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  1. Thanks for your advice so far, I feel a lot better now. I think I will write to them and send it recorded delivery, on the last phone call to them I was passed around to about 4 different departments. I asked if I could converse with them via email because I am hard of hearing but they told me there was no email address that I could use, that is the reason why I asked them to send me a letter (which I never got) explaining why they thought I owed them money. I did put a complaint in when they canceled the policy but the complaints department just said that the under writers were not prepared to insure me based on the answers I gave, I don't know what they think happen's when someone puts their child as a named driver on the policy and pays a massive amount more for the privilege, of course my daughter would be driving the car?? I decided to leave at that but then they hit me with this £270! I will put another complaint in about the fact they wouldn't write to me explaining about this £270 and the fact they have passed me to a Debt Collection with out any communication from them. Loving how they are in the news today for tampering with customer complaint, thanks spots1, will look into that. I shall ignore Morecrap once again thank you for your help and I shall keep you posted.
  2. Hi, I need some advice please. Last August I bought a car for myself and my daughter to drive, my daughter had recently passed her test and I thought direct line would be good has she could build up her no claims with them, they offer no claims for named drivers. When I contacted directline to offer proof of my 10yrs no claims to them, they asked me some questions i.e how often my daughter drives the car etc I told them my daughter drove it about 3 times a week and I drove it the rest of the time, I also told them that my daughter paid the insurance payments as that was her contribution to the car, payments were much higher with her as a named driver than me alone, i pay petrol and anything else the car needs. Direct line decided that they did not want to insure the car any more because of the answers I gave them (non of the questions were asked when I took out the policy online) Of course I was upset about this as I was made to feel like I was lying or something?... I took out another policy with another insurance company. About 4 weeks later I got a letter from them saying that I owed them £270, I phoned them and asked what that was for and we had paid all the monthly payments, they told me it was because I didn't show them proof of my no claims, which got forgotten about because they decided to cancel the policy. I told them that in fact they had my no claims from a previous policy about 18months previous. I asked them to look into it and send me a letter detailing what this £270 was actually for, I never got any letter of them or any other communication. Today I got a letter from Moorcroft Debt Collectors saying that if I didn't Pay £270 in the next 7 days they would advise Direct line to take me to court. They state this letter is notice of intended litigation. Could anyone advise me on the best thing to do about this, I dont have £270 and really dont think I should have to pay it. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I bought a Matsui dishwasher from currys online back in sept 08 2 weeks ago it stopped working, it seems the programmer has packed up so it wont go through its wash cycle. As its only 15 months old I called currys to be told the usuall "get an independant report etc" After calling several repair men it seems we would be very unlikely to be able to get a report done as currys havent released part numbers for the dishwasher and because the programmer on the dishwasher is electronic it would be difficult to test for them to beable to write a report stating thats the problem. Please could some one give me some advice about how next to proceed, i.e do i need to get currys out to look at the dishwasher and will i have to pay? If someone could advise me on my rights and maybe give me an idea of what to say to currys that would be a great help.
