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  1. Hi, yes going to a store is an option though I would prefer all correspondence now to be in writing. Thankfully I have emailed all chats to myself so do have a record of what has been stated by O2 staff. The latest claim from O2 is that they attempted to put me back on my original tariff but their system wouldn't let them as that tariff is not available, and the guru stated the tariff had been £29 since October, but my bank statements say otherwise.
  2. Thanks. Yes it looks like this is going to take a lot longer to get resolved. Just had another go with a 'guru' who has just blatantly lied to me.
  3. I signed up to O2 50GB tariff in September 2018 and decided to pay for the device up front to make the monthly payments cheaper (£22 per month instead of £29). Everything seemed fine for around four months until out of the blue I received an email notification from O2 claiming that a request for a tariff change had been made. No request had been made by us. At first I put it down to some sort of [problem] email and ignored it, but checking my account online later that day, it did show up as a change of tariff - with the new tariff of £29 per month for the same 50GB i was already receiving. I chatted to a couple of gurus until it appeared 'Keith' finally understood what I was complaining about. He said he would change the tariff back but the next payment could not be stopped but he would make sure the extra charges were reimbursed soon after. I waited and waited, and nearly four weeks later I still havent received the refund, and my tariff is still showing as £29 per month. I dont know if it was the right thing to do but I have raised a complaint through Resolver, and am currently waiting for their response. As a side to this, one of their gurus told me the exact time of day the so called request was made, and I have prove through my vehicle tracker that I was driving at the time, and no one else has access. My suspicion is that O2 are running some sort of fraudulent [problem] once they realised they are not charging me enough for the 50GB. Shortly afterwards I noticed that an extra charge of £4.50 has been added to the account, stating an 'app' had been purchased from Globway BV. I had not, and never would buy an app for £4.50. Another complaint was raised about that. Then just yesterday (Sun 10) I noticed that an incredible (for us!) 7.21 GB had been taken from our remaining monthly allowance, with 2.78 GB going after the device had been switched off for the night. Another complaint ensued! This is now the second time in two months that over 7GB has been wiped from our remaining allowance, and I wonder if anyone else has any similar experiences of this, and if any members can recommend future course of action? Many Thanks
  4. Have been receiving LHA for the past year and a half but have recently started work. On the day I started work we received our latest LHA payment. We have now received a letter from the council stating there may have been an overpayment, and I believe this is because of the latest payment. The problem is I am going to be paid monthly and will not have enough money to pay rent before my first months salary is paid. I have read somewhere about a four week run on of LHA, do I need to claim this from the council or will it be taken into consideration automatically? Are there any rules regarding the 4 week run on that may exclude us from receiving this run on? Edited: I had been working just four hours per week until recently and so had only been claiming JSA for approx 6 weeks. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Okay, thanks for that and for all the advice you have given, it really has helped. I will update the thread as and when anything happens.
  6. Current balance on this debt is £3111.71 but I do have total debts over £34,000 Initial complaint letter was sent around 26 November 2011 though it was not specifically labelled as an official complaint. I subsequently received a response from one of their Complaints Officers, so I guess they acknowledged it as a letter of complaint. Letters have flown backwards n forwards regulalry ever since. Weighing up options I think I will give CSL one last chance to put things right and then its off to FOS.
  7. Ok thanks, very useful info & advice. Regarding making official complaint to firstly the FSO - they specify I must give CSL 8 weeks in which to respond. Is the 8 weeks from my initial complaint to CSL or 8 weeks from CSL's final response (which they havent given me yet)? In other words, can make the complaint whilst I am still waiting for CSL to sort it out, because the way things are looking CSL seem to be in no rush to sort it out? Can I issue CSL a 'final warning' type of letter to say - "you have until X date to sort it out"? Re - the 'in dispute' situation. I really do not wish to deal with CSL anymore and I wonder what the outcome might be if I cease my payments under the dispute notice or whether I would simply be in breach of the agreement and risk court action. Part of me wants to say stuff it, lets go to court and show CSL to be the useless cretins they are, but I appreciate its a risky strategy and ultimately could end in my bankruptcy. I have written to Capital One, making an official complaint about CSL, spelling the whole matter out, and asking them if there is some other way to make regular payments against this debt. I am awaiting their response, but I fear the debt has been 'sold on' to CSL and so Cap One will simply wash their hands of it. Could I ask your opinion on getting a solicitor involved? Would it add gravitas to my side of the story or just make matters worse?
