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  1. Update: Issue resolved! We finally found some time both of us to sit down, prepare recording equipment, all the info they might ask and a copy of OFCOM's "General Conditions of Entitlement" at hand... We were prepared for a passive-aggressive exchange but perhaps we landed on a rep that just didn't give a fork. While their SMS and Web service blocked our PAC request, the rep on the phone didn't refer to any of our disputes in the past and just manually sent me the PAC over SMS. I stayed on the line a minute until it was indeed received. I will say he started with "in order
  2. They say to send an SMS with PAC to 65075 - we already know this. We can't do it, because the number is absolutely blocked for in/out (text, voice and data). They also say, like all the other sites: "LycaMobile, your provider, must give you your PAC" - It's nice to know that they "must" but what to do when they refuse anyway?...
  3. I thought voice recording is not admissible in court? I don't think they actually use the word punish. It's through my partner, who barely speaks English. Problem is by the time I am back home, their CS will be closed. She can't handle it herself. If that's the only way you can help, I will work from home tomorrow
  4. Update: we cannot ditch Lyca. We need a PAC code for this and they do not provide it because the number is blocked by their punishment measures. In our second call to customer service, they said it's actually £70 to pay first and then they decide whether to unblock or not. - Which only sounds more like they have all the power and no accountability or regulation!
  5. My partner has a number with Lycamobile. She has had it for +10 years as a Pay-As-You-Go deal. The duration of tenancy in this number is why she needs to keep this number (although we are obviously considering to switch out of Lyca in light of the current problem). The first issue was a couple of months ago, when she had topped up with £20 and, within a few days, her balance was about £5 but the number was absolutely blocked (no in/out). She raised the issue with them and got no response. She created an account in their online system and was able to see "Other charges, £15". No ex
  6. yes, the insurer admitted liability. I will re-check with the solicitors about their costs. I am pretty sure we agreed on a fixed percentage (25%) of the total settlement.
  7. Hi again, there's some progress: The other doctor that the lawyers told her to visit actually agrees that the injury is significant for a claim. The lawyers still said it's still not favourable, if we have a 50/50 distribution about this. The lawyers have given us some advice that I find weird and I think only you could help me understand (lawyers did not elaborate for us). Basically, they said that we should now make a "interim claim" of 1000 pounds from the insurer. This means we claim 1000 pounds now but reserve the right to claim more once we get more evidence. My question is
  8. ok maybe they didn't say "we promise" but, while my partner isn't seasoned in legal practice, I believe that she understood correctly some form of explicit verbal assurance that the "4000" offer is live, not off the table. We got a lot in writing but not that.
  9. I see your point. I hope our legal help can get this covered somehow. Speaking of that legal help, any way to get some traction regarding their earlier verbal promise that we can get those 4000 guaranteed, or more?
  10. 1. She's a senior carer with all the qualifications and certificates. She is trained to operate all moving and handling equipment 2. She has actually proactively assessed the risk and informed: the care company, occupation therapist, the head nurse and the family - in writing, that the woman is not equipped to walk on her own in the current setting. She has a written statement from other carers who said they will not work for that lady because she's at risk of collapsing any moment. I believe there may be some form of agreement from the official people (OT, care company...) that the equ
  11. Sorry, I was actually encouraged, on a different issue, to actually name the companies I am dealing with. I will make sure to avoid name dropping unless instructed so.
  12. My partner is a carer. She has been sent to work for a lady who wasn't equipped with the correct device to keep her upright. She fell on my partner and my partner suffered a back injury leading to incontinence, pain and time off work. We took the case with xxx LLP, who wrote a letter to the employer and got a response, offering 4000 pounds as final settlement. xxx advised us to reject that offer, saying, over the phone, that we can always fall back on the 4000, but they believe we can get much more. Since then, my partner has been to Royal Berkshire Hospital, where the doctor said
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