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  1. Hey Almost there, Have to agree capital one are absoultly bonkers, ringing me 5 times a day twice at work to get money back off me, But can i ask how offering Full anf Finals come about for you and how much did you roughly owe and how much did they accept, i am about to start asking for full anf finals but wanted to get as much info on timing and what to offer etc Thanks
  2. Hello, I currently have a repayment plan with MBNA i owe them £2200 and i pay them back £36.76 a month, they have stopped all interest and have stopped all charges, I still get a letter every 3 months telling me i have defaulted, but coming up to my 6 month now so wondering if they are going to pass me on to one of their debt collectors??
  3. Hey Sparky, Just read through all your posts and it seems that the halifax are messing you around good and proper, I would like some advice off you on what i should do with the Halifax, A bit different as i am on a DMP and pay halifax back monthly and they only charge me 1% interest, But still i have put in a claim for my PPI on my loan but needed to know what the correct procedure is regarding my Card protection, I know i had that on my card but how would i claim it back, I am sending Halifax a SAR, Recorded delievery tomorrow requesting all the information they have on me... When they send them do they give you a total you have paid for the card protection? Or do you have statement and have to look through it all?
  4. Well the interest is the same as what it was when i applied, I have made this very clear to halifax my situation, i really do not get this company i am trying to pay what i can and they just dont give a dam, So now i will let them take me to court, i will pay them 30 per month until the refund all my charges and set up a payment plan with me otherwise they will not a tenth of what i owe them: Okay so i have already complained about my charges through PPI on my loans now how do i claim back for my credit cards? And finally i am doing my own DMP, So should i just pay the rest what i have agreed with creditors and just let the Halifax come to me with a reasonable offer?
  5. Was with CCCS but have had to cancel that because they would not let me remove the debt, i know run my own DMP, Also CCCS said they couldnt do anything else to get them to stop the interest
  6. Halifax are certainly giving me extra and in the form of charges... Okay i made a official complaint to Halifax regarding me being on a DMP and have accepted my debt problems and want to sort out.. So i have been paying £110 a month for 6 months then i got my half year statement and to my horror they have been slapping £97 interest charges...so i have been paying them £13 a month of what i owe and i am £700 in arrears.... Had letter back off Halifax and they say they are not willing to stop interest. Help with next steps please? This month i am paying them £20 until i can get some sense out of these sharks
  7. Okay Some help please on the next steps I have had 3 loand with Halifax since 2006, Every time i have topped up my Loan and payed the other one off, In this time i have had 3 PPI's on these accounts, Now i have read loads and i obviously did not need PPI as My work covered for sickness for a year and my job was not at risk and still is not at risk. I also have had 2 credit cards with Halifax which i was paying Insurance on that as well I have phoned Halifax to register my complaint on PPI loand and received my Credit agreements, After reading a lot on this great site my first mistake was ringing them. Anyway have had a response saying about they have received my complaint and will contact me within 8 weeks, I want some advice on the next steps please: Am i right in sending a letter with a PPI questionnaire to them to confirm my complaint in writing? If so i seen a great letter on here yesterday but cannot find it, it mentioned about exclusions about sickness etc and i wanted to send that one...Can anyone copy a link for me? Where do i go with my Halifax credit cards? How do i get information on Insurance? Thanks
  8. Hey guys thanks for all the advice, Yeah Halifax haven't reduced my interest on my cards to 0% like 1% so im paying them off like £4 off my debt will take me at least 10 years to pay them, Have not CCA them but the debt is 9 months old, I am going to pay halifax off £30 a month and hope for a F+F eventually, Only 2 more defaults and i think they will pass me on to debt agency. Halifax in general are rude and unhelpful and are not interested in helping you out, One good thing is though i am claiming missold PPI that should be about 1600 if successful. Next thing i need to know on my quest to get free from them is: How do i claim my Card insurance How do i claim my charges back and why do they have to refund my charges? Am i right in saying if i pay like £30 can they refuse it? Any advice is GREAT advice
