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  1. I am asking generally as I can see things going this way if I'm honest. Embarrassingly I have been married around 13 months after a 6 year relationship and we bought a property Feb 2017. Mother in law provided £60K as gifted deposit (proof that it was non returnable) and Wife provided £100K that was gifted to her by her mother. We set the TR1 up as tenants in common 70% her way and 30% mine due to the fact that she provided roughly a third of the houses value upfront and then we went halves on the mortgage. We also setup with a solicitor that the first £100k of the sale of
  2. Thanks for the replies. It is indeed an electric shower and an expensive one at that. It operates at a minimum of 1.5 bar, the shower that was present before this was a straight mixer and it gave good pressure. I understand that the pressure could be related to the fact that the flow would likely be restricted as it needs to heat up the water first but there is no heat whatsoever, the pressure does change slightly however when changing the temperature to cold. The electrician is a fully qualified individual who has gained all qualifications through a local housing body which is
  3. Hi All, I am new here and looking to draw on your wealth of knowledge. I bought a shower from Victorian Plumbing around 6 months ago that was not fitted until around 8 weeks ago, on having the shower fitted my plumber informed me that although following the instructions to the letter the shower pressure was rubbish despite it being great without the shower attached and the water was not heating up. I complained to VP and they eventually replaced the unit but only after around 6 weeks of too and fro'ing with the manufacturer and not getting anywhere. The problem I have now i
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