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  1. HL specialise in bulk template letters for DCA's and are as meaningless as they come. They wont be taking action in this or any other case, at all. I;d be inclined to report them to the LCS for these tactics..
  2. All good. Just file it with the Moorcrap ones After all it's the same letter with a different heading..
  3. Midas - Pseudo legal inhouse Moorcrap monkeys. Look at the bottom right corner
  4. Easy enough. Keep to your arrangement with Payplan and if CL continue to push simply refer them to Payplan. After all they are your appointed representatives and as such CL should be conversing with them and NOT you. You wont "end up with a CCJ." as there is a long process, involving court action, before this could happen. DCA's say alot of bovine Excrement, 99.9% of it is a steaming pile..
  5. SWT, that is NOT a DEED of assignment, in fact it's darn near meaningless..
  6. Tell them you will sue THEM for the charges etc They soon run a mile.
  7. *Yawn* You STILL Pi$$isng about with these Loosers... Will you never learn
  8. I did have Debitas, but that was before I started this whole adventure. They happily passed the Cap1 balance to Lowell/Red/Hamptons who I successfully sued for my charges
  9. They're the only "real" solicitors out of the whole bunch. The others are simply Solicitors-For-Hire and completely ignorable. Admittedly Cohen does have a tenancy of filing court claims before the assignment paperwork is dried and likes to ignore pre-action protocols.
  10. Even better is went SB half way through all of this as well !!! I just don't have the heart to tell them
  11. Just for you Bookie I'll do a couple of the more interesting ones: Barclaycard > Mercers > RMA > NCO > Letham-Locke > Alliance One > Credit Security GE Money (store card) > European Collections and investigations > Wescot > Nelson Guest > Thames Credit > Aktiv Kapital > BCW > Philips > BCW > Muckie Hall > Meritforce > BCW Next > Scotcall > Scottish Beaureaux > CL Financial > Lewis > HC Cohen Freemans > EOS > Golds > Wescot > Nelson Guest > Capquest > HL Legal > Wescot NO CCA's anywhere in this lot !!!
  12. Me neeither. It's amazing how far down the DCA's hierarchy I've got with some of these A number of these are DCA A acting for DCA B. Now as I have already told DCA A to naff off you would of thought they'd get the message The best one was Phillips acting for BCW who are acting for Thames who are acting for AK on a SB'd debt !!! Threaten all the usual and then some. I even called this shower and tore them a new one and finished off by saying I'd see them in court for overt harassment. Ferguson Vs Britsih Gas makes them run a mile Had a nice grovelling letter of apology from them as well. The next DCA that cross my path, I'll answer their DPA question as Curlyben and see how quickly they run orf... The only one of this list that had me slightly worried was [problem], but seeing that the account is in serious dispute they soon backed off while it was resolved.
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