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  1. Im not sure what you are saying. I wasn't bullied by the lawyer in fact he was so weak that i was feeling sorry for him inside..The judge disregarded each and every point. Yes I did. He was a proper lawyer. the paralegal didnt conduct the case. The judge refused to talk to me. He straight out asked my mom if anyone else drives her car. She said yes as she is disabled she is driven around sometimes. From that honesty he decided that indeed someone else had permission to drive her car. And in that case whatever the driver did she was liable for it. Is there anything that can be done no
  2. Op wasn’t driver. Too old an event. No idea who drove the car. Don’t know if someone drove without permission. Demand original contract.. contract is a farce. The judge didn’t care the contract was expired as the contract rolled over unless terminated.
  3. PM’d you some tips.. Sorry.. found ur court date Wait for their witness statement. Send yours to court via email on last date and cc vcs. They’ll probably send the same crap they sent me. Law of contract for keeper liability.
  4. Yes. The lawyer was just irrelevant. The judge was guiding him.. and I’m not kidding.. in case ur wondering coz we lost..I’m 99% sure the contract is fake. The judge said he was satisfied by the contract . When I raised serious concerns and the fact that it’s a photocopy . He got upset. He also said that if I had brought a copy of my research that was the companies house beta page he would have accepted the argument. I said I could show him right now on my laptop. He said I’ve made my ruling. In the end he said it’s probably that the landowner is probably based abroad. My fault I s
  5. The judge concluded that my mother’s car is driven by other people to take her around and that they drive with her permission and therefore law of contract stands and she is liable for their mistakes. The lawyer was unprepared. He hasn’t seen the copy of the witness statement. Was given 30mibrs to go through it. The judge didn’t let me speak as such. Told me that she’s the defendant and only she can answer the questions. Really the judge made the case for the lawyer. I also brought up the misgivings of the contract. The judge had a photocopy not the original.
  6. Yes I will. Just emotionally drained and angry right now... they got away with it.
  7. By own admission their signage exceeds 0.3 m2 for deemed consent- 1.125 and 0.6776
  8. Tomorrow is Dday. Their contract which looks and sounds crap. VCS was paid a fixed sum for the 3 year contract. That means they now enforce for free? The property management company JLL no longer handles the said property AND the person who signed off the contract on behalf of Scott. Wids on behalf of JLL was never a director. I checked the companies house beta site. Any tips? Also as to Rights of Audience. Is the VCS employed paralegal allowed to present the case?
  9. Due to a print disaster..Ive been unable to post the witness statement by 12pm. I have till 31/12/18 Should I email the docs to the Claimant and Court? OR I can personally hand deliver the envelopes to the court and claimant. I believe 31st Dec 2018 is a working day? Ive failed to find any holiday schedule. What do you suggest?
  10. Thank you. I have a number of questions pertaining to the answers above and some more with regards to what I'm reading up upon. Ill put them up as soon as i can coherently fashion them. The hearing is on 15/01. Thats means the evidence must reach both court n claimant by 31/12?. Keeping in view royal mail holidays Ill have to post this bundle by 27 or 28 Dec for it to reach by 29/12? Am i correct or can I post with proof of postage on saturday 29/12.
  11. Proof of payment? for the court proceedings? They were supposed to pay by 18/12. Signed by VCS litigation department paralegal. Uploaded witness statement previously now exhibit uploaded VCS claims reasonable cause to request data from DVLA and the VCS usually send out PCN within 14 days of contravention (DVLA confirms enquiry date as 45 days after contravention) They are relying on "law of agency" and not POFA. Excel PS ltd v Nick jenning to establish that KEEPER is liable as keeper authorised usage Citing Thornton v Shoe lane parking for contractual obligation
  12. This is really difficult and i hope I've done it correctly! Besides the witness statement and contract.(Uploaded) A map of signage/single camera locations. Pictures of all signages and locations. Ive already uploaded the one at entrance and lack of in the disabled bay area. Copy of NTK and final reminder and pictures of the car. And a reference copy of the claim form that i submitted earlier. Unfortunately the contract also states that unless terminated the agreement will be extended on expiration date and will continue to roll over each year unless the client termina
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