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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful advice. I've been with ccs since february and it's well set up now. So i will do as you say everytime they call. thank you again.
  2. I have told realiable collections this and within an hour they will phone again. I'm a full time carer for my mother and son who are both disabled and this company are stressing me out. This debt is managed by cccs and They have my reference number I've given it to them but they want more money in the last six month my det with this them has gone up by sixty pound even though I'm make monthly payments.
  3. I have set up a payemnt plan with cccs for my debts to pay off all my debts as this is easier for me. But I am now getting ten calls a day from Jd williams demaning money. I have sent them a phone harrasment letter but phone calls continue is there anything else i should do. Thank you
  4. My grandfather was fully paid up for this year. Then they gave him a refund with no explation. Now He ownes money because of their mistake.
  5. Hi I'm writing this on behalf of my grandfather who lives in bexley. In February he got a letter from the council stating that he was due a refund on his council tax of an amount of just over two hundred pound and he had to send back a form with account details of the account he wanted the money put into. So the refund went into his account. Then this week he got a letter from the council demaning the refund back immediently which he can not do. So he phoned them and was informed the council made a mistake they removed his house from the council tax list and because the house was n
  6. Thank you for the great advice. I will send that letter off in the next few days. I have sent the letter for telephone harrasment to them but its still on going.
  7. Hi I've had an account with capital one for over a year and I've always paid my monthly payment from my bank account at least ten days before its due via a scheduled payment. In February at the end of the month i got a letter from them stating that the details i was using for my scheduled February payment was wrong and they gave me the correct details that i should be using. they also said my payment would not reach my account for another ten days Now i checked my details on the payment i made against the details they gave me and they were exactly the same. About two days later i then
  8. [Can I ask how you made the payments - was it by cheque - if so was the cheque presented and paid if so perhaps a letter telling them that and enclosing a copy of the cheque. More generally, in case you haven't done so yet, send them the standard cca letter requesting information on the account, original agreement etc then post a copy of the original agreement on here for someone to check whether its' valid Hi I paid via standing order. Louise
  9. HELP In Febuarary i agreed to make payments on a barclays debt with Jb Debt agency. So i agreed to pay £72 instead of £123 which would have saved me some money. So i made the payments as agree making the last payment around the 10th of May, Well before the final date date of payment at the end of May. Then i got a phone call today claiming that i missed a payment in march so i defaulted on a payment of £8 and they're now claiming the whole sum of money. Now i know i made all payments and I'm not sure what to do now. As for one things all the money owned is down to bank charges which
  10. Thank you all for the help. I'm going to issue a claim on money online as soon as I get back from being away working. Louise
  11. Hi I have halifax statements going back to 1996. Can I claim charges back to this period. I've put my claim in and recieved full offer on charges from july 2001 onwards only. If i take the matter to court would they pay on charges before this date or should i just take the offer. Thank you Louise
  12. Hi I sent them a letter i got from this site asking them for a copy of my credit agreement in april and In June they sent me my statements. Thank you for your help Louise
  13. Hi I've had an account with cabot to pay off An overdraft with Halifax. Now Cabot sent me all my halifax statements as prove of the credit agreement i was requesting and I worked out all the charges on my account which was the reason i went overdrawn. Now Halifax sent me a offer on these charges which they would use as parital payment to pay off my overdraft but the amount they saying i owned before they took off the offer is £292.10. Now I know I have paid off a lot of this to cabot because I owned 292.10 at the start so none of my payments have been taken off. Some advice on what i s
  14. I've put a block on their phone number today using Bt choose to avoid and Sent them a letter about phone harrassment. I help care for my father and me getting upset was upsetting him so i choose to do this today.
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