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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I purchased an induction cooker from a seller on eBay and the eBay listing said it had a 12 month warranty (purchased 13th December) you can no longer see the listing page but they delivered it to me and gave me an invoice with 12 months guarantee written on it and £240 paid (£190 for the cooker, £50 delivery). I was shown it working but they only showed me the front hobs. the first time I used it I noticed that one of the rear rings only works if you push down on it until it gets started and the other rear ring will only work while you push down hard on it (which makes it
  2. I bought a Valor gas cooker just before Christmas. A part from the grill fell off almost immediately, the grill takes upto 20 minutes on high to toast crumpets the oven has an intermittent fault of the gas just going out. We have had an engineer look at it. He adjusted the grill, put the part back on and adjusted the oven. The day after the oven just went out again. The shop we bought it from wont take it back until an engineer declares it as faulty. But the oven being intermittent there is no chance it will go out while an engineer watches it! Can anyo
  3. Hi there CAG Community. I recently bought a new (ex demo) cooker from a retailer in Birmingham at a fantastic price (£200 quid less than standard retail), the retailer does not deliver to Cardiff, so they said i would need to arrange my own collection & delivery. I found Parcel Hero on the tinterweb & after inputting all the details (including a full product description) they came back with a price of £49 for a next day delivery. Unbeknownst to me at the time, cookers are on their prohibited list. The following day they collected the shipment (via TNT) who then took it t
  4. Hello. Could someone advise us please on the following problem? We purchased an electric cooker from AO in April and only use it once a day. Today it started giving off an acrid electrical burning smell so we had to turn it off and disconnect it. AO tried to pass the buck to the manufacturer when we initially contacted them but my wife argued the point that they are respnosible as they sold us the product. What are their legal obligations on this and what rights do we have? Any help would be fantastic. Thnk you TheLion.
  5. Hi there, I have a problem with Hoover candy group and I don't know what to do . I bought a cooker/hob for my mother and within months it broke down. I called the engineer who came and said this hob is useless I will tell the company to sent a replacement. We waited and nothing came. When I called them they said the engineer has ordered a part when he told us you will get a replacement. We had to wait a month for the part(no cooker-no apologies). It was fixed after a month but the heat was really low. It broke down again nearly at the end of the year. The
  6. i have posted on this mse forum to get more info Hi all I have been given a run around by stove cooker manufacturer and Ao.com. I recently purchased a stove cooker and fridge from ao.com . It was purchases around june time . i purchased it on finance via v21. The cooker is called SFG60DOP . A few weeks after we brought it the rubber feet on the pan support melted away . i phoned the manufacturer and they sent new pan support. A few week down the road the pan support melted away again and there was discoloration around the large hob. Looks like the paint has bubbled up.
  7. battyman

    Argos Cooker

    I bought a cooker from Argos in September 2014 and it has stopped working. As the year is up, and I assume its a years guarantee on electrical items, do I have any come back with Argos for a replacement. It is wired in so would need electrician to take the cooker out and replace a new one. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hello CAG: I have a problem with a built-in cooker delivered damaged - but it has a different twist. I bought two ovens on March 25 - a combination oven and an electric oven. Both were delivered on March 31: the combination oven came via Know-How and the electric oven directly from Bosch, in separate deliveries. Neither oven was unpacked or inspected by the driver on delivery - in spite of the stated pledge on the invoice: "What will be done for you? - We will unpack your product and dispose of the packaging for you - we'll recycle it if we can. - Before we leave, we
  9. We bought a gas oven before Christmas which goes out after about 15 mins or so It hasn't worked correctly since it was installed . We've informed the retailer, and the manufacturer has sent an engineer twice and replaced parts under the warranty and it still goes out. We fitted the oven at our cost which was fair enough and paid for the cooker by debit card . We have rejected the appliance as unfit for purpose , the engineer they sent says there's nothing more he can do with it. the retailer has said they will refund us as neither they, nor the manufacturer c
