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  1. How you feeling after doing all your work on the motor home weather has been scorching here in sunny wales lol Yeah i was thinking on those lines i did offer them 35% so i think if i basically offer them the 47% and go from their, Question though can they just send me letters saying i owe them more every time yet they haven't given me a breakdown of how it has gone up, just that i now owe them x anount please ring us asap? Should i just send the basic F+F off or shall i bit about already sending them a F+F? Oh yes and is it cheeky to send back my replies to capital one in their ow pre paid envelope regarding stopping phoning me im sending that letter you posted yesterday?
  2. Hi Tingy well tbh with you i dont think they have my mobile number so they havent been onto me over the phone but have sent me plenty of letters informing me i owe them money and it keeps going up and the creditor i owe is for my overdraft at my favorite bank.. Will speak to you later Baz
  3. Sorry for a few post but when i get focused i really go to town, Any suggestions on the letter below: Dear Sir/Madam i write with reference to the money which you are claiming on the above account. I have sent you a letter on the 23rd March asking for you support in the money that I owe which currently sits at £372.16, I have sent you communication regarding how much I can pay which at the moment is only £5.88 per month, I spoke to one of your representatives and they advised me that the debt will now be passed on to an external company, I would like you to seriously consider my offer of Full and Final payment as the original debt was £265 and has now gone up to £372 as charges has been applied. i can confirm that we are unable to offer to pay the money which we owe in full. . However, I can raise £125 and I want to offer this as an ex-gratia payment in full and final settlement of the account. This offer is made on the clear understanding that, if accepted, neither you nor any associate company will take any other action to enforce or pursue this debt in any way whatsoever and that iwill be released from any liability. i also request that, if accepted, you will make an entry on a credit reference agency file relating to the above account as having been paid and the account closed. Payment can be made within 14 days of receiving your written agreement of this offer and method of payment. Yours faithfully
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26751[/ATTACH] Have invested in a scanner, Thought i would post up the 6 monthly statement i had from my fav bank,
  5. Okay Tingy just watched the motor racing so now putting in a shift in letter writing, Right harrasment letter printed and in envelope waiting to be sent, 1st class or recorded? Need some help off anyone now with regards to confirming to capital one that i will be continuing with what i can comfortably afford to pay them which is 10 per month and that i am not going to send back the wage slip, Anyone have a letter template for this?
  6. Thanks for that Bazooka i am setting up standing order so if i just pay them a £1 a month until they get act together?? I would like to go to court as mad as that sounds to actually explain to a Judge the bully tactics and just how unhelpful they have been in supporting me, FACT that if i carry on paying them the £110 and they carry on interest it would take me 755 months to pay the debt!
  7. Scooby will read your blog now, TBH with you i think a full and final settlement if they have offered you one will not be the one and only, i think they are clever with when they offer it and i think some companys will always listen to offers you have, for example i sent 6 full and finals and only 2 accepted but i will again send the other 4 every 3 months the same standard letter each time offering a bit less, keep paying them on time as agreed and you have a better chance. The 60 day thing came from a post i read some one said 60 days and when they asked how long i will need i just said 60 days so that was that, had the confirmation letters today explaining the process but i am battling for a settled on these accounts.. Tingy got to be saving money especially with the postage going up Yeah i only owe them £489 but i can see this going up to the £700+ with what i have read about capital one
  8. Whatalife well firstly i have read so much about halifax being the worst bank to deal with when in difficulty, i will even endorse that aswell as i have had so much problems with them regarding supporting me in change of circumstance, The advice i have been given on this site since i joined was always pay a token payment so some how even if you get a family member to give you a £1 every month cus the last thing you want is to go court and they will win their case.. My contractual payments should be £230 i was the on a repayment plan paying £110 but they still charged me intrest of £94 every month so i was paying like £15 off per month so i have requested a letter stating they will not help then i am going to the financial ombudsman and in the mean time paying standing order of £20 per month
  9. Yep i have a plan i am going to do two letters with just one number on each but i am going to put it the same envelope so dont have to pay for two stamps!! Thats my plan for capital one then, I am refusing to fill their 6 page form in and send them my wage slip, So will send them the amount i stated on the Income and Exp form that i sent them.. I have now got online banking aswell so i can manage all my standing orders myself and i can use that as my proof of paying!!
  10. Brilliant Tingy thanks for that, now will i have to send one for each of my numbers they have for me for example my mobile and work or can i just list these on the letter?
  11. Hey Scoobysnaxx thanks for your support, i have 60 days now to accept the full and final settlement, but i am going to use these days now to get onto them to try and get a settled on my file, How is your situation coming on?
  12. No i was not aware their was a letter on here, if you dont mind can you post it up and that way i can send it first thing Monday morning
  13. Oh the joys.. Capital One ringing me every day 4 times a day and ringing my work....BORING
  14. Will do the trick and i totally agree with Tingy with using the CPUTR 2010 sets out clear practices and i am currently using this in my communication with some creditors who are clearing not following the code!!
