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  1. No worries at all Tingy, The more we can help and others can help us the better for a better chance to take on these big companies!! I forget now if you had any thoughts on halifax offering me to reshedule my loan over a longer period of time and so i pay a lower amount and it stops me defaulting and being charged every month? You got any back ground on this and or is it just another rip from my favorite bank of the year for the 3rd year running (2009/2009/2011)
  2. Great work Tingy will deffo be using that sooon, Checked my track and trace for my CCA to very and so annoyed because it states that it hasn't been delivered yet but send it on 28th March
  3. Just checked the royal mail track and trace i sent the CCA request on the 28th March but still havent been delivered that annoying will have to send it again now
  4. Yeah will look at the paperwork now i do think they said they were passing it on, but tbh will you i am confused as to why they have only passed over a bit of the amount.. Yeah phoned them just i suppose for a quick response, but i got a mouth full and a rude person anyway i put the phone down on her.. Yep sent the CCA request recorded delivery and got a signature from the online tracker!! I am hoping they haven't got the original details not because i don't want to pay them back but so they can back off a bit.. Need to find a template now to send them regarding telling the the day i will pay and the amount i will pay anything you suggest?
  5. Yeah passed onto NDR money i have a 4 month payment plan and once i have paid four months i will just go back as a very customer for the rest Account total : £1411 NDR Money £384 Very:£995 ish Account been open for about 7 years, I have sent them a CCA request 10 days ago so awaiting that to come through to me As far as i can gather the charges will go onto what i owe very but they didnt make it clear, tbh the women didnt seem like she gave a crap about anything i told her, I am going to ring back tomorrow and ask them to put it in writing that they will not change date and give a strong reason as to why they wont change the date to help support me in these bad times
  6. Anyone had any dealing with NDR Money.. They are acting on behalf of very.co.uk, Anyway cut a long story short they have taken some of the debt i when i pay that they will pass we back... 1 slight problem they wont let me set the date to my pay day and will keep charging me £12 late fees?? Any one had this problem before with this company?
  7. Sorry what does that mean CPUTR? oh yeah they are still charging me interest, On the statements they send me its exactly the same format but instead of very logo it got NDR money logo, If i get a letter back from NDR i will scan it on here Just watching see you in court on BBC, it is really good but the money these people have to spend just to take on the big firms is crazy My next creditor i have to take on is Argos but i wont be starting that until the weekend when i have a fresh mind and do some more reading on threads!! What are you going to use the CPUTR for
  8. Yeah good shout mate, it was her tone on the phone like those dates were set in stone and that was that, with my creditors i am more at a mind of taking them all the way, with it being in my Dads name i am more cautious tbh. But yes will ring them back first thing in the morning and ask them to send what she told me in a letter so i can then take it further.. Is it normal Tingy to use a debt collector for only a bit of the amount of the balance and then send me back through very.. Very confusing but i suppose it is a in house thing!! Tingy answer me this if you can lol, why is it legal to have in house debt collectors when they are the same company and even in the same building?
  9. Yeah well this is when it get interesting with little woods well now very. They have sold £405 to NDR Money Monkeys but then once ive paid them off i will go back to very and pay the amount left after i have payed NDR MONEY.. I rang NDR money today and said listen you gave me a 4 month plan to pay back £84.00 every month i payed last month on 28th when i got payed which was ideal then this month is the 23rd then next month 19th of the month, I said hang on a minute this aint even 4 weeks between each, I said i need to change the payments dates, Women was so rude said we cannot do it, i said well i crnt pay she said well you will just get charged £12 every month for next 3 months then... Makes me mad that i am wanting to pay my dues and they treat me like a criminal, yet how many hundreds of thousands of people don't even make an effort to pay back what they owe... But tomorrow is another day and another challenge!! PS- The link you sent me i have cut and paste in a letter to send to my other best friends at NDR Money
  10. Yeah i have CCA'd them but i forgot to put the £1 cheque in with the letter, i wrote it out but just forgot. I sent it recorded post and i have got the scanned sign so did all that last Monday. So do they have 14 days to reply! Lets hope they have lost it the account was opened like 7 years ago.. As i have always said i want to pay my debt, If not i will need to look at my options with this one, think its going to be a bit tricky this one
  11. Brilliat bit of info that is.. Already using some of those keys points in my letter ready to go to the peoples favorite bank!! A liitle bit of a tricky one i have got now... My Dad got a littlewoods account but i was using it and i owe £1400 on it, the payments were like £100 per month but with it being in my dads name this is more difficult to get them to stop interest, and with my Dad owning his own home i dont want them knocking his door or threatening him with court.. Any ideas on how i can get them to come to a repayment plan.. I did some work saying i was my Dad on the phone and the best they could do was set me on a 4 month payment plan with NDR money of £84.00 per month, cannot really afford this..(My Dad knows all about his account etc)
  12. Hey Tingy, Well i just want to get a fair deal and not be just classed a someone they can make a buck off, Dont get me wrong the people i have spoken to on the phone have been so rude and like just been so blunt to me so i dont like to ring but i thought today with the sort of a prompt in the letter from MBNA about it being too less i thought ring them see what happens.. So i am going to wait for a confirmation of full and final settlement from the two mentioned and they said i have 60 days to take it up, So in those 60 days i will start getting on their case to put on my file as settled... I have to say though this site is so impressive and has given me a life line to fight back and know rights... But it is so mad how so many company's are different and their different approaches to people in debt, I do reckon though this is going to be a major problem in the next few years!!! If you can send me a link for that information Tingy that would be great. If anyone is reading this post DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER taking a loan/bank account anything with halifax, Hows everything going with you by the way?
