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  1. Hi Tom, Have you looked into making any 'complaints', sorry can't Pm you as I dont yet have 30 posts. Roughly where abouts in the UK are you, be interesting to know if the mis-selling was regional.
  2. Can you believe I went just £8 overdrawn whilst I was on holiday, all 10 direct debits came out within a few days of each other - with my book keeper having paid our VAT return twice ... donkey. Yes just read this thread: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/bank-charges and this: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/banking/2014/09/is-bank-charges-reclaiming-back-martin-lewis-thinks-it-could-be OK so let see what happens at the courts.
  3. I was hoping the evidence I had, would be enough without the SAR, which I am still waiting to arrive. I think if Lloyds bank had more voices saying the same thing then maybe we might jointly have a stronger case, especially with the ombudsman, as the rejection letter is saying ... despite all the evidence of the payments, its my voice against there's. I'm confident there many are others - this mis-selling was rife at the time, and it was wrong. If I write another post asking for victims of other mis-selling to contact me, will you merge that thread ? Is there anyway I can c
  4. Hi, I am making a mis-selling of health cover and insurances complaint regarding Lloyds Bank and a commercial overdraft. Back in the late 1990's my local Lloyds bank business branch was aggressive, and coerced me into signing up for several insurances in order for my business to be offered a raised over draft limit, another post here explains: ... put www. before link: consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?436828-Health-and-Medical-Insurances-mis-sold-with-PPI&p=4660581#post4660581 Has anyone else experienced such mis-selling, I would like t
  5. Hi, My bank once charged me £300 for 10 overdrawn items (£30 each), but this was over 6 years ago, in fact could be 10 or more. Can I still reclaim these if I can prove through our accounts packages reconciled internal bank statements (ie not official bank statements, but mirror them) the amounts debited from our account ? I have my Inland Revenue Returns that can back some of the figures on these internal statements. And if I can claim, where do I start the process. Thanks
  6. Lloyds Bank has rejected my complaints, despite now admitting to more information about the policies than I could even dig up, including several long phone conversations with the bank - so they know quote a lot about what the policies were, but state the dates are too historical and they have 'no paper work relating to the insurance', they then write some script regarding statutes: DPA 1998 and FOIA 2000 - and write 'As a result, in the absence of any information, I can not uphold your complaint'. They also go on to explain that policy details were disclosed to me at inception, and deta
  7. Hi, Back in 1996 I was mis sold 4x insurance policies by Lloyds bank. London & Edinburgh - Commercial Overdraft Repayment insurance LTSB General Insurance - Health Cover 5 Star Ambassador Insurance Co - Private Medical Insurance Royal Sun Alliance - Hospital Income Plan Consolidated M&G - Accident Protection Plan All policies were sold by Lloyds. If anyone has any additional information on these policies it would be appreciated. At the time I run a small business with two employees with my father as a partner. After ten years of trading and being with Ll
  8. Could I have as copy please, I have tried PMing but dont have enough posts, sorry.
  9. Thank you for your replies, once i have probate I can apply to all parties to see if insurance covered anything.
  10. Thank you for your reply slick. My father might want me to take care of matters, that seems a simple matter upon application for probate. We will want to conclude matters, as interest is gathering on the mortgage on her house, so if we want to buy it we will need to stop that ASAP. One big store card has verbally agreed to us spreading the debt over a period, what that is we have yet to negotiate. You say creditors are unlikey to delay after probate to chase their debt, I assume its us to inform them that probate has been actioned ? I assume they would give us a month or so
  11. Hi, My sister has just sadly passed away. She had a new car on finance that she surrendered back 6 months before her death. I am dealing with Probate matters and have come across a letter from the finance company asking for a £4.5k settlement figure, this letter is dated quite a few months ago. The vehicle had many problems during its life, and was taken back by the manufacturer many times, I believe it was sorted in the end though. I assume this debt will be chased for up to six years ?? I find it curious why we have received no further correspondence from the finance compa
  12. Hi, Sadly my sister has just passed away. She had a new car on finance which was surrendered back to the owners 6 months before her death. I'm dealing with probate matters and have come across the V5 Registration document with section 10 of the form 'new keepers details' still intact on the form, I'd like to know if the finance company have been able to re-register the vehicle without my sisters signature. I assume a V5 is not then proof of ownership ?? what official document covers that, is that your purchase receipt, which my sister would never have had as the car was on
  13. Hi, My sister has just passed away and left a house with a mortgage on it, she has also left a lot of debt. Although without leaving a Will, the Estate will go to my Mum and Dad. My mum would like us to keep her house as it has lots of memories in it for us as family. although we will let it out. Could someone explain how I or my mother would take on my sisters mortgage, I understand a mortgage is on the property, not the person - but not sure how that now applies with my sister now sadly gone. We are hoping to negotiate with the creditors to spread her debts over a period o
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