  4. I agree with that, glad you have started to get things sorted, do let us know how it goes and good luck
  5. Pin a letter to your front door saying that "I am a vunerable person and I want you to leave right now. I have contacted your head office regarding this matter and im waiting for a reply by post.I will not talk to you and you have no right to enter my house" and send that letter that slimrabbit just posted. As for your car, can a friend not move it for you untill you can get this action halted? If you have never heard anything about this debt you could maybe file a statutory declaration but you need to find out what the debt is for. Send the letter and maybe call the head office and see if they will tell you what the debt is for, once we know what we are dealing with the sooner we can get it sorted. Lock all doors,windows, garden gates, sheds etc etc so they cant seize anything. DONT open door to the bailiff, talk through window if you feel you have to talk to them. They should just leave when they see the note on the door though. Send all letters by recored post. Stick with this forum people who know more about this will answer you soon
  6. Its the shock of it all isnt it, just dont let them in and follow the advice you have been given so far. I wouldnt phone the bailiffs just get sound advice on what to do next and only talk to Marstons office via recorded delivery. Remember you dont have to let them in, move your car away from your home so they cant seize it. You need to get a Stay of Execution from the high court. Stick with this forum, lots of people have been where you are now and saw the light at the end of the tunnel x
  7. Hi Jane, have you tried to ring national debtline? They may beable to give you solid advice quickly and then you could use this forum for further advice. Im sure someone who knows about this will come along soon but try ringing national debtline also. Sorry i cant help more but just remember your not alone in this situation and people have managed to sort things out. Dont worry too much x
  8. finally got the bailiff to say , by text, that he had seized my car on his first visit, I texted him saying I need to know because its up forsale. He said "yes i seized it but you can sell it" so obviously dosent know what hes talking about! I text back saying "ok so if you seized it where is my notice of seizure? you cant charge me attendence to remove without one, also if you had seized the car i cant sell it by law! Although I have sold it anyway. If marstons dont waver that attendence to remove fee, i will be filing a FORM 4 against YOU and the council." Now this is the best bit! He text back " you should have a notice of seizure and its not my case so you need to talk to Marstons" I think someone is worried!.....dont you;)
  9. Well if its a mistake its THIER mistake and the levy would be invalid i think......its definatly a good arguing point! Oh and if they brought the van they are ment to leave a form 9 removal expenses, thats what got marstons last sept when they lost that court case over clamping....paper work wasnt correct
  10. Is this the first time you have ever known about this fine? If it is you may beable to file a statutory declaration which will stop the bailiffs and force the courts to deal with it, you need to send a private message to tomtubby asking for her advice about that as i dont know alot on that subject. In the mean time try calling the CAB and National Debtline for advice. Maybe you could call your local police station and see if they can find any record of it? Sorry i cant be of more help but stick with this forum and someone will be able to help you who knows more
  11. What did the letter say on it when they visited? Did it say notice of seizure? ( which is called a Form7) If it did it should have a list of the items the bailiff seized (made levy on). If you havent got one of those forms that means they have not made a levy and they can not charge you more than is set out in the guidelines for collecting council tax. Look at the paperwork they left at your house and if in doubt scan it and cover personal details and post it here for us to look at, check the back of it also. The law states that in order to charge for removal costs i.e Vans then the bailiff MUST have given you a notice of seizure with an inventory of the seized goods, or left one at your house if you were not in at the time he made the levy.
  12. OH.....HAHA....well done ive posted above post for nothing, worth knowing though!....WELL DONE YOU! X
  13. Ok, so on the second visit you got a notice of seizure with your husbands car as being listed as seized? Now if that is the case I think they can charge you with attendence to remove even when no goods are removed. They should really have filled in FORM 9 removal expenses also but not sure if that is when they actually move the car or for just attending to remove it. You must get clarification from somewhere about your husbands car, you need to make sure that he is not liable for the bailiffs debt collection because if he is and they can lawfully seize his car, then you cant move it from your home, when something is seized it becomes the property of the bailiff or council (not quite sure if its council or bailiff) but basicly your ment to leave it there. It may say something about that on your FORM 7 notice of seizure. you MUST find out, if you can, where you stand with this buisness of the car being in your husbands name, if you read what i put on from oxford council, that says hes liable for the council tax even if hes not on the bill and thats the same rule for every council in England And Wales, but is he liable for the bailiffs costs??....Thats something we really need to clear up.
  14. Distress for Rent Rules 1988 section 12 paragraph 2 and 3: (2) A bailiff levying distress shall deliver to the tenant, or leave on the premises where distress is levied, a memorandum in Form 7 identifying the bailiff and specifying in an Inventory the goods distrained on and setting out the amounts for which the distress is levied and the fees, charges and expenses authorised by these Rules and being actually and necessarily incurred under them. (3) A bailiff or his agent attending to remove goods from the premises or withdrawing from possession prior to sale of the distrained goods shall deliver to the tenant or leave on the premises where distress is levied a memorandum in Form 9 setting out the expenses of removal authorised by and incurred under these Rules. Thats the law, if they havent made a levy on any goods as set out above, they CANT charge you removal or enforcement fees or what ever they want to call it. I think someone gave you the scale of fees they can charge you for council tax collection, unless they have levied as above they cant charge you anything else. What they will want to do now is get thier hands on your car or get in your house....dont let them! Going to work now but good luck! x
  15. Dont open the door to them. If you want to tell them something put it writing to him and give it through letter box.
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