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  1. In our council's case it is a saving of £175.00. Which is a significant amount if you are not on benefits.
  2. Hello I recently made a Planning Application to the local Council to make some adaptations to our house for a disabled person. On the application form/guidelines it stated that the application was exempt from application fees, if the application was for use of a disabled person. The application was made and adequate proof was provided to show that the person was disabled. The Council accepted the application. However, after a week they called to say that as the Disabled person was not currently living at the Planning Application site , that the application was invalid and the fee would have to be paid to progress the application. I had a look into this and the following rules apply: P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) Regulations 2012 In that regulation, a “disabled person” means— 4. (2) (a)a person who is within any of the descriptions of persons to whom section 29 of the National Assistance Act 1948(1) (welfare arrangements for blind, deaf, dumb and crippled persons, etc) applies. In those rules can be found : P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Exceptions – access and facilities for disabled persons 4.—(1) 4.—(1) Regulation 3 (the requirement to pay the local authority a fee) shall not apply where the local planning authority to whom the application is made are satisfied that it relates solely to— P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } for the purpose, in either case, of providing means of access to or within the dwellinghouse for a disabled person who is resident in, or is proposing to take up residence in, that dwellinghouse,or of providing facilities designed to secure that person’s greater safety, health or comfort. I pointed this out to the official and they have now reinstated the application for free. So, Contrary to what you may be told by your Local Council, if you are making a Planning Application for a Disabled person it is free!. even if the Disabled person is not residing at the Application site. Which makes absolute sense, if you consider that a disabled person may want to see if he or she can alter a property for their use before purchase. Hope that helps someone uphold another regulation that the Council seem unaware of. nn
  3. Update. Which should cheer up anyone who has experienced poor service provided by their estate agent. The case in question was brought about by an estate agent. The agent was useless from the outset, all the usual failings from estate agents, too numerous to list. As they failed to provide a reasonable service I cancelled the agreement/contract with them. As above I cancelled it in accordance with their cancellation proceedure. They failed to respond to the cancellation notice and that, I thought was that. Some two months later they phoned to say they had a customer to view the house, I thought at the time, this could get interesting. The customer went on to purchase the house. After completion they sent a bill for the original fee stated in the cancelled agreement. I replied and agreed that I obviously owed them a fee as they sold the property, however the fee was not yet agreed and that we would have to come to a new agreement/fee. After several letters back and forth, they ignored that request and forged on ahead with a Small claim. On the court day, as suggested I did not make much of the altered agreement and to be honest it did not really get that far. The judge was more interested in the cancellation notice. The outcome! The judge ruled that I had cancelled the contract in accordance with their own cancellation procedure and dismissed the case. Estate Agents don't always win. nn
  4. Thank you for your advice. I will do as you suggest and point out the difference.
  5. A small claims claim has been issued against me for breach of contract. The contract that I am supposed to have breached was cancelled in accordance with the company's cancellation procedure months ago. I am quite happy to defend the case on this basis, however, for a bit more ammo if required, I am wondering if there is any merit in the following. The copy contract supplied in the court claim by the claimant, is not the same as the original copy that I hold. The claimants supposed copy has been increased in monetary value and has been re-written. eg. the same person has signed and dated the copy but it can clearly be seen that the signature is in a different place to the original and other parts have been re-written or overwritten. I am interested to know how the court would view the Claimant tampering with the copy that they are relying on for their case? To my mind this is falsifying documents as it is not a true copy of the original? Will the fact that they are claiming a larger sum than was in the original enhance my defence? Any thoughts appreciated nn
  6. Hello:-D An update. it has been a while, but here is the outcome. Me being bothered!, resulted in doing the small claims business, the bus drivers insurance company employed a solicitor to fight their corner. Hearing date was set, we supplied the opposition with all the paperwork we were going to rely on at the court case. Other side admitted full liability and paid in full prior to the hearing. Result! did not have to go to the hearing and got all we asked for:lol: Quote Reocrete........ "id accept the 50/50 its not worth the bother and its hard to prove fault. maybe she was right up his back end?" There are those that can be bothered and there are those who can't, those that can't be bothered lose their money, those that can sometimes win:-D:lol: Anyway thank you to all who helped with useful! information. nn:-D
  7. Thank you for your replies. looks like the only thing left is the compliancy thing. Here is a street view. I think the signs are different now, blue if i remember correctly. Sister is away for a couple of days she will get photos when home. I will post the current signs then. (She parked behind where the black mercedes is in the pic) thank you for your help NN
