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  1. Yeah cap 1 is the worst ever i think i am going to set up a anti capital one post where people can add their stories and then ill send it along with my complaint to their head office in Nottingham. Have been onto them again and am now awaiting a 2 hour manager call back to discuss my ongoing issues with my payment to them Yeah to be fair Tingy i cannot believe how far it has all come since i first joined because i was so scared but at the same time just wanting to see the light at the end of the tunnel to pay every penny back. I am in a dilemma now because as i am on my own dmp i only pay my fav bank a £1 a week. Do i keep paying that and see how far i can go before they wanna take me to court, because Halifax are just going to pass it on now to external company so if it goes to court it wont be Halifax taking me there will it? So i wont have any defense in saying they wouldn't stop interest etc even knowing i was paying them xx amount..
  2. Hi Jelly cubes, First of i have read your thread and i think you have done a great job so far, Admitting the debt and sharing it was my biggest fear, not knowing where to turn and not wanting to admit it, but as soon as i found this site and posted my thread i felt a million times better, i started to sleep i started not to panic and eventually i started my own dmp. You haven't let anyone down by deciding to stay with your dmp company, at all, you have to be strong and have to be able to let the letters and the phone calls go over your head and reading your posts i think you have made the right decision for the moment. What i will say though is though when i went with the cccs even knowing they set it up and got in contact with the creditors and they paid them eventually i still had to ring my creditors to negotiate freezing the interest and late charges etc, which was not that bad as they seem to have a department now that deals with debt help, Like Tingy said some played ball and some simply haven't and basically will end up selling m debt and probably make a lose. So it might be worth looking at your debts and see which ones you still pay interest on and which ones have reduced or do not charge at all and then you will have a good idea on which creditor you might need to work on to play ball. I looked at going into bankruptcy and it sounds great all your debts cleared etc etc but in the end the cons out weighed the pros in my case but maybe that will be a few hours reading on that subject, and there is load of advice on here as you probably already aware of: Yes we will help you every step of the way and Jellycubes get those blinds open and sit proud, No one intends to get into debt and not be able to pay back and pretty much everyone in their lifetime will have financial problems! If you have any questions etc feel free to ask and if you like ill send you the thread for when i first started managing my own finances after being very depressed All the best baz86
  3. Hi Tingy, Yeah oh this is just great from cap one, Really got to me this did i have spoken to them 3 different times, I spoke to two people who i couldn't understand then when i spoke to someone i could understand basically told me that it is a government policy to get proof of where the payment came from?? I mean they know where it came from as it was a balance transfer, I have now had to fax them a copy of my family members statement, I did that this morning before i went to work, when i got home from work rang them and they tell me that i should ring back in 3 working days, I mean total nonsense and as soon as they are paid they will be getting a nasty letter of complaint. So account is currently suspended and i feel like a fraudster as i always have to go to their fraud department. Part 2 of my update contacted my favorite bank regarding my loan that i currently pay a £1 a month, well their attitude is well you are 5 months in arrears as soon as the sixth one goes through we will simply pass you on to our in house collectors and then pass you onto a 3rd party debt collector, i have received no letters no phone calls, seems just like they have accepted it but it all seems a bit dodgy that they are being so quiet.hmmmmmm How are you by the way?
  4. Capital one also asked me for the same information, but after some letter tennis they agreed to the payment i was paying them and stopped the interest, I am still a bit cautious as i am only on a short term arrangement so no doubt the phone calls and letters will soon start arriving! But yeah it is right only a court/judge can order to see payslips and bank statements!! Good luck with it all!
