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  1. @dX100uk I submitted my appeal online, and VCS did not send me a copy of my appeal, just an acknowledgment email, which contains no detail. My appeal was on the grounds that I had taken the wrong exit, which in turn took me to a car park barrier, I had to safely pull over to one side and try and turn around, instead of reversing onto the roundabout. I did tell them that I took a few sec to finish a call to the parking company I was meant to be at. This probably is irrelevant, but I have just looked at Google maps and it appears my car was not stopped over their bogus red lines(purple dot-me, orange dot-spy car) , so according to their rules, I was not in breach. gallery_pages.pdf
  2. I have been following the most recent posts and it seems, there has been a lot of claims judging by the posts and updates. I haven't however, seen updates on any, on how the claim has unfolded past the submission of defence. Either people are so happy they won and forget to post, or the opposite...
  3. Hello, I have been following the most recent threads about no stopping parking charges at various airports, as I have received a PCN for Liverpool Airport. Unfortunately, I have appealed to VCS, telling them that I was the driver and keeper of the vehicle and in as many words admitting to stopping. I have started making notes of the various stages and preparing for what is to come, but before I embark on this path, I wanted to ask whether, my admission of stopping could be used against me. I have attached the original PCN. And I will follow with the sticky note details in a separate post. Unfortunately, I cannot redact the appeal letter in order to post. The appeal was done online, so all in electronic format. Date of the infringement 18.01.2020 2 Date on the NTK 23.01.2020] 3 Date received - unknown, I was flying out on the date of 'contravention', found the letter on 1st Feb 2020 upon my return. 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Not sure 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? YES 6 Have you appealed? [YES] - unable to retrieve the appeal Have you had a response? [Yes-charge stands] - cannot redact the reply atm, as no editing tools. 7 Who is the parking COMPANY? VCS 8. Where exactly [Liverpool Airport For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IAS pcn.pdf
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