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  1. Thanks for the replies. Have received another letter from LL solicitor, same form for secure tenancy notice of seeking possession. Now they have removed ground 10 and left grounds 3&4. am lining up an appt with a solicitor next week. All a bit strange as we had the fair rent agreed as a regulated tenancy. The LL has been through so many solicitors now it’s a struggle to keep up. one other thing, neither NOSP have been sent via registered or recorded post. The letter we have received (email only at this point) is comprised of a cover letter with ‘Without Prejudice’ at
  2. Thanks for your reply. So are the tenancy one of the same thing? I always thought they were sitting tenants (regulated) because they moved in there in 1984, and it’s a private landlord not a housing association property. The particulars in the claim are very arguable. The only deterioration was caused by the LL when they attempted to bring the property up to a safe standard. Parents have maintained the property as far as decoration and basic repairs but nothing structural. Waste is all they left from the works. We have evidence to back this up also. Will
  3. I have previously posted about a dispute my parents have had with LL who has had little to do with the property they have rented for the last 35 years. Fast forward to today, LL has applied for fair rent which was registered and the LL has finally brought the property to a safe standard following involvement from the local council. We have received a new bombshell.. that the LL has applied for a possesion order under a notice of seeking possesion of a secure tenancy (NOSP). Under grounds 3, 4 and 10. I googled and found below: Ground
  4. Thanks for your replies so far. The saga continues! We were informed the property was already being considered for fair rent assesment. The LL applied for this, and the letter has come through. Just to highlight the top points by number as they show on the application for registration of fair rent that i feel could be contentious. One good thing is they have confirmed the original tenancy started back in 1985 which does confirm our protected tenant status at least. 5) Does the tenancy include any other property (Such as garage etc)? LL has answ
  5. The agreement we had did include the local council throughou. Would that email exchange with terms temporary move not constitute a binding agreement? The legal advice we had just mentioned the LL had to confirm my mum would have the right to return. We have only ever had tx messages until recently when we insisted at least communication should be by email. The emails are never more than a few words, if they do now expect AST to be in effect they haven’t made any hint at all of this. Thanks for the advice, will sign up to fair rent now. No. The original
  6. Hi Yes, there was an agreement but it didn’t specify the specifics of the work. Only that the property was going to be re-wired and specifying the dates the property needed to be vacant for, along with confirmation of the right to return upon completion of works plus agreement for reasonable costs should work overrun. the problem is, we did most of the leg work. The landlord barely knows how to use email, and has very poor communication. Mum is quite intimidated by her. The council are insistent the works to make safe are done, but have never visited the pro
  7. Okay, so a little update. We gained some legal advice and had a settlement agreement in place which both us and LL agreed to allowing my mothers right to return when repairs were made. We put a time proviso and LL agreed to cover storage and housing costs should work overrun. So fast forward, work has been done.. but to a shocking standard. Re-wire was complete, wall chased out but the making good was not to a high standard. Only patched up with filler, and then painted. Other issues include * Paint/dust over the wooden floors * Holes unfil
  8. Am looking for some advice, and i know you guys are always helpful My parents moved into a rented accomodation back in the early 80's and have a standard tenancy agreement covered under the 1977 rent act. As a sitting tenant, the landlord did virtually no work to the property, with my parents maintaing when needed. We lost my dad a few years back, and my mum is struggling to maintain. We have had major issues with electrics and drainage which we approached the landlord for with no replies for last 18 months. We did all we could to work with them. I have done
  9. Thanks dx for your help, I will get scanning and post up what I currently have. The £2k charges and ppi will have also included, interest so probably a little over estimated on my part there. The thought behind my rough calc is my credit limit on my card was £2k, so was unable to use much past that limit. Possibly up to that point there were charges also. Also I have found random statements from back then which each month I've found show ( an example on one from oct 99, balance at that point was £2735.42) £15 late charges £15 over limit fee £18.14 pp
  10. The SAR from Westcot revieled very little, but I do now have copies of the orders (missing original CCJ & POC) and a copy of the original applicaiton form CA along with the T&C's copied on the back. Am wondering if I scan them and post here, can someone help me figure out if there are elements that are unenforcable?? or ways to at least reduce the debt I recall that if a DCA wants to add stat interest to the debt, then the T&C in the CCA must have provisions to cover this. I cant see it has at all.. so wondering if i can at least get the interest removed and possibly the
  11. Thanks Andy, I will try to get a copy of the original summons. Cheers
  12. Need some advice on this one. Have posted on a sub forum, but really wasnt sure if it was in right place. I had a credit card, back in 1998 which had a limit of £2k. I managed to max it out when my wife found out she was pregnant and had to give up work after being poorly. Back then, I had a few debts so took the advice from Baines and Ernst(stupid I know!) and stopped paying all unsecured and allowed them to deal with it. Needless to say the debts mounted, Baines and Ernst left me in awkward position and the credit card with charges elevated to £3k before it was passed
  13. Great that's good to know, I wonder why westcot passed to arrow if they are the same? Any thoughts on if they are allowed to charge the stat interest?
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