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  1. Yes totally agree with the above posts cccs are great to get you going and to get organised!! Tingy is totally right about not speaking to them over the phone always in writing, I have learnt this from passed experiance Keep us posted as my dealing with capital one where not good, ringing me 10 times a day, ringing me at work and running my battery down on my mobile from the phone calls in india Good luck baz
  2. Oaky then this post is really about sharing any past/current experiances with Halifax Bank. I currently have 4 accounts with them and am managing my own debt management. Okay i will start and please feel free to reply add your own problem and we can discuss and get advice from the great people on this site. I have a loan with the halifax and in October informed them that i was struggline to meet the monthly payment and that i was with the cccs to help manage my payments. So the cccs contacted the halifax on my behalf and i starting paying £110 a month,never heard anything from the halifax which was great until my 6 month statement come and to my horror i was paying them £110 and they were still charging me £97 intrest meaning it would take me 757 months to pay them back which is actually 38 years, God i would be 63 lol, Anyway Halifax will not budge and tbh i think they just want to sell my laon to someone else to deal with because i cannot see halifax waiting 757 to get there money back, Anyway last week i had a default notice and a £50 charge for it. With a lovely piece about that if they take me to court and they win they will not only have to paid what i owe them but court costs and intrest, Talk about David and Galieth!! Letter being drafted up now to make a formal complaint to both the CEO and Halifax complaints department also have just been in touch with the fos and they sounded really intrested and will be discussing it further on Tuesday! Feel free to share Cheers
  3. Cool cheers for the prompt reply, Yeah i just didnt want to be doing all this and then in like 2 years someone defaults me and im back to sqaure one again!! I am not sure if you have read my posts regaring my problem with a certain bank that i have a loan with, a bank account and 2 credit cards with, if you have do you mind having a look at mthis letter and see if you could give me some tips/advice Cheers Baz
  4. Okay folks i have a little dilemma it goes back to an older post about 'Defaults', Right i am paying 6 different people now a reduced amount and they have accepted it but my worry is that they are going to default me anyway, but then i want to pay them what i agreed but at the same time i dont want my 6 year wait for a clean credit file to be delayed... Any ideas, suggestions, Thanks Baz
  5. Okay i am off today so i am starting my letter to the one and only Halifax. Wish me luck, will post of draft letter later Baz
  6. Have to agree with the posts on going it alone, CCCS are great for getting everythng set up and acting on your behalf, So it worked out great for me as i used them to set my payments and equally, but after a dispute they told me that they could not continue to act on my behalf, So up to now i still pay all my creditors through standing orders..
  7. Cheers Silverfox willd do i wrote all the times and who i spoke to, Have been doing some research found this site, the dates are from 2008 but still relevant on harship grounds http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1613963 Going to start my letter tomorrow, going to have a few bears now Baz
  8. Yeah i pay my original creditors at the moment and was easy to get there details as they put them on statements etc to set up standard orders, But i do believe that by a lot of searching and when contacting the people it has been sold to asking for details without giving your personal details could be worth a go!! And yes your right even knowing the cccs is payed for my the creditors in theory they have no obligationa or right to tell them they have stopped using the cccs!! I would say to ensure you keep to the payments agreed other wise suspision starts to arise and if they were to find out in future the proof will be that you have payed every month and what diff does it make whether the cccs pay or you pay? your still in financial hardship either way!! Baz
  9. Thanks for your quk reply silverfox, Well i have an official complaint with regards to my PPI, but its strange because i have two credit cards with them and they have reduced to 1% and i pay them but they will not do anything with the loan i have with them, they have known since september last yeat when i contacted them and spoke to them on the phone, My problem is know that next month they will default me so i need to get my complaint in quick to the FOS before they pass it on and then they would have washed their hands of me. I have asked them on a number of times to put in a complaint but they keep fobbing me off, I havent got an official complaint but i have contacted them at leat 5 times and at ever time i have asked for a complaint to be made, so will this be noted on my account and if it come to it dont they record phone calls? Also if i type up a letter and post it on here do you know of anyone who could look through it and sugest better or add things to it? Cheers Baz
  10. Good to here it, im glad people use you a lot for your information and experiance. Right i have now decided to bring the financial ombudsman against the halifax in to help me with my battle against them. Now as i have 4 accounts with Halifax i am woundering do i make a complaint about them in general or do i make a complaint about my loand and say my cc seperate? These are a few things that i am complaining about and if anyone has any thing to help me put into my letter to support my complaints please help: 1. Not completing my PPI claim within the 8 week timeline as set out by the financial obsduman and basically telling me it could be another 8 weeks 2. When i missed a monthly loan payment they took it out of my bank account and put me overdrawn, this has lead to my current account being with in house collectors and has gone from £265 to £371 3. My loan well if you have read my thread you will see but a quick overview, Me paying them £110 a month through cccs every month and every month they take £98 intrest in 6 months i paid them £660 and only £72 coming off balance, i now only pay £1 a month until they pass me on? I am also looking for tips like do i mention other cases and shall i put in examples from guidlines set out by FOS? Thanks in advance Baz
  11. Sorry the other thing i was going to say is that i am sure their is a cccs rep on this site and maybe he could look into this matter for you to make sure the information you had from the cccs agent was correct Not sure where you will find him though sorry.
