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  1. No but there were hand written letters to say it was all being handed over to me. There is a legal agreement witnessed by a solicitor to say the deposit in the form of a loan was provided by a company held in Trust for me. Which my ex should have registered a charge in favour of for but failed to. The agreement also states that a share of the profits from the sale of the proceeds will be payable to the company.
  2. Thank you for responding and confirming what I thought may be the case but suppose just didn't want to hear. I now need advice of how I can stop a co-habiting ex-partner from threatening to kick me out my own home even though they left three years ago but it remained in their sole name with a mortgage in their sole name but I which I pay from my account along with all bills and provided the deposit for. I know I don't have home rights but how do you prove "Beneficial Interest"?
  3. A county court claim was issued just over six years ago. A hand written letter was provided by the Defendant that the Particulars of the Claim would Not be contested and that full disclosure would be made within 14 days. It was not. The Claimant was subsequently duped into stalling and considered to have been systematically manipulated by Medical Professionals so the Defendant could possibly avoid liability. Can the original claim with the hand written letter of admission still be used to obtain a County Court Order or Judgement?
  4. Thank you for all the quick replies! I really don't want a prepayment meter, if I contact british gas directly do you think they will allow me to register and agree a payment plan or at worst just pay the £200 owing by adding it to a nearly maxed out credit card? I have already been told by CAB in this current state i have no real home rights, so maybe its time I ask for some sort of tenancy, wont hurt I suppose.
  5. I have a couple of hundred pounds owing to British Gas which I have been late paying and now I have received a threatening letter headed "British Gas" and "Richburns Ltd", addressed to the The Occupiers or Occupiers. The letter says, Removed indentifying info] They intend to visit the house this week and are threatening to apply for a Warrant of Entry if I do not comply. This is causing me a lot of worry as I already suffer from anxiety and am diagnosed with two chronic conditions. I have been paying the gas bills but on the last two quarterly bills I paid £100 less t
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