  5. Hey quick update on my DMP, Well i have pulled together £500 to pay off capital one(family member)...Payed them off and then suddenly i had a phone call from Capital One fraud team telling me they want a statement from my bank on how i got the money to pay them off and until then they will not clear the £500 Will never ever ever use capital one again they are jokes ring you when you missed payments and suspend your account when you pay them in full
  6. Hey Tingy well you never Know they might just accept or give u a suggestion on how much they will offer. Sorry Capital one i havent agreed a settlement i have just payed them off the amount i owe, i owed them £400, So havent had any settlement, They have been charging me £12 for not paying on time and £12 for being over limit, Now i thought these were legal but i think i read on here that you can still claim them back? But i am not sure as to be fair to them i didnt pay the full amount on time and i did go over the limit as the charges put me over my limit
  7. Spoke too soon just had a phone call from a very miserable James, didnt really tell me anything that i didn't know just talked very slow and very quite. Anyway i did ask him a few questions: What are the halifax going to do about paying off my debt: As i am 5 months in arrears when i go into 6 months they will pass me onto their in house collectors BOS, who will then try to arrange a payment plan that is suitable and he did say the interest will stop, the interest will only stop once it is with BOS. He did say if it is a long term situation with paying a reduced payment it is very likely my account will be sold onto a external DCA, so until that happens £1 a week will continue or until the interest stops!! Okay lets move on from my favorite bank to my most popular incoming phone calls CAPITAL ONE, Well i have payed off my settlements to just awaiting the confirmation from MBNA, anyway i managed to do some negotiating and i have now be able to pay off my debt with capital one, What i want to know is i believe their to be about £100 of bank charges on this so have i got any grounds to put a claim in for bank charges?
  8. Welcome back Tingy, Yeah no worries will keep paying as you said! Not much happening other than that, I am just waiting for a Team captain from Haliax to ring me regarding my loan as paying them a £1 a month has made them now want to discuss my account, well they were ment to ring between 5 and half past so im guessing i wont be having that chat today then!
  9. Okay so i get a letter through the door from Blair Oliver and someone i cannot remember for my Halifax Overdraft that has gone from £265 and now sits at £375.56 i am assuming charges have gone onto my account for me being overdrawn still.. Okay so set up the standard order to halifax does this now need to change or do you suggest i just continue paying Halifax?
  10. Okay cool thanks all for the advice, So dx just to confirm you think its best to leave the CCA without a signature alone and just get on with paying what i can afford?
  11. Basically NDR have been instructed to retrieve £400 from me, which i have agreed to pay over 4 months, Dx i am listening to what you said about paying what I can afford i was just replying to other questions and confirming, Not sure what the problem is with blank lines and sentence..
  12. Okay thats some great advice, i am going to get some letters off to them and get a payment i CAN afford!!! NDR who?
  13. Hey thanks for that Bazooka you are spot on with the first part of your post!! Yes they did inform me and when i rang Very to clarify they just transferred me to NDR money who then wanted me to make crazy payments and in the end i felt like i had to pay £84.00, TBH i am doing my own DMP and had so much success but with this not being in my name i have been a bit more worried and been more inclined to pay them what they have accepted but at the end of the day it is not affordable so am going to write to them confirming how much i will pay them, Will not send them my sheet. Why the hell can they pass my debt to the same company as themselves they must think that NDR will get better chance of getting money as it looks more official but when i rang NDR money before the person who answered the call address hi you are though to Very how can i help and quickly made me aware she was actually NDR.. As to why they have only passed over a partial amount i have no idea and they haven't explained this to me and why i have asked they haven't given me a valid reason Hi Havinastella Yes i have had my CCA back but no signed agreement just what i owe etc and my credit limit and the current terms d conditions, This account was set up in 2003
  14. No no i never said i used it without him knowing, i said i haven't used it without him knowing Anyway i never knew i could add it to my sheet, I think i will just rethink what they are asking off me and just pay them what i can afford from my sheet, But i cannot send this to NDR can i as the sheet will have my name on it not my dads, as far as they are concerned the debt is my dads
  15. My dad obtained the account in 2003 and about 4 years ago i used his account with him knowing, Hes knows everything about the account so i haven't used it without him knowing, And he knows the account is with NDR money, I just want to make sure i do everything right as i don't want to be having any trouble at his door, So where as i would normally just pay them x amount f what i can afford from my budget sheet i cannot add this debt to my budget sheet as it is not in my name but is actually my debt if that makes sense. Any suggestions?
  16. the £400 is for the NDR payment plan and once the £400 has been paid i then go back to paying Very, I do not pay very anything i pay NDR, It all seems a bit of a mess tbh, But NDR money and Very are the same company, same address same statements.. I do not know the best way to go forward, I have to be careful with this account as it is in my Dads name and i just run it.
