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  1. Thank you for all the quick replies! I really don't want a prepayment meter, if I contact british gas directly do you think they will allow me to register and agree a payment plan or at worst just pay the £200 owing by adding it to a nearly maxed out credit card? I have already been told by CAB in this current state i have no real home rights, so maybe its time I ask for some sort of tenancy, wont hurt I suppose.
  2. I have a couple of hundred pounds owing to British Gas which I have been late paying and now I have received a threatening letter headed "British Gas" and "Richburns Ltd", addressed to the The Occupiers or Occupiers. The letter says, Removed indentifying info] They intend to visit the house this week and are threatening to apply for a Warrant of Entry if I do not comply. This is causing me a lot of worry as I already suffer from anxiety and am diagnosed with two chronic conditions. I have been paying the gas bills but on the last two quarterly bills I paid £100 less than the amount asked as I had to prioritise my debts. The problem is I don't have a tenancy and I don't own the house. I don't want to give my details as I have agreed to leave the house on very short notice due to a domestic situation and don't want to risk bills being racked up in my name (which unfortunately has happened to me in the past). My Questions are; 1. Am I obliged to register my details with the utility company because I still pay the bills, even if not always on time? 2. Can they legally break into the house and fit a prepayment meter, which I don't want, as I have young toddler and I will struggle to get out and buy prepayment cards? 3. How should I deal with Richburns, as I have hardly slept for worrying, since receiving the letter from them? please ask me any questions and I will be as honest as I can.
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