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  1. I posted here before xmas as my husband and I were having to default on 5 payday loans between us. My husband had a payday uk and a quick quid loan that are now being paid off by installments. I had a payday loan which I have now nearly finished paying. Both those companies were easy to deal with for us and am happy with how they are being resolved. However we both also had a wonga account. I owed £750 (inc interest) and he owed £760 (inc interest) We both emailed wonga a million times. offered payment plans. Usual responses from them over and over and got nowhere. Now experto
  2. my husband had a wonga loan for the same amount as mine. His went to barker lowe and they have put 2 grand on top of what he originally owed. So do people think I should just pay the 40 quid a month experto are willing to accept or risk it and let them take me to court?
  3. has anyone ever gone to court with one of these debts though? If I refuse to start paying instalments because i dont want to pay the extra grand and they do take me to court i will then have extra court and solicitor charges and then a judge may allow all that extra interest and charges.
  4. hi i was just coming on to post this exact same thing. I got contacted by experto or whatever they are called. Are they actually a debt company or a part of wonga? I originally owed £750 to wonga and experto have said i have to pay them £1750. I emailed them and said a grand in charges is unreasonable and they said they will accept 40 quid a month but for £1750 not £750. When i said to them that if they took me to court no judge would agree with those charges he basically said either i start paying the 1750 or refuse to pay and they will start court proceedings. what do i do
  5. well update. not getting anywhere with wonga and both loans have now doubled in size. i came to an arranngement with payday and am paying them £40 a month by standing order, my husbands payday and quickquid have been given to mackenzie hall. any tips on how to deal with them. they seem aggressive. wont accept payment plan. are they an independant debt company?
  6. hi guys. still havent got anywhere with wonga or quick quid. just automated emails daily. payday offered a payment plan but wanted 7 times more a month than what i offered. told them couldnt do it and we are now getting letters and emails from keyes whitlock regarding this loan. they will not accept what we are offering either, wonga are awful as both of our wonga loans are now double what thhey were. none of them listen and dont know what to do anymore. because of personal problems i am having trouble concentrating on any of it but need to do something as i could do
  7. sorry havent been around in a while. had a bit of a disaster as just before xmas found out my husband had been having an affair. goes some way to explaining why he had his head in the sand over these debts and was doing nothing to sort them. crazily he has listed the stress of these loans in why he took comfort from somebody else being interested in him and boosting his ego. thing is i was living under same stress and worry and i didnt find myself in bed with anyone else. i feel even more trapped than ever. I dont feel we can stay together despite being married nearly 16years and ha
  8. i have heard nothing from any of them for days. do i just wait or should i keep emailing them? i have sent about 5 emails to all 3 companies. i will hold onto the money i was going to pay them and keep it in my savings account . i cant be bothered to keep pestering them while they are just ignoring me. but if i dont keep trying will it look like i am avoiding my debt
  9. i dont know what to do now as wonga are just sayig they will oly speak on phone and will not discuss anything by email and quick quid are saying they will only accept debit card, cheque, or direct debit. all of which will give the my new bank details.
  10. does anyone have an email address for wonga collections as I have been emailing customer care apparantly and they are saying the collections department do not have an email address so I have to phone them!
  11. sent all the emails off this morning and so far only quick quid have replied. they said they cant accept our repayment plan but any money sent would be credited to the account. they said they only accept cheques but i have emailed back and told them we do not have a cheque book because if we sent them a cheque they would have our account details. i dont really know what will happen now as they say we can pay bits but are not accepting a payment plan? still nothing from wonga or payday uk
  12. well i feel a bit let down i was expecting a big end of the world type of day. and nothing happened?!! i know it will come but today has been in my head for weeks and it seemed like such a big day and it was just normal. ive got my income and expenditures list all ready to go just waiting for the emails so i can email the right people.
  13. we have new accounts and the old accounts are in the process of closing it just takes 7 days for some reason
  14. by the way he is ringing them now but i stressed to him to not give his new account or card details
  15. my husband just got an answer phone message from the fraud department at lloyds. could this be because wonga or someone is trying to take money or is it one of the companies trying to get a new account number out of us
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