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  1. Sorry haven't read through your thread but i have NDR who have taken a partial amount of the debt i owe very, they are in house use the same statements and have the same company address
  2. Okay i have been asked a question by my close friend i didnt know so i said i would post and ask you guys? His auntie looks after his mum full time as she is disabled Can his auntie apply for a credit card? She is not sure as it asks for income etc etc Any thoughts please
  3. Just broke the rule again in ringing capital one but they did my head in today they phoned me in total 6 times 3x mobile and 3x work( i answered 3 times and told them i didn't work there anymore) yet they still phoned again twice Anyway rang capital one and asked for my work number to be deleted(they obv haven't had my harassment letters yet) and he has taken it off but i am sure i have asked for this before, Anyway when i asked for him to confirm in writing that he has deleted the number of the system he got a bit stuck for words and started giving me the address for complaints department, So hopefully they have the message and will see i f i get any more phone calls tomorrow! Oh yeah and he said Mr x if you just pay £xx amount now you will put your account back upto date.....Foool does he not read my account that i have sent them communication i am struggling and can only afford x amount Anyway does anyone have the answer to the question in post 102?
  4. Sounds dodgy to me i reckon you send them a failure to respond letter regarding the CCA, and as far as proof of posting the rest of the letters i reckon she could have been testing you. Personally i wouldn't say they have the right to ask for proof i thought only the court/Judge could ask for that. You have spoken to them over the phone you have sent them the letters i would just follow the letters up with failures? When you sent the CCA recorded they have to sign and print surname so it might be worth contacting post office and just asking for the surname that was given when it was signed for?
  5. Yeah what am i thinking, my file is not worth a welsh cake, Gotta be lucky that they have accept 35%, Really quick question for you.. What happens if say one of my creditors plays ball with me for say 18 months then gives me a sucker punch and defaults me then do my 6 year wait start again?
  6. Have to totally agree with everything everyone has said in this thread, i have only been on here since March and i read until my eyes wouldn't stay open and i post questions and everyone answered, Dont be afraid of posting anything no matter how silly it might sound people will respond. In the space of 6 weeks i have gone from being totally on edge and not sleeping to not even thinking negative about the debt, See it more like a challenge to knock those bricks down Wish you all the luck!!
  7. Yeah i am addicted i think, with this sun though i cannot see myself spending too much time on here but i tend to just scan through in the nights.. I must admit i am a bit confused now with this Full and Final i read on another post that a partial settlement on your file is just as bad as a CCJ, So it just puts another twist on things and more thought and more reading...
  8. Okay so how would i start the ball moving with claiming back bank charges?
  9. Totally agree with above comments use that payment book to pay whatever you can afford and not what they want, Totally agree you have a life to live so dont let it get you down and just give them what you can afford, i have been doing some work on this where they have requested xx amount and after a bit of letter tennis they now accept x amount!! Keep positive
  10. okay but if i payed late or didn't pay what grounds d i have to claim back? Back to the Full and Final i deffo here you about burning the money do you say that because it will ruin your credit file? Because the benefits i see is that they will default me eventually as i pay no interest and on a repayment plan so whats is the diff between a default and a partial settled on account still ruins file for 6 years? Is this correct or am i missing a trick? I hope i am Thanks so far!
  11. Already gone down that route and no charges have been applied and the ones that have are recent and are the £12 charge they are allowed to charge? my credit file is going to be trashed but offering the full and final will save me over 3k is it the best thing to do?
  12. Thanks for that Tingy, I think my plan with the halifax is to get as much information from sites like these and cases from the website and just keep saving the links etc and when/if they take me to court i can give them examples of bad practices and cases of not supporting people in difficult situations! Had my confirmation full and finals from MBNA X2 cards and once paid i will be saving 3.5k but i wont be happy until i can get some luck with removing the default/partial settlement Have tea now and letters will be commenced ready for the post tomorrow!