  12. When i left the cccs to do my own DMP i never told anyone that i left them i just have standing orders to each creditor and they havent said a word about it and still most intrest frozen. Whatever you decide to do i would defientely think of doing your own dmp as a positive rather than a negative!
  13. Hey jellycubes with Tingy on side you are in good hands and he will do anything and everything he can to help an support you, As i said before if you need anything off me or would like me to do anything for you just let me know... I tell you what i think you should aim to have those blinds open by Monday, i think you can do it!!! I mean as far as the people knocking on your door they can threaten/ring/post as much as they like but if you havent got it you havent got it, they make so much money off intrest and the risk is always there thats why its unsecured. Eventually they will accept your payment as they wil have no choice, But i totally get you dont want to answer the door to them, i didnt want to open any bills or answer any calls as i felt so threatend and intimidatd..... All the best Baz
  14. Yeah at the moment it is all going really good, tonight i shreaded all the paperwork for the 5 accounts thaat have been cleared, i felt so happy and i read back everything they sent me.. But Tingy the biggest thing that the website does it makes you stop worryng about what creditors could DO, and think more what YOU can do! I have just sent for the 5th time a full and final for my overdraft that i have with halifax, The best thing is i send it to their in house collectors and i get a reply from halifx the original oc, They must think people are thick when they threaten DEBT COLLECTORS!! Anyway i have got 5 stamps left for my overdraft so im hoping by the tenth time i will be succesfull, I am offering them the original amount minus the chrages they have applied, I am stil awaiting a breakdown of the charges they have put onto the account! Have you had a busy day on here today?
  15. I have just done 3 full and final settlements and they were all payed by my debit card, the opertor who i payed it to did not ask any questions just took the details, i mean banking has come so far now that simply telling them it was transferred into you account. Dx i have noticed you always say you may aswell burn the money, Well for me my goal was to get rid of the debt and achieved this, my credit file will be effected for 6 years proir to doing full and finals through other defaults, so whether they settle it as settled or partial settled makes no differance to me!! and saved paying 5k
  16. Yeah this is true, i was thinking exactly the same just wanted a 2nd opinion because my opinion is a bit biased to what i want to do, and you know what it like when you want to do something you start making more pros and cons lol.. Well at the moment Tingy my auntie is helping me out big time with some of my little debts, so now i have gone from having 9 creditors to just 4 now, i mean i know people say do not borrow money to pay debt back, but with her card she opened it intrest free for 20 months we are talking like 3k, i plan to pay off 150 a month every month so the money i was paying halifax until the decieded my money wasnt worth owt will go towards that until they come back to me with a reasonable payment offer.. So the ONLY people i owe money to in my name is my friend 4k and 4 different accounts with HALIFAX!!! I suppose the turning point was MBNA giving me a full and final invite and me wanting to get that cleared and of the way and the ability to ONLY have HALIFAX chasing me was the added incentive!! I noticed in one of your last posts you where a headmaster, Wow i wanted to go into teaching but just didnt choose the right direction at 20,
  17. Okay Tingy i have a question i have had a bonus in work about 1k, what would you do? would you pay off some of the debt that i owe or do you think i should keep it for future full and finals or for a rainy day? I mean i wont have a spare 1k for at least another 12 months so in two minds.. 1.Pay some debt? 2. Have a bit of money to fall back on? Please be honest as you always are, just need a second opinion? Thanks Baz
  18. Jellycubes good to here and i look forward to listening and supporting your journey, i just hope now that some of the worries you has before you come to cag has gone and that you are thinking a lot more positive! Totally agree with earlier post about the priorities being You and your son.. The support on here never stops amazing and how many people come to help!
  19. hi sophielloyd22, its great you have come for some advice on here its a great start, What i will say that whether you do a dmp with a company or on your own it is a strong possibility that by doing this it will effect your credit file, as if your creditors do stop interest etc for you it will go against you on your credit file and as i have not payed the full contractual amount on one of my debts they have defaulted me.. So i would have a really good read on this site and ask as many questions as you need!! I am currently doing a self DMP but i know my credit file is and will be effected!!
  20. Wow Tingy thanks for that great advice answered loads of questions and the other thing i was worried but i think i can relex is that they are going to default me next month so after that they cannot do anything else to my credit file to harm this can they? Not to sure if this is correct, just wanna get all my defaults in out of the way asap so then my 6 years start as soon as it can to be able to start to clear my credit file?
  21. Okay cut a long story short, My auntie has been kind enough to pay off my capital one card via a balance transfer from her MBNA account, But now capital one have suspended my account as they want proof of where the money come from and are asking for her credit card statement with the proof of the 500 going out of her account into mine?? Is this normal and can they do this? I would just fax the statement but as its a new card she has she wont get s statement now until the end of the month and i don't want to wait until the end of the month to get it payed off, The money has gone out of her account and cap one have the money but they just wont process it??
  22. If you are getting no joy with this i would look at the 6 year duty of care that you have, basically covers all electrical items purchased within 6 years, you have to prove it has a manufacturing fault by an independent engineer then the retailer with offer you a pro rate refund based on the length of time you have had it. i am not sure if this applies in Ireland will do some research now for you
  23. Alsion84 hi, How did it go with the cccs?
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