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  1. If I have gotten this correct as I was trying to send via PM until I realised that all the instructions were for threads and not messages, so thanks for the help in that. The two letters from Transcom as below and we have not heard anything since the 2nd letter no calls, messages or subsquent letters, all gone quite now for near 4 weeks. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40184[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40185[/ATTACH]
  2. UPDATE! 2nd letter arrived to say that DCA "Transcom" is now checking with the OC for details/proof of date of debt which is odd seeing as their 1st letter states they already had proof that the debt did not fall under the limitations act... Me thinks the DCA needs their information updating before contacting susposed debtors.
  3. Will Do, Will get my mom to scan it and email it to me, and i'll pass it on to you.
  4. AW is part of JDW i've just checkon on their website (http://www.ambrosewilson.com/shop/aboutus/aboutUsView.action) "Ambrose Wilson Limited is a sister company to J D Williams & Company Limited, the UK's leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands."
  5. I have discovered only one link my mother ordered some items from Jacamo for me last year but has paid everything upfront with a debit card so nothing owing to them but she has also just brought a new outfit from Julipa a few months back but again paid in full with her debit card. Both Companies are part of the JD Williams Group so if there was a problem there I would not of thought she would have been allowed to order from them, although I doubt anything would show up on her credit file after all this time.
  6. Same hear really, Stopped Paying the Debt around 11-12 years ago when we realised their was a problem and nothing until the DC Letter from Reliable Collections in 2007... But the letter does state Transcom can confirm that it's not SB and they also state they are working on behalf on Motormile... It all does seem very 'coincidental' I wondering if OC are going into administration and are trying to claw back anything they can, not heard anything tho.
  7. She's not... I know enough from other on this site not to allow her to do anything, So far NO PROOF has been provided The Original CCA for Ambrose Wilson was signed sometime in 1985 when she first set up the Catalogue Account, she was a good payer each and every month always paying more than the min payment. The problems only started as described in my first post... The only acknowledgement since then was the first SB Letter sent in 2007 to the First DCA.
  8. Letter just states they have proof the account does not fall under the limitations act and they look forward to receiving a payment plan to settle the debt... Also now says on behalf of Motor Mile Finance but on Transcom Letterhead, Any way of finding out if they are part of Newman & Company as Google Street View does not recognise Limewood Way only Limewood Road and The Transcom Building (Limewood House) has a Newman & Company Google Marker on it.
  9. UPDATE! SD letter sent 02/11/2012 response received 08/11/2012 The response was that the account does not fall under the Limitations Act and they want my mother to enter a payment plan. Not sure Now what letter to send next?
  10. Hi, I have received it and pasted it into word and added the account details... I'm just off to the PO again to get it sent RD. Thanks for your help
  11. Back in 1997, I helped my mother who is mentally ill and physically disabled enter a payment plan to help pay her £200 debt off to JD Williams (T/A Ambrose Wilson). By 1999 we noticed that the amount she owed was not going down so I wrote and asked for a full statement which was revived within a couple of weeks. I noted that although they had in fact frozen the interest and had not added any charges all her payments were showing as a debit to the account and not a credit, so I highlighted the transactions and wrote off to JD Williams for an explanation, we heard nothing and time went by a
  12. With all these adverts for PPI claims and asking for bank charges back, I was wondering if anyone knew if I could claim back mis-sold membership charges. I will explain my partner who is disabled with both physical and mental disabilities was contacted by HSBC over 12 Months ago, unfortunately I was not there to intervene on his behalf and he was upgraded to an Advanced Account at a cost of £12.95 per Month. After I found out recently about this I was angry and have now booked an appointment at the bank for next Tuesday. I feel the account was upgraded under false pretences as h
  13. Make sure your mother askes her bank for a charge-back... She is entitled to have the money paid back as the charge is not hers.
  14. I not only have the all the original details but also have the original credit agreement, which is unsigned but for a tickbox that anyone could have ticked, however they still wont confirm the IP Address of the original application. So I am taking great pleasure in chasing MH off. I have just recived an email from Mackies... They brought the account from wonga for £25 and are asking for £450. They also state that the laws and regulations surrounding Debt Collection prevents them from obtaining details from the original creditor weather or not they are buying it or just trying
  15. Wonga have more or less done the same thing to me... Back in November 2011 wonga contacted me about a loan, which I had not taken out. Wonga said I needed to report it to my local police and give them the incident number, I did this and thought it was all over untill Mackenzie Hall, who today (10/07/2012) have told me that they have brought the debt????? It still surprises me that DCA's can purchse debts and don't ask questions or the original creditor not passing on details of fraud or disputes. I have reported wonga about this and if anyone has their postal address I am taking th
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