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  1. Hello and thank your reading, I unfortunately suffer from the following which I take medication for: Spinal Injury - Long term disability affecting movement, loss of feeling in legs and feet Chronic Pain due to spinal injury and herniated discs Depression ADHD I missed my Work Capability Assessment as I had an infection, I called the centre prior to the appointment to tell them and I also visited the GP and obtained medication.I was told that I would receive a letter from the DWP asking why I missed the appointment. I subsequently received the form, I completed the form com
  2. Hi, I have become disabled and as such my income dropped from about 70k a year to 40k over the past couple of years, I had various periods of 6 months of work with no income due to my disability and i had been diagnosed with Depression and ADHD. I contacted Stepchange and have a case number, and it suggested with IVA or Bankruptcy. My overall debts are over 40k I am trying to put in place a DMP with my creditors as an interim measure for 12 months to see if I can improve my income level. I contacted TSB on 25th July and spoke a representative (i took details of the ca
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