  8. Follow up; I would just like clarification on using the right terminology, if anyone can help. Am I right in assuming if the account is 'in dispute' then CSL must cease all debt collection activities until the dispute is resolved, therefore enabling me to rightfully 'suspend' making payments? I not sure if Im getting confused with something else. Any help gratefully received.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses. In reply; I have always kept all PO receipts, but as the one in question was needed by Royal Mail as part of the claim, I now only have a photocopy. The strange thing is, it would appear they are now not disputing receiving the payment, as I already have a letter from CSL saying they have received a payment dated 17 Nov 2011 (the replacement PO) and if they are now claiming I have sent them £1.00 for a CCA request this can only be the original £1.00 PO I sent at the end of October, the same PO Royal Mail say was paid into a bank account on 4 Nov 2011. I have never requested a CCA from CSL. I requested a CCA directly from Capital One back in March 2011 which they duly supplied. I totally agree regarding your point about the CCA request - if the £1.00 payment was taken for a CCA request, why have I never received one? They cannot possibly claim I am in arrears, as I sent a replacement PO which they have since admitted they received. I also have a letter which shows the balance was reduced by £1.00 sometime between 14 Nov and 25 Nov 2011. All subsequent payments have been made via their website and all monthly balances show payments have been accepted. This still leaves the £1.00 payment which they initially said they never received, but which I can now prove was banked on 4 Nov 2011 and which, 3 months later they now claim they took as payment for a CCA request I never made. All postal payments made by Postal Order were accompanied by a covering letter stating my name and address, account numbers (both CSL ref & Capital One acc no's) and what the payment related to. Point taken regarding requesting a SAR, and I shall consider this prior to sendning my reply. I'm guessing that in requesting a SAR they will then need to provide documentary evidence of my (alleged) CCA request? I am more than happy to make an official complaint to the FSO, and to take action in the small claims court to recover my out of pocket expenses if it is my legal right to do so. I feel that at best they have been obstructive and at worst they have lied and attempted to deceive me in order to extract more money from me and in doing so have subjected me to unnecessary distress.
  10. Quick (ish) update on this problem. Received today the latest in a long line of pathetic responses from CSL, still insisting I made a CCA request and that is what they have used the £1.00 payment for. I made no such request in the month stated. Whilst initially stating they did not receive payment, I have since proved by way of letter from Royal Mail thay did in fact pay the postal order into their account. Now they appear to be weaseling out of it by saying i made a CCA request. This seems very dubious to me. They are now asking for me to provide proof of the payment i.e. cheque book stub. I, in turn am going to request they provide proof that I requested a CCA. They are also stating they will not pay the invoice I sent them to cover my out of pocket expenses (not surprising), so I have now threatened them with taking them to the small claims court. I am about to reply by putting the account into dispute but would like anyones advice about this - am I within my rights to do this? I recently wrote to make an official complaint to Capital One, the company the original debt is with, asking them if there is another way around this and also telling them I am not prepared to deal with CSL any longer. Would welcome views and advice on this matter. Is there any more I can do to put pressure on them to sort it out? or is it time to pull the plug and let it go to court?
  11. At the time of setting up the plan there were "complications" with my bank, so in order to keep things private I paid by PO. Now, as I have managed to get most of my finances in some sort of order I pay most of my numerous payments online. Agreed, at least in keeping up my payments I'm not giving them any ammunition. Would in all probability be a case of cutting of my nose to spite my face!
  12. Thanks for the advice. There are obviously some points you have made that I have omitted from my letter of complaint, but knowing how useless CSL are I have a feeling they may challenge my complaint, after all it appears the original payment which they received has not been 'checked' against my account, hence the letter stating payment had been missed. If they don't play ball, would my next step be to put the account in dispute? Would I be in the right to refuse to make any more payments until they acknowledge their error or would I run the risk of ending up in court?
  13. Currently making payments of £1.00 per month (via Postal Order) to Credit Solutions, and have been dutifully doing so for 5 months now. Last November I received a letter from them saying payment for Nov had not been received. Like the good little boy I am, I sent a kind reply saying that payment had been sent but in good faith I included a replacement PO. I also stated quite clearly that I would be making a claim to Royal Mail for the lost letter and if it turned out Credit Solutions had in fact received the payment I would expect a full apology and the "extra" payment to be returned. Well it took until the middle of January for Royal Mail to respond to my claim and - surprise surprise, Credit Solutions paid the PO into their bank account on 4th Nov, 4 days before the due date and 10 days before their original "missed payment" letter, resulting in them having received 2 x payments of £1.00 for November. Needless to say, a letter demanding an explanation and an apology was soon winging its way to Croydon, but as yet I am still waiting for a response. And as if to further illustrate their complete and utter incompetence they returned the copy of Royal Mail's letter I had included (as I thought it might be useful) with a note saying "we think this letter has been sent to us in error"! The useless b*ggers couldn't even read my letter to find out what it was all about before returning the copy! Initially I was quite happy for them to keep the extra payment and deduct it from the balance, but now I just feel like being as awkward as hell by demanding they return the £1.00, accusing them of obtaining money by false pretences, and I think the word 'fraud' may have crept into my letter. Though I may be pre-empting their response, what course is open to me should they refuse to accept liability? Thanks for any advice or just your thoughts on the matter.
  14. The loan is approx 4 year old and yes, there is ppi on it.
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