  9. Hey guys thanks for all the advice, Yeah halifax havent reduced my intrest on my cards to 0% like 1% so im paying them off like £4 off my debt will take me at least 10 years to pay them, Have not CCA them but the debt is 9 months old, I am going to pay halifax off £30 a month and hope for a F+F eventually, Only 2 more defaults and i think they will pass me on to debt agency. Halifax in general are rude and unhelpful and are not intrested in helping you out, One good thing is though i am claiming missold PPI that should be about 1600 if succesful. Nex thing i need to know on my quest to get free from them is: How do i claim my Card insurance How do i claim my charges back and why do they have to refund my charges? Am i right in saying if i pay like £30 can they refuse it? Any advice is GREAT advice
  10. Yeah i had a temporary agreed overdraft with them, but they now have put me in the red and even when i told them i was having a problem meeting my repayments From this week i will managing my own Debt Management Plan and plan to give Halifax a very minimal amount back for what i owe, the way they have treated myself and many others from reading threads is a disgrace, I will wait until they take me to court so someone who is independant can make a decision, So far they have slapped extra 110 of charges on overdraft and also put extra 1000 on my loan i now owe on my loan that i originally took out..Shocking, Think i am going to concentrate on paying other creditors and let Halifax take me to court? Any suggestions
  11. Yeah that is a great help, i am with the CCCS but they will not let me remove my loan so have decided to cancel with CCCS, all my other creditors have agreed to stop charges and i pay them and it comes off the amount...GREAT!! Halifax have not helped me one bit with my loan they also put my current account overdrawn as they automatically took money from my account, i had no money in there but they still put me overdrawn and i now refuse to pay that so that has gone from being 260 overdrawn to a debt collector company requesting £375. I am being naive by just sending them a standing order for what i can owe and then let them take me to court? Any help would be great PS- I really want to sort my financies out but when a company does nothing whatsoever for you it makes u boil and just want to challenge them
  12. Thanks for that Dx, So what do you think my next steps should be?
  13. Ron great help and you have deffo given me things to think about, I am thinking i got two options i can offer my creditors a Full and Final and meet them half way, or i can just carry on for the next 5 years just getting paid and paying 70% to my creditors and at the end of 5 years be debt free but at a loss to where the 5 years have gone, I completely accept i used the credit but when the creditors do not play ball it really get under my skin. You know the usual tactics, Sign you up and then automatically after a few months increase credit linits to tempt you, I have a real problem with Halifax at the moment Ron a few questions: When you say do not pay as they will not find you can they not contact my work place to find me? Can they start taking money from my work Do you know of anyone who has not paid at all and what happened? Thanks again
  14. Account No: _____________________________ I write with reference to the money which you are claiming on the above account. I can confirm that I am unable to offer to pay the money which I owe in full, However, I can raise £1500 which is 22% of the total amount owing and I want to offer this as an ex-gratia payment in full and final settlement of the account. This offer is made on the clear understanding that, if accepted, neither you nor any associate company will take any other action to enforce or pursue this debt in any way whatsoever and that I will be released from any liability. Rather than me just request this as a standard letter I would like to explain why I am asking you to consider this offer, I currently live with my parents and within the next 6 months they are moving abroad and I will have to move into rented accommodation and will be forced to decide between having a roof over my head or paying yourselves as my expense is going to be a lot higher. I have looked into every avenue and failure to agree a Full and Final offer I will have to consider going down the route of bankruptcy. I hope you consider this offer seriously and if you need to discuss anything then please feel free to write to me. The amount will be paid by my parents as they really do want to help with my finances but are unable to help with the full amount. I also request that, if accepted, you will make an entry on a credit reference agency file relating to the above account as having been paid and the account closed. Payment can be made within 14 days of receiving your written agreement of this offer and method of payment. I look forward to receiving your reply. Yours faithfully Am thinking of sending this letter ? Any suggestions with it?