  8. Hello MB BF Thank you for you replies. The contravention, "Parked in a residents or shared use parking place without clearly displaying either a permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place" Code 12 I would have thought 4 minutes, to walk down the street, raise the person you are visiting, find the tickets and walk back again is not a reasonable time for anyone, let alone disabled folk. thanks NN
  9. My mother is disabled has a registered and taxed as disabled car. Mother can only walk with two crutches and very slowly. Visited my sister who lives in a residents permit only parking area. Sister has scratch off tickets for visitors which she gives to her family etc. on arrival, scratches off the relevant day and time etc. Mother arrives from a hospital appointment, there is a parking space (permit only) outside sisters house, rather than park the car on a single yellow line, possibly lose the permit only space and have to move car from yellow line to permit only (and walking further) after getting scratch card from sister. She parks in permit only space correctly displays Blue badge, makes her way to sisters house to get scratch off card, sister not at home, so she lets herself in, finds scratch card and returns to the car a few minutes later to find car ticketed. On the ticket it says Observed from 2.39 to 2.44 (issued by CEO) and Says Time of contravention 2.44 The question? I thought we were allowed 15 minutes to get change/walk to buy/get a ticket/to machine before you could get ticketed. There is no way mother could have got from her car to my sisters house (two lots of stairs on crutches) and back with the scratch card within 4 minutes. Is this fair/correct or can I appeal it for her? Help much apprecitated NN
  10. Hello KI I have written to the AA and withdrawn my authorisation for them to take money from my account. I asked them to acknowledge receipt of my instructions, predictably I have not received a reply. Whilst writing I told them if My money was not in my bank within five days of receipt of the letter that I would consider the money a loan to the AA and would be charging them a fee of £25.00 per day until it was repaid. I fail to see why you should have to change your banking details just because they stole your money. The bit that irked me so much was that it was not a case of Oh! so sorry sir we have made a blunder we will refund your money right now, instead, Oh! we will refund your money in 21 days ( which they still did not do) "The most ridiculous thing was AA has charged its existing and royal customer much higher than the new customer. So what is the point to continue being a AA member" ????? None whatsoever, Seems like AA forget that we the customers that should be kept happy. As far as I am concerned If I choose to spend my hard earned on a service, that is what I expect. Instead it seems these days the service that is supposed to be of benefit to you is a millstone and a turns into another office job writing letters and making phone calls on premium rate numbers, just to sort out the problems they make for the customer. Sadly in my experience the AA are not alone in this regard. Perhaps I should look into setting up a yearly continuous payment from the AA to Me? Vote with your feet and try the opposition. NN
  11. Hello AA rep After the AA stealing my money for almost two months they finally repaid it. Unfortunately the only apology I have received is the one you have made. Pehaps it is just me, but i really did think that such a serious situation deserved better than the curt " we have refunded you rmoney" letter I received. I was expecting at least an apology and some form of compensation. After all it could have started a downward spiral with my banking facilities. I wonder if the RAC force customers to agree to sign up to a continuous payment scheme for their service. I fancy I will be finding out when my renewal date rolls around. well miffed NN
  12. Hello AA rep I am still awaitng a reply to the letter i wrote to customer services on 3rd Feb. Looks like a long wait. Whilst i was awating said reply, as I had little better to do with my time, I chanced a call to see why my money has still not appeared after almost a month, the friendly operative kindly informed me that he could not understand why my refund had not been actioned. He promised that it would be refunded,,,,,,,, with the added attraction of me having to .......... yes ....... you guessed it ... wait up to another 21 days. If I actually thought that it might do some good, i would risk wasting some more of my worthless time chasing the repayment of my money taken without my consent from my bank account. However i do not feel that i should have to expend more than one phone call to correct a wrong that was caused by the AA and not myself. I can only hope that should I have to avail myself of the the breakdown service that it proves to be far superior than the administrative side of AA. Yours NN
  13. You can cancel it the next day, but it won't stop them auto renewing if they have a mind to do so, or if you happen not to receive a renewal letter, or if the letter mysteriously arrives the day of renewal or even days after renewal. I am currently awaiting a reply from their customer services regarding them taking my money for up to 21 days. Nice little earner for them that one. Imagine holding a million customers at £59.99 for 21 days, bit of a result I would say. Stay safe with the AA,,,,, yeah! Right! NN
  14. just when you thought it was safe to go back to the AA. You'll love this one. As above I renewed over the phone for the quote of £139.88. Checked my bank statement this morning AA have taken £198.88:mad2: So I ring them up and complain.. The fellow I spoke to said sorry there was a mistake and he would credit my account with the difference. Great , then he says ok it will be refunded in the next 21 days:!: i guess you can imagine the rest of the conversation. The AA are???? NN
  15. Hello AASuck Update on my AA saga. I went on the website and applied online for then identical package I already have (remember the renewal fee £198.88) The price on line for a new member application was £151.17. I called them this morning and said I had got some quotes from some of their competitors and the average of said quotes was £150. I said if you can do it for that price i will stay with AA, if not, I am going to jump ship. Hold on says he!! came back with £139.88.8-) Jobarama:lol: NN
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