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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'm new to the forums and would really appreciate any help as I don't know what to do. I'm having problems after sending a CCA to Jacamo and Reliable Collections, they sent back an unsigned CCA, so I sent a default notice then received this letter below: Dear XXXXXXXXXXX Re: Account Number XXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your email. We have noted your assertion that you did not sign the credit agreement in respect of the above account. In the absence of any valid dispute over the conponents that make up the balance of your account we consider your assertion that you have no legal liabillity for payment to be based purely on the fact that you claim that the relivent credit aggreement has not been signed. You should be aware of the important changes implemented by the Consumer Credit Act 2006 in respect of credit agreements entered into after April 2007. As your credit account was opened after this date, even if we are unable to produce a signed agreement (which was not admitted) we have the right to apply to the court for an enforcement order. An order will be made under the provisions of section 127 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended by the Consumer Credit Act 2006) unless the court finds that prejudice has been caused as a result of your alleged failure to sign the agreement. We do not consider that you have been prejudiced in any way by the alleged omission of your signature on your credit agreement, and we are confident that we would be successful in any application for an enforcement order in respect of the agreement. if you continue to deny any liability in respect of your debt and fail to make any further payments towards it we can apply to the court for an enforcement order in respect of the agreement and reserve our right to seek the costs and interest. In addition, our rights in relation to pursuing you for the cash balance of the goods are fully reserved. We would therefore advise that the outstanding arrears are currently £XXX and an immediate payment is required to bring the account up to date. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, there are options available, which may help your situation. Where appropriate we can consider reduced repayments and/or cancelling interest charges. We await your reply. Yours sincerely
  2. Back in 1997, I helped my mother who is mentally ill and physically disabled enter a payment plan to help pay her £200 debt off to JD Williams (T/A Ambrose Wilson). By 1999 we noticed that the amount she owed was not going down so I wrote and asked for a full statement which was revived within a couple of weeks. I noted that although they had in fact frozen the interest and had not added any charges all her payments were showing as a debit to the account and not a credit, so I highlighted the transactions and wrote off to JD Williams for an explanation, we heard nothing and time went by and it was forgotten. In 2007 a letter came from Reliable Collections asking for £475 for a debt owed to Ambrose Wilson. I wrote back to them explaining the situation and as we had had no contact from the original creditor for over 6 years then it was Statute Barred, again nothing not confirmation they had received the letter or any follow up demands nothing; and again we thought it was over... Now today 02/11/2012 my mother has had a letter dated the 26/10/2012 from Transcom Worldwide (UK) Ltd threatening legal action if they don't hear anything from her by the 5/11/2012, I have quickly fired off another Statue Barred Letter and posted it via Recorded Mail at 10am today 02/11/2012. Of course after 12 or 13 years there is no way they can take legal action, but I was wondering is there anything that can be done to stop JD Williams/Ambrose Wilson from keep sending this debt out to other DCA's Do I send another SB letter to them or is there another type of letter I have to send to the OC or do we ignore the OC as they have not bothered in 12 years to contact her direct.
  3. Hiya Everyone, I haven't posted here before, So i will introduce myself briefly, My name is Linzi Iddles, I am 26 years old with 1 little boy and a girl due on boxing day. I have been married since July 10th this year, and my questions are in relation to my husbands debts. When myself and my husband got together, it was clear to me that he had some debts with catalogues opened by an ex girlfriend, But i wasn't aware how much they came to. We have now come to nearly 10k and i am slowly and surely getting more and more stressed by the daily letters coming in demanding money and threatening doorstep action. There seem to be about 5/6 different companies asking for the money, and as my husband didn't know that these accounts were opened in his name untill after him and his ex split up, someone suggested to me that i send a prove it letter, requesting a copy of the signed credit agreement that they would supposedly have if it was indeed opened by my husband. I done this, and have recieved letters back from 2 companies both with a 're-constituted copy of your credit agreement' and a 'copy of the current credit agreement which includes all applicable contractual variations and amendments that have taken place.' Nowhere on these agreements does my husbands signature appear. And one of the companies even failed to send me a full statement of account, including all interest and charges, as i asked for. So i am really confused now.........There doesnt seem to be any proof that my husband opened these accounts (as i know he didnt, so didnt expect there to be) But i am really unsure of what to do next. Do i just leave it? Or do i send them another letter asking once again for the signed (by my husband) proof that the accounts were opened by him? I would soooooo appreciate any help offered on this one, I just can't seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and we could do without the threat of doorstep action this close to christmas, and so close to baby being born. Thanks again. Linzi xx
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