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  1. Ok, I'm not expert in these matters but I have got money back for other stuff even when paid using debit card. - Write to SCS that you do not want the Sofa ask them you do not want sofas delivered. Ask them to refund your money. You need proof of correspondence with them. - call your bank immediately to cancel this transaction as you do not want the goods anymore and they haven't been delivered yet. Tell the bank that you've already informed SCS that you do not want the sofa, give your bank proof of correspondence with SCS. - I believe your bank will cancel the transaction after they verify with facts with scs. Good luck !
  2. david.knight@scs.co.uk FAO CEO of SCS As per credit cards - equal liability under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 the customer is allowed a full refund for the amount paid via credit card because of misrepresentation. The concerned salesperson lied to me and did not allow us to read the terms when i signed the contract. I'm allowed full refund because the services for which I have paid have not been provided or in this case will not be delivered until another 7 weeks. Kindly cancel the order with full refund. Awaiting your reply.
  3. On 9th May, a Gas Stove was installed in my house with balanced flue. I live in sheffield, south yorkshire. I paid in full £2500.00 for stove and installation. Now there are issues with the installation are: 1. Wrong Hearth - The hearth they installed is not something that we ordered. There was a gap of almost 4 months between placing order and installation but there was no communication from the installing company. 2. Wrongly Installed - The hearth itself is not installed properly. It is left dangerous pointing upwards from the edges as they used mortar to place the hearth. A bead of silicone would have done the job. 3. Draft Issue - They made a hole in the wall for balanced flue. A day after installation i realised there was a huge draft coming into the house from around the flue pipe. 4. Flue pipe not properly terminated - we were promised the flue pipe will be terminated with stainless steel plate and bird cover. But both of them missing. I've raised the issue with the installers. But they're not willing to own the installation issues. I paid with credit card. I asked my bank to cancel the transactions as I wanted the issue to be resolved via Courts. But the bank asked me for independent report on the faults. All the gas safe engineers i've had since agree there are installation issues but are NOT willing to provide the report in writing as its a professional thing. I'm stuck now. 1. Can anybody please provide some advice who can write such independent report. 2. Do I need to provide an independent report as I thought I can cancel my card transaction as per section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974? I feel the bank itself is harassing me. Regards
  4. Sorry for replying late. But the architect finally stopped herself writing me any threatening emails. Probably she knew it all along but she still tried to trick me into hiring her. I made it clear i have no intention of using those drawings. But that was a bad experience.
  5. Hi all We were planning extension to our house and found some architects online and contacted them for the survey and what is possible in terms of extension. Now i've had 4 architects in my home for the initial survey and mock drawings but i havent signed contract with any of them. The initial visit/survey to the house is like an opportunity to asses the work and then quote. Now when i refused this one architect, she is retrospectively asking me to pay for her survey and drawings even though i haven't used her drawings at all. She says i agreed to a price on the phone, which is like when someone tells you this is how much it is going to cost you if you hire my services. What i told her was that i'm ok with the prices you are quoting but i have to see the drawings before hiring your services. Now she is sending threatening emails of taking me to court and harassing me unnecessarily. Fact is that i never signed any contract nor did i agree to hiring her in anyway. In fact we are still looking at options to extend our house. Can someone please advise how can i report this architect for unethical, unprofessional conduct and deliberate harassment? Can she actually file a case against me even though i have not agreed to a contract verbally, via email or signed any papers ? I'm really stressed out. Please help. Regards MS
  6. Thanks Guys, I'm going to send a letter and docs to HSBC first and see what they do about it first as mentioned in the link sent by rebel11. Let's see what they come up with and I will keep you posted.
  7. Dear All I took out a business loan from HSBC back in April 2009. I was told a pre-requisite for the business loan is for each of the business partners to take out a Business Protection Plan. So we had to pay for 2 Business Protection Plans(for me & my spouse) over the course of 5 years that ended April 2013. Can someone advise if indeed it is same as PPI Regards MS
  8. Any luck, gwhiz03?? I was also tricked into signing that monstrous terms. But don't let them cow you down. They will refund you the money completely. I had horrible experience with SCS.
