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  1. Hellooo, I intend to write a fuller version of events but you can now head this thread with WON plus costs : ) In short the judge was not bothered about dates or POFA the breach of the consumer rights act won it for me and the fact that there had been a change of practice as I had photographed the new registration system. I admitted to being a passenger I also provided my two tickets for the show. Lisselle you could contact Elaine at Moor management and ask for your registration to be added to their monthly allowance of registration numbers. It says in the contract betw
  2. Oh crikey I have put this together this afternoon and now doubting it is relevant but I don't think I can do much more right now and I have to print it at my friends tomorrow and take it to court x 1. The facts from this statement come from my personal knowledge except where I have indicated otherwise. Where the facts are within my knowledge, they are true. Where they are not within my knowledge they are true to the best of my information and belief. 2. I have included a pack of evidence with this statement.
 3. The claimant has failed to show a cause for action by NOT respon
  3. I know I need to number each paragraph. What are your thoughts guys. I think I now need to read back through their ws and see what else jumps out. I'm reading the POFA act but my brain is not processing the meaning of half of it. Not sure i'm cut out for this and feeling the pressure to get it all referenced with examples of previous cases and printed. Main difficulty is logging on to doitafeter work, kids, lack of sleep. Get the violins out. Went to the courts personal help unit today and was advised by them to put that I had had some third party advice on my witness statement. When I say "th
  4. Yes yes that’s what I meant. Not literally googling won’t be back till this evening now as got kids to deal with all day
  5. Trying to put it together and struggling with the written element. I have said before i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and i'm dyslexic so writing is hard. I am determined to give it a shot though. Abit confused about what to include and leave out. I have been googling the cases they have referenced and trying to understand their relevance and also which cases are relevant to my defence. I will inbox you what I have so far. To embarrassed to post live as it is very rough. - - - Updated - - - Me too! I need to get it to the court before the 7th as in court 21st
  6. Opps sorry. It looks like it s still there. Thanks for the reassurance about the judge lottery. This is what blind inboxed me Blind asked me to post it here. Where do I find details of ( VCS v Phillip, Liverpool CC dec 2016) please? When I search for it I can only find the case id and not the actual case. I am also struggling to find examples of witness statement. Stand ur ground. Appeal if ur not happy with the outcome. The contract is invalid. I couldn’t find a ruling on presenting a valid contract in court. That would be good if you do. I was busy wit
  7. I asked the theatre for the number of Moor management as they said it is Moor management who deal with VCS. The Moor is an area of Sheffield where St Marys gate is. I asked for an email for evidence that theatre goers can now give their registration numbers so they can stay the full length of the show. This is what she sent. See upload. Do you think it is worth using this or shall I just take a photo of the machine where people put in their reg details. If I use this email (If you scroll down to the bottom of the email you can see the land owners is JSS (the same as in the contra
  8. Some great stuff in there Ericsbrother thank you. I fell asleep putting kids to bed tonight so I will get on it again tomorrow evening. Thanks x
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