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  1. its for a debt with welcome for £10000 im going away and need 2 set this up,frightened wescot will force their way into my home whilst away im not v well at the moment
  2. Hi Just wondered if anyone had banking details for wescot,i need to set up a standing oder asap,have a reference for my account but no banking details,if anyone had any id be grateful. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply,i have a ccj with tower capital but have paid it off now,i also have one for capital one with bryan carter,still paying that.Im being threatened by wescot re welcome finance debt,they forced me into paying more than i can afford,made one payment but cant keep it up,they want £89, i offered £25 but they constntly ring,there threatening coming around and they want ie asnd wage details of my husband,im also having similar problems with moorcroft despite them coming to an arrangement,they just keep asking for more and threatening to come round,just sick of it all,everyone else have come to arrangements its just mostly these 3!!! Wish i never got involved its a vicious circle and anyone reading this thinking about borrowing money from these people PLEASE DONT!!! its made me ill and not sure how much more i can take. x
  4. Hi all My longterm battle with payday loans continues, today i have recieved a letter from mackenzie hall dated 21st april, they sa ify i dont pay they are going for a county court judgement!! yipee i think another one !! They forced me into an arrangement OF £50 but i cannot afford it, they wont take no for an answer, ive checked my credit file and they have already issued a default ,im at my wits end, yesterday had a call from the banks fraud team, money has gone out of my account and they have tried to take more, my cards been cancelled ,im getting hassles from moorcroft who i have an arrangement and wescot who keep threatening to come round!! I nreally am at my wits end ,im going away at the weekend and scared somebody will break into my house from one of these dca,s whilst im away (my husbands paid for this holiday and its a well deserved break as ive been ill and had a lot of personal trauma recently-just in case anyones wondering why im going away when in debt) What do i do? im paying at present what i can afford but nobodys listening and im getting ccj,s all over the place- please help im so stressed ,i really feel its tipping me over the edge x
  5. Help!!! Another letter again yesterday from Wescot stating my account is in arrears and that if i dont pay the arrears they will either take legal action or send it to one of there doorstep collectors who will come round to recover the debt,i really dont want to talk with them as they have already talked me into paying more than i can afford,ive paid the amount i can afford this month but there still pestering for the rest,i dont know what to do,ive heard a lot of horror stories on welcome calling round to your house and i really cant risk this happening,but just want to pay what i can afford,please can anyone advise me? Thanks
  6. Hi all Well paid Wescot the amount i said,had a letter telling me to urgently contact them and phonecalls and text messages everyday,i emailed telling them that this was all i could afford but still keep getting these calls,shall i just ignore and keep paying the £25 in the hope they will just get fed up or shall i phone them? im a little bothered about ringing them as this was the way they talked me into paying an amount i cannot afford in the frst place.
  7. Thanks for the advice,ive cancelled the dd and will pay via a bank transfer the £25,im sure they wont be happy but a least im paying something thats fair to everybody else. How do i mention to wescot when they do get hold of me about the i&e being based just on me as debts in my name only? Thanks again x
  9. Hi Jus t wondered if someone could give some advice,i have an unsecured loan with welcome finance,i originally borrowed £3000 in march 2006 and then in december 2006 borrowed another £2500,all this time i was making payments first of around £180 then after second loan around £280 until august 2007,i then went on to a paymeent plan which i paid £56,i then found it a struggle to pay this and asked welcome if i could pay less,finally welcome agreed to payments of just £25 which i continued paying up until about august when i had some very serious issues going on in my personal life,what had happened was the direct debit bounced and i wasnt aware of this until i recently recieved a phonecall from wescot in january. Wescot informed me that they were handlinmg my loan which is still standing at £10,500!! i asked wescot if i could make the £25 payment i was originally making but they refused and after asking a few questions re i&e including my husbands (which i wasnt happy giving as i took this loan out before i was married and its under my maiden name) they said i had to pay £89 a month aand they wouldnt accept less as i had my husband to support me.I agreed to this but really cannot afford it as im paying a lot of others,all of whom have now come to arrangements i can afford,i had only budgeted for the £25,can anyone advise please on what to do,im tempted to cancel the direct debit and if i can find there bank details pay the £25,but will wescot take this further and more importantly willthey come round to the house,id be greatful for any advice on this or if anyone has had any dealings with wescot. Thanks ain advance x
  10. Yes i know how you feel,i recently got my first ccj from Tower Capital for a debt of £280! i have just paid it off MERIT FORCE threatened to come round,im unsure if they will but hope they doint,im not ringing as its an 0844 number i tried to contact them but no response back,i just want to sort this out but can only afford £40 ,my debt is £600 original loan and interest,it now stands at £900!!!
  11. Thankyou Having re read the letter again i notice its from somebody csalled MERIT FORCE,DOOR STEP COLLECTION,does anyone have any experience with them,im a little worried they are going to turn up whilst im at work and speak to my hubbie(he doesnt know about it )
  12. But isnt mackenzie hall the dca? i dont want to go over the amount i can afford as ive started to make some progress with my others. Thanks for your advice x
  13. Hi everyonehaving posted on here several times i am dealing with my debts i have payment arrangements in place now for several payday loans,i recieved a ccj from tower capital but have nearly paid that off,i am paying regularnow to: wage day advance payday express txt loan cash genie 1 month loan My problem is quick quid and wonga This morning recieved a letter from quick quid saying they are sending a collector round,now i have tried to come to an arrangement and offered £40,i owe £900,now i realise its not much but as i have come to arrangements with others and they have accepted my proposals i explained i cannot pay any more,they simply wont listen,are are they likely to send somebody round? it mentions a specific person on the letter who i have to speak to but i dont want to phne so again emailed my proposals.Does anyone have any advice or experience with these? Thanks
  14. Hi all Wondered if somebody could give me some advice,i took out a loan with mobile money a couple of years ago against my car and have been paying it off and renewing ever since,i renewed it again in November and pay £40 a month or £80 if i want to clear the interest,i paid £40 december and £40 jan and have another 4 months to pay. Heres my problem,my car at present is in pretty bad shape and i think theres something seriously wrong with it,its going to be looked at this week but im dreading the cost and also the garage saying its not worth being repired!! Where do i stand with this loan,would mobile money accept a settlement figure to clear what i have left to pay? and what roughly would it be as im unsure what i owe just that i can pay as previousley discusssed. This is making me ill at the moment,i dont know what to do. Thanks in advance:-)
  15. Re: Received a ccj from tower capital!!! how did you get on with this? did they remove the CCJ. I have a ccj from them and was wondering if i offered full payment immediately if they would consider removing my ccj???????? Hi Apologies for the late response,i cpouldnt pay my debt back within the month so i emailed tower capital offering them a payment and have paid this since,the ccj was entered against my credit file and to be fair i also dont recall having a default notice,i was a little naive with the court papers,i should have dealt with it sooner but as i didnt understand it kept putting it off.Ive now got ccj,s and court papers coming out of my ears! How are you getting on with it?
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