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  1. Yeh, she's doing that, they're trying to take even more money now, she's just had another charge for £230 ish. :/ She phoned Wonga yesterday too who live up to their reputation for support, repeatedly accused her of taking out the loan and telling her she had to pay it back. She tried phoning them again today, got someone else - told him "they had been reported to the police /w crimenumber". He took our phone number and said he would phone back, but I'm not holding out any hopes.
  2. Holy cow! This has just happened to us today. My mother noticed that a little over £500 had been taken out of her account by Wonga using her debit card details and they're also in the process of trying to take another £260 ish from her bank. No one in this family has ever used them before. She's just had her card cancelled and we'll be visited by the police tomorrow to investigate the fraud. I'll certainly point her to http://www.oft.gov.uk/ and http://www.ico.gov.uk/ to report it there too.
  3. Hi, Wondering if anyone can offer some advice, as me and my husband appear to be caught in a vicious loop with the job center. For 'wall of text crits you' purposes, I have uploaded a record (sensitive info removed) I've been keeping of the job center's action since 7th October 2010 - which you can view here scribd.com/doc/43314897/JSA-Online At the moment the only money we have had since 21st Oct 2010 is a crisis loan for £90 to live on. We live with 2 disabled pensioners, who, due to this 'hiccup' have been bleed-dry trying to support us during our financial crisis, on top of that, my husband is trying to start a business which is really digging it's heels financially. We have tried appealing against the sanction and haven't been given any information about the decision and generally, they seem to be messing us about. Any help would be appreciated. ~Dray
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