informed me that although following the instructions to the letter the shower pressure was rubbish despite it being great without the shower attached and the water was not heating up. I complained to VP and they eventually replaced the unit but only after around 6 weeks of too and fro'ing with the manufacturer and not getting anywhere. The problem I have now is that the replacement is displaying the exact same issues. Wondering whether the installation was the issue I had an electrician check it over and he told me to get an engineer out as the power was getting to the unit but the heater element was not warming up at all. Now I have decided to go direct to the manufacturers website and email them asking for an engineer visit, they responded asking for a number of pictures but have not since replied other than to tell me they are chasing the manufacturer. This has been ongoing for around 9/10 weeks now and I'm at the end of my tether. What would you recommend I do from here?
  2. It's me again! Two months ago, we ordered a bath unit (the sink, cabinets and marble top) from Victorian Plumbing. They delivered on time but one of the units was defective. After the silly song and dance with a customer service clown, they sent a replacement unit, at a great delay. We had to send our plumber home after paying him. The replacement unit was also defective... At this point, we are about a month without a bathroom. Lucky the old toilet dish is giving us some graceful end-of-life... They now delivered another unit, which wasn't defective - but it's the wrong one! All this time, we are wasting days with unnecessary CS emails... They have finally pushed me over the edge. I've really tried to make amends with them. Even offered to receive a partial refund, which we even cut in half because we wanted to get it over with... However, they very strongly insist on spinning us through CS and aggravating us with "we do apologise but you can go away Sorry for any inconvenience" Everything via email and I keep those. I have finally decided to lean on on them and told them they must do right by us or we will sue them and claim for legal expenses, court fees, statutory interest, etc... Question: regarding legal expenses, can I hire my friend, who is NOT a solicitor (he is an employee for a bank) to help me with that and then claim for the money I paid to him? I could really use his help with handling this matter as I suffer from Autism and I sometimes go totally catatonic A solicitor in my town is 250+VAT p/h and my friend would charge 200 net p/h Also, as a bonus, we'll take comfort in knowing that the offending party didn't just spin us up for the whole process of suing them only to eventually pay us exactly what they owe us. Effectively meaning we are at a net loss because we got what we paid for, but after a significant delay and stress on us.
  3. Ian Hislop has revealed the "very extraordinary moment" that former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith broke down in tears in front of him. The Have I Got News For You panellist was interviewing the Tory politician for a new BBC documentary, Workers or Shirkers? Ian Hislop's Victorian Benefits, when Duncan Smith cried on camera. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-04-04/ian-hislop-reveals-extraordinary-moment-iain-duncan-smith-cried-in-new-bbc-documentary
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