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  1. Just pay the council direct if he hasn't been in your property there is nothing he can do he can' take the car it's not in your name and the council tax bill is in your name only so you have to pay... He will have to take you to small claims court for his fees if you pay the council direct you don't have to answer to him at all as you haven't signed a WPO
  2. Unfortunatley all bailiffs hope you don't come into contact with this site and learn your rights as then they can't take you for a ride anymore.. Why they do this in the first place I just don't know as they are breaking every rule in the book But seem to get away with it untill poeple fimd this and us here on this forum.. Good Luck and REMEMBER your in charge not them they are just normal people like me and you that have to use tactics to get money such as fraud
  3. Tilly He can't take the stuff if it's not your's so it's his fault not your's the wpo is null and void as the stuff is rented and he should have really checked this out before threatening you with all this..
  4. Here's the letter's you need to send ignore tha bailiffs pay the council direct and if they havent been into your hom then don't let them or sign anything.. They can't arrest you at all tell them to go away .. Send this one to the bailiffs with you filling in your details re: YOUR ADDRESS YOUR COUNCIL appears to have instructed you to recover unpaid council tax from me. This letter gives you notice that you are not being given peaceful entry to my home or to levy goods contained within and I will not be signing anything for you. This notice revokes your eligibilit
  5. Yes they did that to me at 5.30 in the morning he put his foot their so I couldn't shut the door.. I called the police too and they stood with the bailiffs on that so don't open the door to them.. As for the insurance I would be careful as on the logg book it says about not being the legal owner
  6. if you have signed a wpo I beleive yes they can if they have sent you a latter from thier company stating a date and time
  7. there is no charge for clamping or removeing it cheeky badger he is His fee's are wrong too so make sure you get them sorted, No fee for wating that's his fault not yours
  8. They have no right to enter anyway if you have not let them in before.. and if all is in your name they haven't really got a leg to stand on have they? Make sure the insurance is is your name too and he/she a name driver as just because your names on the logg book doesn't mean you are the legal owner
  9. They can't charge you a wpo they have never been in your house to do one.. I wouold question him and tel him if he takes the car then you can't get to work to pay the remainder of the bill then what happens? The fee's are nt right either 1ST VISIT 24.50 second visit 18.00 that's if the have been He can't charge for clamping
  10. You need to keep intouch with tec regards this give them 3 weeks then call them to see if their is an outcome as the fine normally goes back to the original with no fee's but I don't know anymore than that as mine was rejected and went back to 30.00 but the council droped the matter completely so I got all payments back.. But I also never got this in writting till I asked
  11. We are here to support you so you go and do what you have to. Most of us here have been in your shoes and that includes me
  12. The council tax and your mortgage/rent are the prioritys thats what they will tell you
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