  17. Basically account with Very owe them £1400 asked for a repayment plan as i could only afford to pay £50 per month, 2 Days later they pass it over to NDR money who have taken 400 of the amount i owe and they wont let me pay them less than £84 per month over 4 months then i go back to Very then to clear the other £1k Problem is i had things on Buy Now pay later and all the intrest is being slapped on so in the end of it i will prob owe about 1.5k once i have payed NDR money off NDR money will not budge and even wont change the day i pay them to that i dont incur late charges.. So any suggestions?
  18. Hey Dx i am not trying to get the debt removed i am simply trying to get some breathing space to be able to get the account back up to scratch. The application was done in mid 2003 so was their online applications in 2003?
  19. Okay i have actually had the same response from Very/Shop direct, no signature and i opened the account in October 2003, Have just sent the letter that is included in this thread. I have 2 questions though 1. Did they do online applications back in 2003 as i have read that if it was online you wouldn't have a signature and the box you tick is the agreement? 2. Has anyone actually won with this as i know i have used the credit but i am disputing the CCA as NDR money are putting to much pressure on me?
  20. Okay have sent off for my Very/Littlewoods/Shop direct(all under same umbrella) CCA request, They have sent me how much i owe when i opened the account, what i have payed in the last 12 months, etc etc but has not sent me anything with my signature on to me accepting the terms and conditions? They have sent me the current terms and conditions with my Name and address DOB printed on the form.. What do i need to do now? The account is currently with NDR money as i have set up a payment plan but do i now put this into dispute?
  21. Yeah good shout Tingy on that, They have confirmed everything and mentioned about the terminating my credit agreement once paid, But you are right its trashed now just gotta ensure that the defaults get put on asap, Might win the lottery before 6 years and i will never need credit. What you think about capital one ringing me on bank holiday seriously muppets! Where you going for a while hope all is good?
  22. Yeah and the advice you gave me has put me where i am today, 200% more confidant and in control of my finances!! At the start it is reading as many threads as you can, really come to terms with it, doing what right for you and your future, What i will say if you seriously want to get yourself back on the straight and narrow you will do it, i am a long way away but i just know i will get to the end by hard work and determination!!
  23. Should i just pay the settlement or try my luck in getting them settled? Any success stories in getting a creditor to mark file as settled even knowing only payed a full and final settlement ???????
  24. Bettingmad hi, I am in the process of going through a DMP, have a read of my post about starting from scratch, I will give you my advice and i am not saying this is right but it is of my opinion. Firstly you credit file is going to be poor for 6 years no matter what when you go on a DMP so whatever you do within reason it will be effected. I went with the CCCS and they were great in setting everything up for me but i wanted to do what you want to do and only pay one creditor a token payment, long story anyway they declined i decided to go it alone. If you have really thought about this then i would say it is risky by paying off you loan as normal but i have but then as Tingy said they might check your credit file to see what is happening. But my question would be to this is that if you paid it off as you said over 12 months then why couldn't you say a family member paid it off? I am in process of paying off two cc as a family member is going to pay the Full and Final settlements on them? I can only assume if you agree a monthly payment to each creditor and they freeze interest and you pay on time every month i dont think they would want to check your credit file within the first twelve months, Like i say this is my own opinion and might not be the answer for you, but these credit compays take the mick so much and have their own rules sometimes you got to play them at your own game! Also if you need any help or questions you have about going it alone just ask
  25. Okay some great advice i really appreciate something i never really knew about so that has thrown me a little, Anyway back to the update on things with me, I have now got the money together to pay off my two full and final settlements and even got another £100 knocked off, I need some advice now because i have until 20th May to pay it.. Am i to go for the settled off them or just pay them get rid of them and be done with it and have it on my file for 6 months.. PS Capital one phoned me twice yesterday on BANK HOLIDAY, first time they asked me to confirm security so i told them i will only talk if they pass the 5 questions i ask them, NOT POSSIBLE so no conversation and second time i just played them radio 1, they have had my harassment letters now and yet still ring shocking, if anyone is reading this thinking of getting a card with them because they accept you if you have bad credit... DO NOT AT ALL COSTS!!!
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