  15. Well ill give it a try it will be worth the postage stamp, and yeah good shout putting in about the data protection act, Lets see how creative i get now tomorrow morning well maybe saturday morning, My hopes will always be high until i get knocked back lol!! Will need your help again soon with some letters that will be sending to Argos and NDR money!!
  16. i would love to know where they got £1120 you owe them, When did you stop paying the full £45 a month to them
  17. Yeah i hope they have as well for you, send that cca request off recorded delivery they have 14 days i think to reply and then hopefully you will get the answer you want and then you will be in control rather than them, I am unsure though that if they haven't got your CCA whether or not that you have to pay anything back, thought i read somewhere that you still have to pay back as you had the goods?
  18. lol i cannot believe that you always post useful crap to me that i always use lol, maybe you need a day off lol, My day off is going to be tomorrow got work and after that not even going to turn my laptop on.. Did you have any thought on me going for a settled from mbna rather than a partial? Any cases you know where they have done this?
  19. I did cca littlewoods recorded delivery but the royal mail lost it so i have to send them another one tomorrow morning, this account was opened in 2002 so i hope they have lost it or haven't got one so i can have some more time to decide on whats best? can i ask you did they put you on a repayment plan with an in house debt collector.. Seriously though they will not take you to court especially if you paying them a token payment
  20. Lol i know this has slowly taken over my life atm, but it makes me feel good about myself, Like i told you before i was in a terrible state back 2 or 3 months ago thinking i will always be in debt, i still have a long way to go but i love the fact that the support of you guys and the ability to get the big players play fair is a bit of a buzz.. I cannot believe though that they have agreed to settle so quickly my account has only been on a repayment plan for 4 months so was utterly surprised when they accepted at 35%, What do you think my chances are of getting them to put a settled on my file? slim to none? Oh yeah did forget to tell you i had a email today from FML loans telling me that thanks for contacting us regarding a loan i am pleased to tell you that we will be sending you a application for you and your guranteer to sing and money will be into account within 48 hours GUARANTEED 3K and the interest is only 52%, God its a wounder people get so much in debt when crooks like these rip you off and pester you Looks like you have been busy posting today to people, Any new happening or any thing useful you have for me?
  21. Yeah well i have asked the nations favorite bank to confirm to me in writing that they are not prepared to help in my situation, so they said that it will be with me in the next 7 days, they were very reluntant to give me their details to set up standing order but did.. Rang NDR today and as you suggested asked them about a valid reason not to change date and now they have changed tune and told me to ring back on the 28th and they will be able to look at the dates, think i didnt want to send me any letters confirming this...And before you give me a lecture i once again broke the golden rule...NO PHONE CALL Last bit of good no GREAT news is that i have had me first 2 F+F accepted from MBNA and Virgin Balance of MBNA £2810 agreed settlement is £900 and Virgin £2165 agreed settlement is £700, think it works out at 35% they are writing to me to confirm in writing and that i have 60 days to pay it... Chuffed to bit it will save me about 3k, Only down side is they will only put it as partially settled, So you know me i am now going to pester them as i have 60 days to get them to agree on a settled all this before 11am then i had to head off to work lol
  22. Hello Odydog well firstly i want to say that for me using the cccs first has helped me as they did all the leg work as in getting many of the creditors to stop interest and because they are well known it was pretty easy for them to set it up, i did not intentionally want to stop using the cccs but because im having problems with my loan i am paying a token payment but the cccs would not allow this and i had to cancel, then i got looking on this website and started to talk to people about where to go from here etc etc and bingo i am in control of my own DMP, it takes a lot of dedication as in reading up on rights and reading other threads, my moto is don't be afraid to ask/post anything, someone will reply and someone will have experienced it before? So what would you like to know? and have you left your DMP company yet?
  23. Yeah cheers once again mate, Tbh is it wrong to just want them to send me in writing that they are not going to help and just pay them £10 and then hope they will try and take me to court or in the end see sense and come to an agrrement or at best offer a F+F? Or is that just playing it a bit to close for comfort?
  24. with Halifax i am paying them reduced amount of £110 this was arranged with cccs but what they didn't do was stop the interest and still wont so i pay them £93 of interest so £17 goes off my loan so in the last 6 months i have given them £660 and only like £102 has come off the loan amount, they wont stop interest so this is why they suggested the reschedule, i asked them to write to me confirming they will not stop interest and that they are not prepared to help me etc etc so i can take this to fos and in the mean time give them £10 per month, oh yeah i forgot to mention i am £980 in arrears due to paying reduced amount and they want to add that to the reschedule Above is the reason i call Halifax my favorite bank!
  25. Yep no worries Tingy have got that letter typed up and ready to go to them, just wanted to get a feel to see if anyone else has had any dealing with them to get a bit more info on these in house ppl!! Yeah sent recorded on 28th so will ring them tomorrow and ask them if it was delivered if not will re send!! i hope it has because that will mean that they are overdue in sending me this information and i can send them another letter informing they have failed to reply in a timely manner
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