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  1. your welcome try not worry definately phone council ask them to take your account back as your classed as vulnerable person just got through this myself know how stressful it can be but everything is on your side easy one to sort
  2. if you are claiming benefits ask the council to take your account back as your a vulnerable group pay your council tax online to the council shows your willing to pay even if small amount dont talk to bailiffs again shut all your windows and doors check your garden anything worth of value hide it if you have a car not on hp hide it if the bailiff gets no response from you after so many visits they send it back to the council council told me they expect them to call at least 3 or 4 times phone yur local councillor and ask him for help this is the advice i recieved from this site and mine was sent back to the council good luck and dont worry
  3. hi i just won a victory over the bailiffs see bailiffs phoning tomorrow mrs boop phone your local councillor go on your council website and you will find the details of you it is lots of great peolple on this forum who give good advise thats how i won mine good luck
  4. thank you to everyone who hepled with advice or support i could not have done it without i think that what did it was 1. asking for a complete breakdown of charges 2. said about bailiff asking me to ask friends and family for money told her i had it on tape and was well within my rights to report her to oft, trading standards and ministry of justice. she soon phoned me back and WAIVED the enforcement fee thank you all once more
  5. head honcho phoned me back said she spoke to her line manager and they are willing to waive the fee ha ha thanks for everones help going to get my car back bye
  6. head honcho at the bailiffs just called asked about the enforcement fee she said bailiff was in attendance to rmove goods when she got a call from the council asking to halt proceedings on this case this is a blatant lie as i did not phone councillor until 4.30 on friday who then phoned the council on my behalf no joy really said she wasnt sure about holding off action now and was going back to the council to speak to them phoned my councillor again told me to see what happens said he was gonna chase up chief exec again when i said about charging me twice on one day she said she wasnt sure what had been charged but obviously the bailiff nows what they are an arn't allowed to charge told her about bailiff asking me to ask family for money and i said that i was well within my rights to report her to oft later she said well its sounds like you wanna take this matter further i deem that as a threat unfortunetly didnt get to record the call
  7. i did get form 7 which is the notice of sezure of goods on which they say they have levied our car
  8. no they havent seize the car cause ive hidden it the bailiff i phoned and asked what the enforcement fee said it was for removal so if they havent removed they cant charge me is that right thanks for replying in my hour of need
  9. i am not gonna dispute the fact that she has levied on our car as legally i dont have a leg to stand on re previous posts what do you mean by legal levy why does the enforcement fee make the levy invalid thanks for helping
  10. hi everyone getting ready for the call off the bailiff today i will be recording the call here is a list of the questions i shall ask 1. why are you charging me an enforcement fee and what regulations do they come under? 2. under the freedom of information act i would like a full breakdown of charges on me in writing including exact timings, calls and letters 3. why have i been charged for a 2nd visit and a levy on the same day, shouldn't it be a 2nd visit and a walking possession order i shall also be asking why did the bailiff refuse to take my payment and say that if i did pay online she would bounce it back to me and i want to say something about her asking me to ask friends and family for money which i now i can report her for but dont know how to say this to the bailiff when she calls if anyone can add or change these questions i would be greatfull also the 2nd visit was when i got the notice of seizure green form and on it was charges for 172 pound so they have charged for 42 levy and 130 enforcement fee she said that as i had already paid my 1st installment on my arranged plan of £50 that has paid for the 1st and 2nd visit so all i owed now was the £172 so in effect the 2nd visit cost me £42 levy £130 enffocement and the 2nd visit fee of £18 is that right
  11. thanks to everyone replying did try tomtubby but mailbox full feeling quite cheery youre a great bunch probably wont stress about it till tomorrow thank you
  12. no walsall council i have got local councillor and he got chief exec involved fingers crossed tried tomtubby but mailbox full
  13. thats easier said than done all they say is we can't discuss bailiffs charges when i asked themabout the enforcement fee they said i would have to speak to the bailiff as it would be wrong of him to say whether the charges were right or wrong
  14. sort of just seems to me that they are charging twice for the same visit council just phoned said bailiff lady i need to speak to is not in until tomorrow so got a 24 hour reprieve thanks for helping got to go now and do some housework will return later thank you
  15. god your good writing this with a smile on my face what is the difference between a wp and a levy why do the charge one or the other when i asked about the enforcement fee before she said it was for the removal of my car but remember only had two visits. so asking you to borrow money is illegal
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