  15. Okay u have really got brassed off with Halifax i have a loan with them gone from 7k to 8k in space of 4 months due to arrears and the fact under my DMP i pay them 110 per month for loan and they charge me interest of 95.77 so pay like £15 a month also have 2 credit cards with Halifax owing them 2k in total Halifax are the ones who seem to be making a big scene out of my problems and seem to just make things worse for me and not helping at all, And every month they have put a derogatory on my credit file, So i am thinking of doing this, Paying them a standard order of like £5 for each and just concentrate on paying every other creditor off, I know the debt will not disappear but i have been paying them and they dont help me whatsoever. I have read that they send it on etc and eventually at a last resort take you to court but these are the pros im thinking My credit file is totally screwed anyway so what else can happen to my file that hasn't already happened? If i don't pay them and they take me to court i can prove i payed them every month for 6 months but they were just being unreasonable ? They might accept a F+F after 12 months? The reason i say this is because all this debt is effecting my health and have been of with depression and i know this does not solve the problem instantly but i will have able to pay other creditors and my parents are selling their house next year and they have already said they will give me 10k to go towards paying off debt? Please please can anyone help and be honest and if you have experience this before i would love to know
  16. Hi Ron a quick question regarding your F+F, How long did you have your account in arrears for before sending the F+F? I am on a DMP and in the next 3-6 months my circumstances are going to change as i am going to have to start renting as my parents are moving abroad, So i wont be able to continue paying the full amount on my DMP, My parents are willing to pay towards my debt but not full amount, Do u suggest sending a F+F to my creditors? I have been on a DMP for 6 months now? Debts Halifax 7.5k Halifax CC 2.4K MBNA 2.2K Virgin 1.5k Store card 2.1k Capital One 600
  17. Hi Boppy, i was exactly the same i buried my head in the sand and it just got worse, eventually i decided to get a grip of it and speakt to professional help, i think the main reason i didnt want to ask was the pride, but i spoke to CCCS who were very helpful very kind and informed me that i was doing the right thing, i have 6 creditors and within the first month all but one frooze intrest and whatever i pay goes straight off the debt, CCCS take no fee which is great, The only down side of a DMP is your credit file is seriously damaged and will be for 6 years, but if it means you can finally get to grips with your finances and feel a huge weight off you. Good luck and keep using this forum to update
  18. Okay I am currently on a DMP, and today i really think i have made head way with every creditor, Everyone has decided to stop/freeze interest and now every penny i pay goes straight off my debt...HAPPY DAYS, I also told my family today about my debt and i could not believe how supportive everyone was, they offered advice and i just feel so much relief now. Spoke to CCCS today to change how much i pay and i must admit i waited 30 minutes to get hold of them and the adviser sounded fed up, So if anyone is going through this believe me we are not alone, Since everyone has agreed i have had no phone calls and have not had any nasty letters.. Remember these creditors eventually have to help they want their money and if they do not play ball and you go bankrupt they get nowt back, So hopefully by end of 2014 i will be debt free, I live with my parents and with my budget i get to live on 580 per month.. I want to keep a diary and hopefully keep posting on here for the next few years to help and support others and also for you guys to keep me on the straight and narrow and i will look forward to the day i owe noone a penny!!
  19. I tell you it is so easy to get into trouble but trying to get out of it when you are so desperate to is so horrible, Its a waiting game with the Halifax loan now, Hopefully with the way the world is and going to be over the years to come the government will make a law where if someone has offered a reasonable amount and is paying consistency monthly they they have to accept and stop interest not passing it on to other companies and simply allow to pay back what they owe minus all the charges and threats.. Fingers crossed tho if everything goes to plan i will be debt free in 4 years....
  20. Nice to know i am not on my own, Halifax being completely unreasonable as far as i am concerned and i have had so many problems with them in the last 5 years!! When spoke to the bloke he just didnt seem to care and when i told him that if they continued to charge intrest it would take me 752 months to pay back what i owe.. The only thing that is playing on my mind is that i entered a DMP to sort my debt out but Halifax keep adding to it. Have made a formal complaint with Halfax and they said it could take upto 6 weeks for a reply? A few more questions sorry If Halifax eventually accept to stop interest shall i insist on them to refund the interest they have charged me over the past 6 months ? How do these banks decide on whether to pass on to a collection agency? Do i have to wait 6 months Is it legal to have 'in house debt collectors'
  21. I have been on a DMP with CCCS for 5 months now and everything has been great so far, i owe a toal of 16k to 6 different creditors ( 7k unsecured loan, and rest with store cards/credit cards) All have accepted to freeze intrest except my loan with Halifax, i pay them £110 every month through CCCS but i had my half year loan statement through the door and they have been charging me £95 intrest so i have only actually paid £90 off my loan over the last 6 months, They have also slapped charges on top and they are now demanding i pay £630 to put account back upto date. So i have a few questions and i was hoping i could have some help... Do they have to stop interest because i am on a DMP and i am accepting my debt and trying my best to clear it If not shall i stop paying them until a sensible solution is found If i stop paying them what is the worst that they can do to me? By being on a DMP my credit file is dead anyway for the nxt 6 years Spoke to CCCS and they said they will send my plan again to them but did say they can not make they stop the intrest... Thats all i want to do it become debt free over tome but some banks just make this impossible, if i was to go bankrupt they would not get a penny...or would they? Please help someone is need of some sense
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