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  1. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'm happy to engage with Mercedes lease company?
  2. if its OK, once I've received the inevitable response, I'll copy and pate that over to their "parking dept" by email and post. Ultimately they will lose out on two lease contracts for the next two years. Due to not even having the courtesy to contact me before paying the 'invoice' after being told clearly it was in dispute and not to pay it.
  3. No only i'm insured to drive the vehicle. Mercedes are after me renewing lease on a new vehicle and I've even had a demo for the weekend. The salesman was very upset yesterday when I told him Mercedes wouldn't be getting any more of my business! Had an email today saying they are investigating the issue, but I still think it will not effect the outcome as Mercedes have already paid the bill!
  4. I've today cancelled my direct Debit with the lease company and set up a standing order for payment. Even after the conversation with the lease company informing them the fine was in dispute and not to pay it, apparently its an automated system. I'll email a copy of the letter that was sent to the lease company, for future reference for other people. I've been told by the lease company that not paying the fine will result in bad credit against my business. letter to my car finance company!!.pdf
  5. Just a little update from this issue, had no contact at all from Indigo to date 24.02.18 However received a letter today from the lease company to inform me they have paid the fine!!! I'm fuming, I actually called them a few weeks ago to inform them that this was in dispute and under no circumstances to pay the fine if contacted by Indigo. I've spoken to the lease company today, and they have confirmed the conversation a few weeks back to not pay the fine. However they are now investigating the issue and I'm sure we can all imagine the outcome. The fines department is a separa
  6. I can't actually remember seeing a pay and display machine? Unless its inside the station? Just so everyones aware, this was a genuine mistake, I always pay for parking, the industry I work in requires that I use online payments for everything with apps like Ringo etc, I have accounts for the Dartford Crossing auto tolls and the London congestion charge. Im not sure when the new road layout was built in and around the station. If I get time I will have another look up there for a machine, but I'm 100% certain I've not missed any signs.
  7. Yes I had a very good look around yesterday in that area and around the station. There were no signs at the entrance or exit to the area, regarding parking. The only other sign was on the opposite side and this was for railway employees only and had one small sign. There are two entrance to this area as its also the only exit from the station for buses which enter through a different entrance, again at this entrance there is no signs regarding parking, only that its for buses only.
  8. further along towards the junction on the right, almost under the camera.
  9. Very interesting read, hopefully mine will time out before such a decision is made. However I think the parking companies are in for a very difficult time if the think that this will be easy for them. I'm going to go to the area my ticket was enforced in and photograph the signage and I'll also put a pic up of the packet the ticket came in a-fixed to the wind screen. Great source of help and guidance so far, thank you all who have helped.
  10. ok I'll sit tight, also still have the plastic sticky packet it came in!
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