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  1. Thanks for that, short and sweet is the best way to go.............made mine look like an essay. Really appreciate your input. Copied and pasted and will be winging its way to creation. Will let you know Thanks again, Taz
  2. Any better ?, thanks Dear Sir/Madam I demand with immediate effect, that you remove the above account from all Credit Reference Agencies. You will note from your own correspondence, that the default was issued on the 6th January 2009. ( Copy Enclosed )This, in effect would remain on the credit reference agency files for 6 years until 6th January 2015, and then be removed. The default has been logged again on the 8th June 2016 at an address I have not been living at for the past 4 years. I believe this action is frowned upon by the Information Commissioners Office a
  3. Ok, sorry people, this had taken a back seat as it was the last one on my list, and I had to try and find ( amongst numerous boxes ) the original default. I've now found it and it was definitely dated the 6th January 2009 with the same account number that is on the CRA'S which had been renewed on the 8th June 2016 at my old address.!!!!! This is my letter to Creation, would/could you please advise if this is ok, and I'll send it recorded delivery. Creation Finance Limited Chadwick House Blenheim Court Solihull West Midlands B91 2AA. October 10, 2016
  4. Thanks dx100uk, I'm getting on to it. Will keep thread updated. G'night ppl, much appreciated.
  5. no, I didn't get a reply, no CCJ or further correspondence. How do I now put this in writing to Creation or do I go straight to the ICO as I have proof of the original default notice ? Thank you
  6. thanks dx100uk, I obviously have the original of that default ( as I scanned it for that post ) as I filed everything, and it will show all the original details How do I go about putting this in a letter now to Creation, stating that the default has been moved from the original date on the default notice !!!!. I can't wait to send this letter @gwebstech, I heard nothing, and the letter from creation proves they have no cca
  7. Thank you. I'm using the free Credit Reference Agency, Noddle, so just SAR to them ? and Creation
  8. Thanks Silverfox, I'll take a look for the file they sent, and if its not available I'll SAR. Much appreciated. I'll let you know and feedback. Regards Sorry, by CRA, do you mean a credit referance agency, equifax, experian etc... or the original debtor ? thnx
  9. Hi, I didn't take a printout of the orginal default date from the credit file as I assumed it would drop off................as all the others have, so no proof . I wrote them all down and checked them regularly. They have all now gone except for this one, which has "re-appeared". Thank you When I asked for the original request for the cca would they have enclosed a copy of the original default notice ?, If so, I may be able to hook it out
  10. Firstly, a big thank you to all the caggers over the years who have helped me with my debt issues. Its been nearly 6 years since I started sending requests for my cca's. Over these years my debtors have gradually fell of my credit file (without having proof of the agreements). ............and there was one I was waiting for, which would have completed the set, so to speak. This debt was with Creation Financial Services Ltd. The default was the 10/05/2010 so should have fallen off my file last month. This was registered in my old address. My credit report was gra
  11. Hi ppl, I hope you can help or give advice in some way. I'll input some history and hope I can get it sorted. I was out of work for two years at my previous address and was able to get ctax benefit, visited CAB and they told me to offer a payment of £50 a month as I had no other income other than JSA, which was accepted by the council. Unfortunately over the months our house got repossessed, but I fought till the end thanks to help from you good folk on here and the site team. We lost the house, but I managed to get off the JSA and start my own small business (still with relat
  12. Hi again, Checked a few of the links (some good info) and some are dead. At the moment I'm unsure as to what route the lender/dca will take, given my position of no assets (renting)/no money and no attachment of earnings available. What do you think their course would be ?. I'd be only too happy to write requesting it be written off due to all of the above.....but would I get very far with that. ?? ....or sit tight and let them make the move ?? Thanks again Taz11 (I'm going to post the CTAX problem on the appropriate forum )
  13. Hi dx, No, have never asked for a full list of liability orders. With regards to being " had over " , do you mean by the failure of necessary info from the lender/dca ?..or charges etc... I'll take a look at the link for the SAR, thanks Also will read your links...thanks. Time for some shut eye now, otherwise this is all going to be spinning in my head tonight...lol Thanks again, nite mate . Will re-post tomoz
  14. Well thats exactly what she told me on the phone..........bankruptcy would also wipe their debt. They can't force house sale, as our home is already repo'ed and we are in rented ? I can't tell you anything more than what she has told me.............and asked me to do ? thanks Taz11
  15. Hi, Thanks for the reply. The reason council are asking about BK ( i think ), is because they have told me, their debt would be wiped aswell if this route was taken. I think thats why they want me to ask CAB. When we were struggling to pay the mortgage I went CAB and they advised a payment to Council of £50......which I paid for quite some time. What I didn't realise, was that, you still owe over and above the £50 and becomes a debt. They have added previous years and up to and including until March 2015 and it amounts to 7,000 and they are saying (
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