  13. Yeah so if i cancel the PPI i would loose the money i paid them for like 8 months but at least then i can stop paying for something i did not need, What do you mean by a rebate i have never had a rebate on any of my loans?
  14. Okay quick question: I have had a total of 3 loans with the Halifax in the 5 years, 2 have been settled by a top up loan, Both had PPI which i am claiming back charges and awaiting the response.. I still have a loan with them that is currently in dispute, Can i cancel my PPI with the loan i currently have or not? Your help is much appreciated
  15. Okay so i broke the golden rule today and spoke to my creditors... But it was very useful as i spoke to MBNA and Virgin card and the guy on the phone discussed the F+F offers with me, i have a balance of 2100 on my MBNA which he was willing to accept £750 with it being clearing the whole balance and my Virgin credit card i owe 2800 and i said i could only pay £800 and he seemed happy enough but had to speak to his manager and would get back to me... Do u think i am offering them too much and if so should i haggle more? He did say though that they woundt be able to put settled on account only partially settled? Then i got on the phone to my best friends at Halifax, Lovely people these are, Anyone i eventually spoke to some lady who was to be fair the most polite and helpful person i have ever spoke to at the halifax, Anyone i was chasing my complaint up and i needed the details to set up standing order, So cut a long story short she suggested i reschedule my loan so that i could pay less each month but over longer period of time so that i wouldnt keep getting markers on my credit file(tbh my credit file is screwed anyway) But they wanted to put the 1k of charges and arrears onto the balance as even knowing i have expressed for the last 6 months that i am having difficulty they will not stop intrest. I dont think i should do that anyone have any ideas on that? Anyway she spoke to her team captain about the charges and basically come back and and said it is legal to do so etc etc, So i politely asked for that to be put into writing to my address so i can take the matter up with the financial ombudsman , Now i have the team captain ringing me this afternoon regarding my account? Basically had a half yearly statement paid them a total of £780 and after interest and charged i have paid off £85 off my account
  16. Okay quick update on my responses back from my creditors, Firstly Argos sent me a letter regarding reduced payment and freezing interest, They said they cannot freeze interest as because i am on BNPL plans and i can pay more than 2% back each month on the plans i do not qualify for reduced payments, So i will be sending them back a 2nd letter explaining that if they put the interest on i will have to pay back like £80 per month and i can only afford to pay them back £25 Letter back from both MBNA and Virgin they have already agreed to freeze intrest and stop charged i got to be fair i have heard a lot of bad stuff about these but they have been the first to help me out and not played funny buggers with me other than put markers on my file which is to be expected. Anyway sent them both a F+F and they both replied that they are not willing to accept as the offer is too low(I know these two are same company) So do you think that they are saying they are up for negotiation and should i haggle fith them to see what they will offer as a F+F Any suggestions or anyone had this before ?? Thanks in advance
  17. Yeah 35% of the debt seems to be a good deal, Its up to you like Tingy said i havent had any dealings with this kind of offer, But hopefully will have this for my debts in the future so i can be debt free quicker. But i cannot imagine them just cutting the whole deal if you asked for a lower settlement. I think you should both sleep on it and make the decision in the morning over a night bit of brekkie!! Good luck in whatever you decide
  18. Cheers V, Just a quick question i put a claim in for my PPI on my loans have had an acknowledgment letter from my bank...Is my claim at risk with this review the government are having on the financial services?
  19. Yeah i bet you nearly fell of your chair? Was the debt an old one and was you paying anything towards the debt? Yeah doing your own DMP is going to be hard work but it has given me something to focus on and be really productive with, A simple folder and a section for each creditor and a pile of envelopes and stamps is all i need to keep on top of it!! I know the companies like you to use companies like CCCS etc but i like the fact i can manage it all myself!! So have you accepted the F+F from the company yet? If not i wouldnt accept unless they out it as Settled to help your credit file?
  20. Yeah have sent them my IE Sheet used from a site on here, It had everything on their with all the calculations as of what to pay each creditor, So they have had that and are NOW requesting payslip.. So at odds on what to do next 1. Send letter telling them about a long term plan and pay what i can afford 2. Just pay what i told them i would pay without getting back to them(if i do this im worried i wont know if they will freeze intrest etc) Suggestions?
  21. Okay cool will send them a letter just stating i have sent them my budget planner and that i will start paying the amount that i have afford and until them i will pay them £1 until they agree to what i can afford with them freezing interest and charges You wouldn't know of any letter that might help to send?
  22. Yeah i agree i think they are buggering around, Do not really want to send them my pay slip tbh, They do say they need this to be able to offer me a plan, But wha i want to know is what diff is short and long term plans? If i tell them long term do you think they will just sell my debt to a DCA?
  23. Hi Scooby i am in the same boat as you i think, a few weeks ago i was ready ti give up but found this site and ever since have not even let the debt worry me, i have even done all the work on my own to set up a DMP plan... I only have 3 creditors to agree what i pay them and i can be sure to get somewhere with my debt.. Can i ask how you got a company to accept 35% F+F?
  24. Great news you have been given a F+F but you should try and go for a 'Settled' on your credit file, Make sure you have it in writing that by paying them the amount then this will be the end of the debt etc, i have read that some have taken the payment and passed onto a DCA for the rest of the amount!!
  25. Okay have had 2 letters off capital one today...1 letter saying that i have not informed them if i want a short or long term plan 2nd letter requesting my wage slip? Wot do do?
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