  10. Hi, purchased a Range cooker (gas + electric) in June 2012. After about 9 months the central ring started playing up and they sent out an engineer a few times as it would start working and then stop again. After about 15 months the oven/grill selector switch burned out. We purchased the item for £500 and the retailers answer was pretty much what can you expect for £500? I believe that there is some element of the Sale of Goods that says items must last a 'reasonable amount of time' in accordance to the price paid. I'd deem something for £500 to last more than 15 months! I
  11. Hi I brought this Belling celling range cooker just over 18 months ago from Comet. It was hardly used, as we brought it because it was on a deal. We dont really cook. It was only 6 months ago I started to cook in the oven. and that is really just popping things in the oven to heat up like pizza. to be cometelely honest, the oven was hardly used until this January, because I learnt how to cook a few dishes over the Christmas holiday at my mums. We probably used the oven 2-4 times per week. In march (2 months later) the fan in the smaller oven went (
  12. Hello everyone, I have a bit of an issue with a cooker I received from curry's that was damaged on delivery. Me and my other half have been saving for a new kitchen ever since we moved into out new house 2 years ago. To get the money together I have voluntarily served long periods in some very dangerous and unsavoury locations around the world and Sarah my girlfriend whom I bought the house with has been working every hour that she can. It's taken us two years to finally afford to have it done the way we want it, in this day and age we felt very lucky
  13. I brought a Beko cooker from Comet over a yr ago took out 5 yr cover. Since I brought it, the oven turns itself off in the middle of baking!! Anyway 6 months ago I noticed the paint work at the botton of the cooker is rusting either side, when I asked for a replacement they said I was not entitled to it cos it's only cosmetics & does not interfere with the cooking / baking!!! Told them it was under 1 yr old & that should not happen they then said sometimes it does & they lef it at that. Cover runs out in 2017 what are my rights (
  14. Hello All, I purchased a cooker some 4 yrs ago and it has developed a fault with the grille which has blown the elec breaker out and stopped working. I have e-mailed them and phoned and received 2 e-mail messages from their know how team, both of which state: 1)You will NEED to provide us with an engineers report. Once we receive this report we will be able to establish where the fault lies. 2)In order to assist you, we will need an independent engineers report showing the fault and the cause.We require the report to be on headed paper and include the cost the engineers will ch
  15. Hi I bought a cooker off a seller on gumtree yesterday. I met the seller halfway from his starting point and my home at another buyers address to pick up the cooker. When I arrived they bundled the cooker into my van, it was wrapped in plastic wrap, I had a quick look and handed over the money. I was in the van having a look and never noticed them leaving as my partner was on the phone at the time. I noticed through the plastic wrap that the enamel was damaged but this wasn't a problem as I was willing to fix it. But I then realised that the cooker wasn't a double oven as the seller had descri
  16. In December we purchased a cooker from Currys, it was installed in early January 2013. The installers pointed out some problems with the flooring and changed the orientation of the cooker owing to the boiler's position on the wall, we accepted this reluctantly as they said that now that the cooker is out of its wrapper they can't take it back to the yard. After a council inspection, they declared it an illegal installation. We contacted Currys in late March via their website after coming to the conclusion that the new position was unsuitable and leaves part of the cooker relatively un
  17. Just had a gas cooker delivered and installed by Currys (Mon 7 Jan). Had to email them to ask what to do because we found some damage which has been covered by white paint. Sent the email on Mon just after the delivery men had left. Get a reply to this email tonight. They are saying that if we've used the cooker then we're not entitled to a replacement. Is this right? In fact we don't want a replacement just the damaged parts replaced.
  18. BEKO DG582WP gas cooker purchased online June 2010. When this cooker was about 8 months old it developed a fault where the grill would not stay lit after ignition - no matter how long the regulator was held in. I discovered that I could get around this by holding in the regulator and simultaneously jiggling the pin that operates the grill door's gas shut-off device, but at around the 11th month even this trick failed to work and I had to call for an engineer to fix the problem. It redeveloped the same fault around 6 months after the repair, but as the cooker was now out of warranty,
  19. It looks like I'll be taking Comet to the small claims court. 1. cooker broke after 13 monts 2. comet refused to repair / replace 3. got an electrician's report stating the fault was 'with the appliance' 4. comet still refused 5. just about to send my final letter (attached) .... then to court! Any advice / reassurance gratefully received! Joe
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