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  1. Hi SBD This may help add some weight to your complaint against Mack Hall and give you an idea of just how thick they really are Back in 2009 the OFT imposed "Requirements" on them for continuing to chase disputed debts, with luck this link will bring up the PDF doc . . http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/consumer_credit/requirements.pdf (If it doesn't copy/paste it in your search bar or Google Mackenzie Hall OFT) They love to chance their arm in the search of a quick £ Regards R
  2. There's another thread about Ruthbridge chasing Stat Barred debts They must have bought a case of lemons as I've had three letters in six weeks for a debt that went SB late 2010 due to the total lack of paper work R
  3. Hi harman A simple Google search of his name might throw up some info R
  4. This situation was mentioned in the Guardian a few days ago . . . http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/feb/24/continuous-payments-authority-know-your-rights?newsfeed=true R
  5. Hi allRuthbridge must have got hold of a case load of lemons . . .Two letters in three weeks for a debt that went SB'd Nov'10 due to total lack of paperwork . . .Nothing on my Credit file so just waiting to see how far they're willing to push things . . .RegardsR
  6. If you completed the application honestly given your financial standing at the time and then things changed he would have a hard job proving "Deception" and besides the Police have more pressing things to do like polish thier truncheons (Showing my age there) More threats and BS R
  7. Hi katysue Firstly don't worry about any Court claim this person is threatening/trying to go ahead with You've already shown to be more than willing to settle this matter so how can it be justified to put the matter before a Court, a Judge would not be best pleased to say the least There are caggers who will help you format a good defence This guy has just bullied you into making payments you couldn't afford and is now just being extra greedy Good luck R
  8. Hi lawrence As long as you have all the paper work involved I don't think you've much to worry about as by making threats whilst failing to respond to your letters they're being totally unreasonable and it goes in your favour Don't even give Court a second thougth as BLS will go no where near one as long as you keep up the agreed payments, can you imagine it . . "Well your Honour even though this person has been paying as agreed we want more than they can afford" . . unfortunatley Judges can't tell them to go jump in plain English but they have their way The harassment is not easy to cope with at times so just keep all the letters safe and let them keep digging the hole they're making R
  9. Hi km Don't waste a tenner for a SAR Send them a copy of your CCA request and tell them to bog off As kurvaface states . . once a debt becomes SB that's it R
  10. Just found this on AOL . . http://money.aol.co.uk/2011/10/31/mp-crackdown-on-payday-loans/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cuk%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk2%7C83535 Knowing how MP's work (Or fail to) regarding this sort of thing I can't see much happening but at least a couple of MP's are having a dig around R
  11. Go to "Saynoto0870" do a search for Equifax and you'll find a list of alternate numbers R
  12. Ahh bless LoL Mind you Brig it would depend on how long his brain cell could take to process the fact that he'd just been done R
  13. Could do uncleb but I don't think they'll call again R
  14. You always seem a busy bunny Brig and glad it gets results The call was a few minutes time wasting at the end of the day whilst waiting for my night officer to arrive but if it had been during office hours he wouldn't have got the time of day R
  15. Cheers Brig Was fun whilst it lasted and proved that get them away from thier script and they're knackered R
  16. Morning Reb I will if they do it again but to be honest they may not have known it was my work number as I generally use my mobile as my point of contact and as I've been here +5yrs who knows what link they found it on Regards R
  17. My job involves a front of house role so it's nothing unusual to get a phone call asking for me by name (Contractors etc) 17.45 last night the phone rings . . . Conversation basically as follows Me/ Good evening . . blah blah . . can I help you Him/ Can I speak to Mr Revenant Me/ Speaking . . how can I help Him/ I'm calling from Mackenzie Hall Me/ Ahhh Mack Hall . . what's this regarding Pause Him/ I't seems you have an outstanding balance with a company called Cabot Me/ Oh them . . In that case any balance they reckon exists would be miraculous let alone outstanding Him/ Sorry Me/ Don't be as you can't help it Him/ I don't quite understand Me/ That's ok you're not paid to Him/ Do you know who we are and what we do Me/ Oh yes both companies have quite a following on the Consumer Action Group Long pause Me/ Do you like lemons Him/ Pardon Me/ Granted . . lets save both our time as I'm getting bored now . . put everything in writing and make sure my phone numbers are removed from this file as I'm not allowed to take personal calls at work . . call me again and I'll pass all your details over to the Managing Agents for this Building on the grounds that you're making unsolicited/harassing calls . . good night Him/ Ermm ok . . good night Now just waiting for the letter(s) as Cabot have failed to tell Mackies that any dealings I had with them were two highly disputed accounts that they could not supply any supporting paperwork for plus of course the great letters from here tied them up . . Thanks CAG One account went SB late last year and the other early this year and my CRF is now that good that Barclays gave me a credit card for being such a good customer Will update as and when R ps It's not generally advisable to enter into phone conversations with DCA's unless you have the confidence and can record the call . . in my case it's a bit of both because as I'm involved in the Security Industry my calls are monitored
  18. Never a good idea to let a "friend" use your account for any financial dealings as ultimately the account holder is responcible
  19. Morning hairyman In the letters you send add a paragraph whereby your wife authorises you to act on her behalf as her appointed representative Don't sign the letters just print your wifes name at the bottom Good luck R
  20. Who are you paying the extra money to . . if it's Reliable stop now as they've no right to collect/demand more If it's CCCS they can only increase payments if your circumstances improve You must make a Formal Complaint to Reliable, report them to the OFT/TS and give your phone provider a call and tell them you're getting nuisance calls from Reliable More advise will follow I'm sure but at least you've got something to start with Good luck R
  21. Hi parky When you take a rental car out you have to check it with the rep and then sign the report When you return it the rep checks the car and if they agree with the faults/defects as listed and there's no other problems they sign the sheet off . . PLEASE say you still have the check sheet that they counter signed upon your return The fact that they accepted the car back as it was and paid back the deposit back is (As far as I'm concerned) the end of the matter as your transaction/contract has ended and you have no other liability to them, if they made a mistake that's tough If you've got that check sheet just send a copy to Regal and tell them to prove you owe anything Good luck R ps What company was it
  22. Hi lkd If this debt is included in you plan with CCCS just tell JD Williams that must contact them as they are dealing with things . . refusing to deal with your appointed representative is against the various Guidelines Also tell CCCS that you're being harassed by these idiots R
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