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  1. Thanks everyone who assisted above. Here is the PoC I intend to submit via MCOL. I have redacted it to remove private details.
  2. Yup, I appreciate that in general. It's just that in simple cases where the bones of it are in fact all there is to it, it seems to me that one would serve as the other. In other words, where the space for the PoC on the form offers the room to say everything that the claimant would need to say in a witness statement then an additional separate witness statement seems functionally redundant to me. Note also that the paper N1 form has separate spaces for 'Brief details of claim' and 'Particulars of Claim', further implying to the non-expert that the PoC could be used in this way in si
  3. Well, that's exactly what I was going (after I discovered that the MCOL PoC was so small) to do but it now seems like it's not the usual way to do things. I only came here to ask questions because I had some fairly minor (I thought) uncertainties about procedure. ;-) Can I just ask (because despite all this I'm still not clear on it): If one does not use the PoC as one's witness statement, at what point is is normal to enter the witness statement? I presume it should be with all the other documentation at the disclosure stage?
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, I don't care where my detailed case (which I now understand to be my witness statement) is entered or disclosed. I simply need to be sure that it is at the correct stage in the overall procedure. I came to this thread because I thought that the natural and obvious place for this piece of information would be in the PoC. However, I was confused because the MCOL PoC box is too small for anything other than a few words. The PoC space on the paper N1 form, however, is just the right size for what I would need to say. I learned that it is in fact normal practic
  5. So... to get the procedural story straight for what should be a simple case (where I am claiming for money based upon a contract that has not been fulfilled), the following is my understanding of what happens when. Please do correct me if I am wrong on any of these points:- 1) It is usual in simple cases like this to provide nothing other than the barest details in the PoC? No supporting documents are normally supplied with the PoC. A long time ago (pre-MCOL) I worked for a business which often had to issue summonses for non-payment. (It was not my job but I was familiar with what happen
  6. Ah, that's interesting. Thanks for the clarification about re-disclosing them. I have no special strategy for wanting to disclose the key documents at the reply to defence stage. It simply seems the logical time to do it since my witness statement must refer to them. There is nothing secret about them: They are just the set of document that constitute the contract between myself and the defendant in this case. There is no disadvantage to me in disclosing them and no advantage to the defendant. They are simply what the court will need to make a decision. This is a very si
  7. Thank you very much. That makes a lot more sense. May I impose upon you once more by asking one more question for clarity: Would it be a massive procedural faux pas for me to include copies of the main supporting documents (specifically the original agreement and closely relating emails) with my witness statement when I respond to the defence? There aren't many such documents (5 or 6) and it would seem like the natural time to make them available. Later on at the disclosure stage I would in fact send some more documents, specifically print outs and records of all communications excha
  8. Thank you for your response, that's most informative. Assuming that a defence has been entered and the Allocations forms have been sent back to the Court then I see that the Court will issue directions to the parties to send copies of all documents to each other and to the Court. I take it that is the disclosure stage. Is that correct? That leaves the "witness statement". At what stage is that to be provided? From reading all the guidance notes I can find, it does not seem to clear to me when I would get the opportunity to make a witness statement, other than verbally at a he
  9. I have some questions about the correct procedures for County Court summonses. I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise me on any of these queries. I have read the guidance notes for both online and paper forms but still have some uncertainties. Background: I am about to issue a County Court summons for unpaid compensation for use of part of my property by a builder. The basis of the compensation is set out in an agreement and related emails. My questions: 1) When sending in a paper N1 form, is it correct to send supporting paperwork with it? E.g. Copies of agreements, contrac
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