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  1. How can you say in your opinion no clamp fee was charged, when the operator told me the bailiff was charging clamp fees?
  2. Dont pay them, demand a breakdown of costs 1st, as the amount they are charging you could be unlawful Is it for council tax or a parking fine?
  3. liltings, their whole attitude and approach stinks, just ignore them, make sure you complete the Out Of Time declaration, call them on the following number to get the form: 0845 704 5007 More info Info about - County Court Bulk Centre - Traffic Enforcement Centre Once you complete and send the declaration (can be done by email), all enforcement action will stop and it will be referred back to the council, seeing they have got their payment, they should be satisfied.
  4. Yeah I did thanks, I sent you a reply. I think I will wait to hear back from the TEC now as I dont want to give Marston £10 lol
  5. Hey mate, just got back in from taking my son to school by bus and noticed that the bailiff has come back and removed the clamp, he never knocked on the door as my girlfriend was in and he hasnt any notice whatsoever. What should I do now? Play the waiting game as I have sent in an Out Of Time Declaration and asked Marston for a breakdown of the fees. Anyone think he will be back to clamp the car? Should I hide it?
  6. I never sent a subject access request, just a standard letter via recorded delivery asking for a breakdown of the fees, giving them 14 days to reply. A subject access request, is a request to see all the information they hold on you.
  7. You have to give the head office 14 working days to reply. In the meantime, if the council accept the out of time declaration, you will be able to pay the original fine to them directly and not the bailiffs. If not, then follow the instructions on the link below to complain about the bailiff and the charges http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/115030-how-complain-court-about.html As you know, they have already had a case against them for excessive charges.
  8. Same here, I am pee'd off for the inconvenience they have caused me and the fact that my car is clamped and unusable, especially seeing that I am a lazy barsteward. Lets double team them, if you have a record feature on your mobile or you have a video camera, secretly film him, do not open the door, just talk through the letterbox. In all honesty, I dont think he will even turn up.
  9. Actually your wrong, I spoke with the finance company and they said the bailiff could not remove the car, however they said it was ok for him to immobilise it. Further more, I am not behind with my payments and I am not in any debt, apart from this fine which I was unaware about in the 1st place. I have called Marston and asked for a breakdown, as well as having requested it in writing. Over the phone they gave me a partial breakdown, apparently they have "visited" me 3 times: £49.50 1st visit 17/06/2009 unknown time) £58.60 2nd visit 26/08/2009 at 7.10am) £59.90 3rd vi
  10. Just completed the new forms, you no longer need to get the document sworn at a solicitor's, just have to sign a statement of truth and can email or post it to the TEC.
  11. hi, please see the answers on my thread about Marston and their fees, they have a court judgement against them for charging excessive fees. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/221069-rude-marston-bailiff-clamped.html
  12. Thanks Tomtubby, I have already complained to Marstons, I will give them 14 working days, if it is not resolved I will complain to the court and mention the aforementioned case. I hate the idea of having my car left clamped for such a long period of time. Is there a time limit on how long it can be left clamped for? By the way, I just spoke to the TEC, they said the process has changed and you no longer need to do an Out of Time form, the person I spoke to is going to email me all the details and forms
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