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Found 2 results

  1. i have posted on this mse forum to get more info Hi all I have been given a run around by stove cooker manufacturer and Ao.com. I recently purchased a stove cooker and fridge from ao.com . It was purchases around june time . i purchased it on finance via v21. The cooker is called SFG60DOP . A few weeks after we brought it the rubber feet on the pan support melted away . i phoned the manufacturer and they sent new pan support. A few week down the road the pan support melted away again and there was discoloration around the large hob. Looks like the paint has bubbled up. The oven was also taking a lot of time to heat up.Just baking fish finger would take around an hour and half. They way they have fixed the rubber under pan support is not very professional .i took images of the rubber support when i received the new pan support. Before it was used I got images but i cant post link here being a new user. i phone the manufacturer again and they decided to send new pan support and book an engineer. The engineer placed his tester in the oven .He said if the temperature reaches around 15C near the targeted temp then the oven is working fine . The oven reached the temp and he said it looks okay..He couldn't explain why the food takes so long in the oven where in the old oven it took just 30 minutes Regarding the burnt mark he said this happens due to over hanging pots. Meaning we are using large pots. According to engineer this is also causing the rubber on pan support to melt. Engineer didn't look or took any pictures of the pots. He said stove will be in touch. Two weeks later i called stove and asked what they will do about the cooker.they said as i was using large pan , it is not covered under the warranty.I measured the diameter of the pots and the largest have is 10 inches pressure cooker. i told this to stove and there manager said pressure cooker is not designed to be used on this cooker. therefore i am not covered under manufacture warranty. I am only supposed to use small pans on this cooker. we are a family of four and my wife has been using this pressure cooker for a long time.our old cooker never got burnt. Nearly everyone i know uses the same size pressure cooker and their gas hob is fine. I phoned AO then.they contacted Manufacturer. they came back to me saying the same thing. They will not help me as i was using wrong pots. i have looked the manual page 7 and it doesn't mention pressure cooker. Manual is available on stove website. All it says in the manual is Always ensure that pan bases are dry and flat before using them on the hob. • Always position pans over the centre of the heat zone, and turn the handles to a safe position so they cannot be knocked or grabbed. • Always use pans which are no smaller than 100 mm (4”), or larger than 250 mm (10”) in diameter. • Limit the maximum flat based pan diameter to 230 mm (9”) above the wok burner, if two or more other hotplate burners are in use at the same time. • Always match the size of pan to the heat zone – do not use large pans on small zones or vice versa. Neither AO mention on there website that do not use this cooker with a pressure cooker. Has anybody come across this.I am never buying anything from AO.com or Stove made appliances. naf
  2. On 9th May, a Gas Stove was installed in my house with balanced flue. I live in sheffield, south yorkshire. I paid in full £2500.00 for stove and installation. Now there are issues with the installation are: 1. Wrong Hearth - The hearth they installed is not something that we ordered. There was a gap of almost 4 months between placing order and installation but there was no communication from the installing company. 2. Wrongly Installed - The hearth itself is not installed properly. It is left dangerous pointing upwards from the edges as they used mortar to place the hearth. A bead of silicone would have done the job. 3. Draft Issue - They made a hole in the wall for balanced flue. A day after installation i realised there was a huge draft coming into the house from around the flue pipe. 4. Flue pipe not properly terminated - we were promised the flue pipe will be terminated with stainless steel plate and bird cover. But both of them missing. I've raised the issue with the installers. But they're not willing to own the installation issues. I paid with credit card. I asked my bank to cancel the transactions as I wanted the issue to be resolved via Courts. But the bank asked me for independent report on the faults. All the gas safe engineers i've had since agree there are installation issues but are NOT willing to provide the report in writing as its a professional thing. I'm stuck now. 1. Can anybody please provide some advice who can write such independent report. 2. Do I need to provide an independent report as I thought I can cancel my card transaction as per section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974? I feel the bank itself is harassing me. Regards
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