  13. Quick question received my full and final offer from MBNA and they have accpeted but have you had joy of getting the debt as settled rather than partially settled? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hi hacompany i have just been going through some F+F with 2 creditors, Now when i sent mine to all my creditors i didn't mention anything about marking my file as settled or about removing the defaults etc etc, The way i looked at it was to get them to agree to a partial settlement and once i have it in writing i can then start negotiating with them regarding marking my file as settled etc etc, they have given me 60 days to negotiate, But i have 5 creditors and 3 have flatly refused. I think you shouldnt offer no more than the 40% you have already offered though!! Best of luck
  15. Okay received the letter from my favorite bank, but it seems a little bit dodgy to me, In one hand it tells me that they are willing to help me me and are sympathetic and in the next breath they are telling me that they will send my account to the collection department... Argh well will just keep paying the £5.88 hopefully they will accept my F+F I have scanned the document but it is way to small how to i make it readable on here?
  16. I hope she never got paid for that, I would not be worried at all with this lot!
  17. What the hell is with the picture of the lady on that link,
  18. Yeah good shout once again Tingy i will keep it in my draw by the side of my bed and use that as offers for Full and Finals , See this is why i keep posting because i would not think of that i would of just payed a creditor a £100 Anyway i have requested from Halifax two things that i have an official complaint raised which i already thought i had but by all accounts i didn't make myself clear that i wanted a complaint to escalate and also a letter confirming that they are unwilling to atop the interest, Awaiting these as these will be sent to the F/O. Do i have to wait for the 8 weeks they have to resolve my issue before i can contact F/0
  19. No not going to penalise them and from dealing with my fav bank i dont expect anything less than a standard computer generated letter back...BUT i am going to penalise them with my loan i am only going to pay £1 a month until they come up with a proper plan to clear my loan with them, if i continue to pay them what i do and they continue to add the intrest they do i wont pay them for 755 months, Do you think this is the best possible route and use the money i have that i would normally pay towards that on other debts?
  20. Sent the above letter, posted all my letters today another productive day! Had a 6 phone calls from Capital One today, God i hope they listen to the letter of harassment!
  21. Have a debt with very and i have just sent them a a CCA as i find NDR who now have only a part of the debt very pushy ask for more than you can afford and just don't listen, at one point i had to put the phone down because the lady at NDR was so rude, They wont even change the date i pay them to help me pay off the debt so they have told me just pay late and you will just have to pay the late payment charge...Muppet's
  22. Hey scooby i am in the same process now i have be offered a F+F awaiting written confirmation then i have 60 days to confirm the agreed settlement, i am going to use these days to negotiate a 'settled' agreement, looking at the posts i dont think anyone has to as at the end of the day we haven't paid them the full amount we owe, but we can try, we can nag and no doubt we can use the advice given to us by fellow caggers!! Good luck keep us posted and i will let you know if i get any luck my way
  23. Hey no probs, No they aint going to know that you are getting the details yourself, You are not really going to pay extra that is just your story to get the details from your creditors to set up standing orders, Your fee DMP wont be having anything to do with it as soon as you cancel your plan with them!! Or you can just be open and honest to your creditors and tell them you are going it alone but i just found it easier to let my creditors believe i am still with a DMP but in reality i am doing it all on my own, Think the biggest challenge is to get the creditors to agree to repayments and stop interest this is where i think DMP companies are vital in negotiating for you once that has been done their job is to pay evenly your creditors the amount you pay them, I am not knocking FREE DMP's because i think they are excellent and they helped me out loads but i just felt i could benefit from managing it myself as i was/am willing to put a lot of work in. STOP paying anyone to manage your plan ASAP Baz
  24. I have already contacted you regarding a full and final offer that was rejected, I would like you to re consider the amount that I can settle the amount with, I hope that we can come to an agreement as I do not want this debt to spiral with fees and debt collector fees , The amount originally was £265 and has now risen to £372. My circumstances have changed and I like you to serious consider this for the best of both parties. i write with reference to the money which you are claiming on the above account. I can confirm that we are unable to offer to pay the money which we owe in full. . However, I can raise £152 and I want to offer this as an ex-gratia payment in full and finaland that i will be released from any liability. settlement of the account. This offer is made on the clear understanding that, if accepted, neither you nor any associate company will take any other action to enforce or pursue this debt in any way whatsoever I also request that, if accepted, you will make an entry on a credit reference agency file relating to the above account as having been paid and the account closed. Payment can be made within 14 days of receiving your written agreement of this offer and method of payment. If you are not willing to accept this offer then I request that you send me a full breakdown on this account, Late fee charges, Interest charges and when Albion collections took over my debt. I look forward to receiving your reply. Yours faithfully This is the letter i intend to send to my overdraft account, Any suggestions and thing i could add or make better?
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