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  1. ----- I think that should do it in my humble. However I would be rather ****ed off and livid so I would consider making a counter claim as this has gone through the system once already. I would think a large fee schedule plus damages for the distress caused is well in order.
  2. Arrow Global Guernsey are a [right bunch]. I have a run in with them at present as they started County Court Proceedings against me. A long story and I don't want to intrude on your thread but they have made so many errors regarding Court procedure it would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. I have asked the judge in my case to throw their claim out for the third time recently. I pointed out his seemingly bias to them which didn't go down to well in Chambers but I can see light at the end of this tunnel due to their own failings. Advice is do not be intimidated and stand firm! Good luck with it.
  3. Hi all Sorry for intrusion onto this thread but I have had a claim against me struck out recently I have asked for confirmation from the court but like every other court they seem to be weeks behind. Can someone please enlighten me as to what "file a request for Judgment under Part 3.5." is or where I could look it up? Thank's Caggers
  4. A very informative thread Pumpytums. I have just received a claim form from Northampton regarding a Credit Card nearly 6 years old passed on to several DCA's (the usual suspects) and now with Arrow Global Guernsey. I will start my own thread of course but do you mind if I use some of your letters (obviously tweaked a little) with regards to my defence? Thank you in Advance regards TheFonz1 trying to stay cool but obviously a little nervous.
  5. Hi Pumpytums A very intriguing thread one I'm reading with much interest as Drydens Lawyers are allegedly going to issue proceedings in Northampton Bulk County Court. Although a little nervous having read your informative thread I feel a little easier should the above occur. Please keep us updated well done so far and thank you for sharing your experiences.
  6. lol "If I had a penny for every person who's handed me a seat reservation when asking for tickets then I could retire!" I will join you in some exotic location :D:D:D:D
  7. It sounds like Moorcroft are playing silly buggers with the above post. Who was the original creditor? There must be a way of finding this out anyone on here able to help? I'm thinking you could use a term called full disclosure to help you.
  8. Care to mention the station concerned? Revenue Protection staff do a fantastic job in often difficult circumstasnces they take the most abuse often bordering on violence. If you have a valid ticket you have nothing to worry about. I have to tell you a seat reservation is NOT a valid ticket. Ok perhaps he could have handled you more sympathetically but hey you don't think he hasn't seen or heard the "I've only got my seat reservation part" trick before?
  9. I work for a rail company.. Ok you made a mistake just go to court apologise and accept your punishment. You can usually pay back over a longer time period. I am not there to judge you but warn anyone else after your experiences it is just not worth the hassle!
  10. Well done Vera and great work from all who helped you. Can you please let us know if you get the costs paid. I would love to see these **** get loads of ccjs against them
  11. I would be interested in how this is dealt with on this site. Is there anyone here can they advise how easy or hard it is getting an injunction? Good luck to you I will search my contacts and if I get anything I will post it on here.
  12. What about asking the OFT to not renew their licence in Febuary 2010? If enough of us made a fuss we may just get these shysters closed down? Anyone with any kind of debt which is really credit you created with your signature should consider going down the Mary Croft route however it is only a route for those who have spiritually awoken and are not the PERSON.
  13. Hi all Bonus how is it going and Sequenci re your post Cheltenham & Gloucester v Norgan suggests that you can pay your arrears over the remainder of the mortgage term. there is an awful lot of really good info on this factsheet http://www.bdl.org.uk/images/bdl01_e...ageArrears.doc The link doesn't go anywhere can you readvise and have we info on Gloucester v Norgan on site anywhere Sorry to but in Bonus but this might be useful to you also!
  14. Curlyben I am intrigued where is your five pager to monument? Have you posted it by any chance would love to view that one:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi all well here is the latest my first offer of £775 has been rejected so I am now going to SAR the solicitors involved. I have received a court date and claim form from lender (1st Oct). I am going to fill the defence form in as best as I can but obviously I am nervous and worried. Also I can't work something out and it is puzzling me:confused:. I have offered an amount which is more than the required amount needed (on the back page of form) to maintain the current agreed term? Yet this has been rejected which does seem strange. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be grateful:-) thanks.
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