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  1. Hi All I ve been really stupid! me and partner (in his name) have clocked up £1081 to wong a, thats £300 interest a month whilst ive been balancing paying off my PDLs. its crippling us but because of the hassle I had making arrangements we daren't default. what advice out there.
  2. I am currently being called by MH for a payday uk loan which payday uk and keyes whitlock passed on. I have spoke to them on phone but they made me upset- has anyone been able to deal with them by email alone and do they ever give in and accept your plan. I owe £225- was paying keyes whitlock £75 each month but mh want it all=i said 2paymments of £112.50.
  3. Hi Im worried now= i too am paying keyes £70 per month and got 4 left to pay, I hope I don't go there. Am paying them a quick quid loan- nightmare to deal with -paid 2 payments of £337.33 - one to go but they wouldn't negotiate and threatened bailiffs , was too scared to fight them so last payment end of may Just paid keyes only £10 this month but spoke with them first- they made a note of it. Do you owe them a lot I owe £300 left to Keyes.
  4. H I Smithblack Am still getting the 90 days past due letters on email- the proposed plan i made in nov of £337 for 3 months which I couldn't paqy will expire on 28th Feb so i guess they will pass on then. Do you guys think mac hall will be ok to deal with?
  5. Hi Bub1 how did you get mac hall to agree to a payment plan- m so worried:(
  6. Hi Guys Am worrying myself silly as my £1012 I owe QQ- its actually £800 without interest has now beeen 90 days in default- can't add to my payplan agreement cos ive not made 3 contractual payments - am expecting it to go to mac hall any day and worried - willing to pay £100 a month - has anyone anything good to say a bout them or am I in for trouble- don't think payplan will add it on but maight email them- said they couldn't initially.
  7. :confused:Hi Grizza HAve now had an email from QQ 90 day past due notice that my loan now at £1012 is still for collection procedures. Everyone says it might go to Mackenzie hall but im scared - shud i just wait can only afford about £100 a month to pay it off. Any advice welcome- don't understand all these cca requests etc.
  8. Hi there Ive just had a 90 day past due email from QQ for£1012 now. CAn't pay it -what would they usually do now= do they pass it on?
  9. Hi there I owe QQ £800 PLUS £200 INTEREST -agreed to pay over 3 months after default but can't and have missed1st instalment via paypal. WHAT ARE mAC hALL AND First credit like guys ? should I too wait?
  10. HI gUYS i HAVE currently set up arrangements with Clarity, Wonga PDUK,PDEX,WDA, trying to sort QQ- NO luck so far, BUT have been rolling over 3 £100 cheques with national cash advance for months - £15 per cheque each month. They took cheques to bank on mon but I closed this account some time ago due to other loans defaulteing and just carried on paying this. Do you have any experience with these -the woman in shop was laid back and said to call on thurs when they bounce and as long as i continue to pay -no prob but id like the heads up on tactics first.
  11. set up repayment with wonga 51 per month via standing order after making a40 payment this way=owed600 stopped interest and set plan up on website they say not received payment in dec and now defaulted back to full amount plus interest- bank stmt shows money sent- have emailed this info- have you heard of them pulling plug before? qq-set up 3 payments via paypal- can,t pay this month but they won't do anything till payment plan failed which would be end feb- will try to pay ja and feb - any idea if they will send to dca before then-worried about mackenzie hall. cheers
  12. you guys are good. can i hijack and ask advive about wonga and qq?
  13. hi there please stop panicking and get strong. work out all your incomings and outgoings without including debts. then work out an affordable amount to pay each one. send them your plans and offer them what you can afford. alternatively get a debt management plan - ive done both. still struggling with wonga and qq to agree to a plan - worried like you/ BUT payday express were fine with plan after getting my income and expenditure- 600 at 50 per month and payday uk ;)passed to keyes whitlock who were ok and took 70 a month for 620 debt. try not to worry -some are ok and you need to judge who to email and who to phone. we can get through just bite the bullet- change you account and pick them off one by one.
  14. Hi everyone i agreed to a repayment plan with wonga over 12 months at 51 per month to start in dec. i did this after paying a token payment of £40 in november. They set it up on the website as a 12 month plan and i sent 1st payment via s.o. as planned. ive had emails since then saying i have not paid and today they said i owe full amount plus interest again. i did it over the phone as stressed out with email game and it was logged up on their website. ive emailed them all week then againtonight so hopefully they will reinstate the plan- in any case i can prove via the bank that ive paid. Any advice will be appreciated.
  15. I really would advise you to cancel the debit card so they can't take payment- these companies won't set up a plan until you have defaulted. i had exactly the same problem with PDEX and after i defaulted i sent them a payment plan offer with income and expenditure all spelt out via my email and said only contact by email to keep my records. they replied and accepted it to start the following month by standing order. They were very reasonable with me when they saw my income form . don't be worried just cancel your card before the pay day for definate or they will attempt to take it. if you report your card lost the bank should give you a pin number to draw money without it to drawy money one time until new card arrives. Good luck you will be fine - i have handled 6 loans this way and all have accepted without harrassment only got quick quid to sort now. merry christmas :grin:
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