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  1. Hello, yes you are right you most hold back from any fine payment all together and stand strong. The more people who do this the stronger we will be. Let me fully explain all the facts here: This is purely a cost cutting exercise. The most important thing that you should know here is that the political right wing has spread widespread mis information (backed by the newspapers) about benefit fraud. This policy we are talking about here is not about preventing fraud but is one of many examples of Austerity measures to attempt to penalise the poor and charge them for it. The very fact that the organisation has placed full responsibility on the service user for any claim of exemption, telling them they have to know the exemption rules for themselves and for the organisation not to accept any responsibility any form filled out by a claimant is sadly yet another toxic legacy of Margaret Thatcher. This punitive charging policy, like many cost cutting and punitive measures in the taxing/welfare systems: DWP/HMRC is part of that legacy that lives on to this day. Margaret Thatcher started a reactionary politics called Neo-Liberalism, a politics that was to be continued to be pursued by the Conservatives, Lib Dems, UKIP and by New Labour. (The Labour party no longer pursues Neo-Liberalism) One of the defining ideological aspects of Neo -Liberalism is 'Each of us is responsible for ourselves and no-one else is responsible for us' 'The Poor must work out and solve their own problems' The fact that the claimant is told to read the form and work it out for themselves has origins in this ideology. Neo-Liberalism is a form of capitalism was founded by a US business man called Milton Friedman before the 2nd World War. With other business men from around the world, he formed a society in a chalet on the Swiss Mountain Mont Pelerin. It became dominant here in Britain from the 1980's onwards. I too have experienced this policy for myself. Back at the start of 2016 I was asked to sign this form at my dentist surgery, I had been made redundant and was registered as unemployed. On the NHS system I was recorded as exempt and in receipt of an in work benefit. I was told by the woman on reception don't worry. Then several months later the same letter that you are describing was addressed to me. I was on a work placement at the time and I went to the Job Centre to stamp and sign to get full cost exemption. I was quite shaken by this and did not understand why they were doing this. In 2017, I was registered again at the Job Centre. I went to the dentist and filled out the same form myself and ticked the income related benefit. Another letter was addressed to me again. This time saying that there was a reason why I should be paying the full fee, and then saying I should be knowing this for myself. In actual fact the rules for those registered for the income related benefit reflect the rules about how much money they will get weekly based on the abount of savings they have. So effectively a claimant must have the full money being paid to them in order to be fully exempt from NHS dentist fees. Those who only get part of the money or none at all, only the pension contributions, have pay partly of fully towards their treatment. My mother had discovered by accident from a call back from a union rep when I complained to him about. She rang up the NHS centre and got me to get a doctor's note with a £20 fee in order to request fro assistance in that claim which I thought was unacceptable. This has made me feel angry. Had she not got involved I would have myself not agreed to pay anything more than the actual surgery cost. I believe without doubt that this policy has to be resisted by everyone. Have you seen the Ken Loach film 'Daniel Blake'? If not you should find out if you can see it or get the DVD. There needs to be some kind of direct action taken.
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