  9. Hi dx, copy of email for your perusal, please note i've taken out the stuff that was only applicable in my case, as in the actual turn of events. Dear Sir/Madam This is with respect to the sofa order that we placed in your store for Michelle sofa worth £2789.00 on 28/12/2013 (with the delivery date set after around 7-8 weeks). , Order Number given to me is SXXX-1111111. The salesperson (Mr XXXX) who got us to sign the contract never actually told us that the order is NON-Cancellable and NON-refundable. Most importantly he never gave us the chance to read through the terms (NOT even for a second) because even he might be aware of our state of mind that we might NOT go for placing the order if we knew that the order is non-cancellable & non-refundable. The only time we were given access to the papers including the invoice which has terms written on its back stapled together with the card receipt payment that I made in full, was after I made the payment. After debate at home regarding the sofa order we decided to cancel the order. On 01/01/2014, I visited the store and asked the same salesperson to cancel the sofa order with full refund. I was told by the same salesperson that the order cannot be cancelled as it says in the terms. After arguing with that it`s just been 5 days since I placed the order, there should be a cooling off period where the customers are allowed to change their decisions after placing their orders to a certain point in time. I was told that SCS does not provide any cooling off period. This seems monstrous to me, that one cannot cancel their orders and get a full refund when the cancellation has been done in the cooling off period. SCS should give their customers a chance to re-consider their decisions within an allotted timeframe as it will only boost customer confidence in SCS. But this is not the case. I expect that as the CEO you will make the right decision as this will only boost customer confidence in SCS. Please change your policy so that customers should be given mandatory 14 working days time in which they can cancel/amend their orders and in that time SCS does not start working on the order.
  10. Many thanks to dx100uk, silverfox, 'i hate bailiffs' & entire team on this website. I sent an email to CEO of SCS on Friday 3Jan, 2014 and we got a call back from Regional Manager of SCS on 5Jan,2014 i.e. last sunday around 1pm. He asked us the reason for the escalation and return. I explained that we were kept in dark about the terms and the sofa is not what we wanted. He confirmed that the deal will be cancelled tomorrow and money given back within 48 hours. The entire money was credited back onto my CC when i checked my account on Wednesday morning. I was about to post letters to CEO & store on monday but i put them hold just because we received this call on sunday. Now everything is sorted and i'm extremely pleased. Once again my heartfelt thanks to the entire team of this website.
  11. Thanks silverfox1961.Will post a letter to them as well.
  12. Thank You dx100uk. I had a read through it, seems there is hope. You meant that I should call SCS again quoting the above Section 75 claim. I was going to post a 'signed for' letter to the CEO of SCS tomorrow but i'll include section 75 claim as well. I'll keep you guys posted. Do you think i should post the same letter to the concerned store as well. Will it be useful ?
  13. Thank you dx100uk. I even managed to ring the sales director of SCS "Lynn" but I was told the same story by her that i cannot cancel the order. What is astonishing is that SCS is allowed to conduct business with such monstrous terms.
  14. Dear Forum Members Need your help to cancel an order I placed with SCS on 28/12/2013. I placed a sofa order worth £2789.00 with SCS in Rotherham on 28/12/2013(with delivery scheduled after 8 weeks). The salesperson very cunningly got our signature while we were viewing and never gave me the chance of reading the terms, that the order is non-cancellable. He also talked me into paying the whole after offering me discount. I was given all the paperwork including the invoice(which has terms written on it) after I made the payment. After I reached home and after a huge debate at home with family I decided to cancel the order. Now I went to the store on 03/01/2012 and asked to cancel the order. The salesperson told me that the order is NON-cancellable and can only be amended within 7 days. I was shocked to hear this. I asked what about the cooling off period as it was only 5 days since i placed the order the delivery is scheduled after another 7 weeks. He was very rude & obviously told me that we'll not cancel your order. The fact is that even the salesperson refused to accept that he did not tell us that the order in NON-cancellable and non-refundable. Guys please advice on how can i cancel this order. Regards MS
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