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  1. So, was there any mention of the contravention code “104 Stopping to pick up/drop off in a restricted zone.” in the contract you received? It doesn't appear in the contract that others have shared. Without this, on what authority can VCS issue the PCN?
  2. Note that they have recently updated the Byelaws so may have also changed the sign. The previous sign is on Street View at the start of the railings section near the short stay car park.
  3. There was another, much larger, sign that referred to the Byelaws and No Stopping. It did not get removed when VCS started operating in 2019. The others were removed/replaced. I don't know if this other sign was still there at the time of this incident.
  4. Be careful, those are old signs replaced in summer 2019. Check the date of images when using Street View.
  5. It seems she has failed to appear before in a no stopping case at Doncaster airport: http://forums.National Consumer Service.com/lofiversion/index.php/t127209.html "To cut the story short the judge dismissed the case as the witness (who wrote their witness statement Yasmeen Couser) was not present of the hearing and after half an hour of explaining to the guy from VCS that they cannot do that the case was dismissed"
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