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  1. It's gone up because Sky gave us all 3 months free Broadband. But saying that I remember one of the letters they sent said that will will freeze the price you pay for a year. Deffo nothing about a new 12 month contract. We got them by the balls on that alone!
  2. Change supplier as soon as you contractual agreement with o2 expires. There is diddly squat they can do about it.
  3. Good. That's 2 others not including myself. More people that have had the same problem the more serious it will be for them. You say about a new 12 month contract. They can't do it unless you agree and have signed the dotted line. The proof then lies with them to prove that you agreed to it as they legally can't impose a new 12 month contract without your knowledge. Argument: I didn't sign a contract with you. You never supplied me with a 14 day cooling off period which you are legally obliged to provide under the distant selling act regulation act. You have forced this upon me as I am in contract with o2. It's irrelevant to me as my contract with o2 expired in January. It really gets my goat up things like this. A BIG company thinks they are untouchable by one single person. They are so wrong. I took on Barclays 3 years ago, They still have 3 years left before the CCJ drops off their credit files. See where I'm going......
  4. This is enough from Unfair Contracts: Unfair Terms 5. —(1) A contractual term which has not been individually negotiated shall be regarded as unfair if, contrary to the requirement of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties’ rights and obligations arising under the contract, to the detriment of the consumer. Written contracts 7. —(1) A seller or supplier shall ensure that any written term of a contract is expressed in plain, intelligible language. I never received one. (i) irrevocably binding the consumer to terms with which he had no real opportunity of becoming acquainted before the conclusion of the contract;
  5. I am still working on it. Sky had no right to put you into a new 12 month contract if you were transferred to Sky from o2 unless you agreed to it. Sky email is pants and not worth dealing with. I am in the process of writing to Sky head orfice to find out what the hell they are playing at and it will be sent by recorded delivery. This £2.50 charge is a penalty charge forced upon you that at no time you agreed to pay it. They are acting unlawfully on this matter alone. Did you ever receive a copy of Sky's T's and C's through the post? I know two that haven't. Also, Were you told WHEN you were being moved or like me you received nothing except a bill?
  6. If you know your legal stuff send em a letter by recorded and read them the riot act. They dropped me like a hot stone after that
  7. I exactly understand what the OP is saying. o2 customers were forced to Sky, not by choice, and Sky have been slamming charges onto our bills for not having other Sky services and Sky expect o2 customers to pay them. They can't legally impose these charges forced upon o2 peeps. I am looking into this in detail and I will be involving Trading Standards.
  8. I am in the same boat. I actually cancelled my o2 home phone and broadband in Feb and later found out it got transferred to Sky in March. I kicked off a stick because Sky promised (I have the letter) to only charge me what I am/was paying to o2 for 12 months. They lied, They slammed a £2.50 per month charge on my bill for not being a Sky TV customer. Sky claimed to have sent Sky's T/C's to everyone. I did not receive it and I am aware of others that didn't receive it. I have contacted Sky mutiple times by e-mail and same thing comes back "tough". I can't see how they can legally impose this £2.50 charge as I did not agree to their T/C's bearing in mind that my contract with o2 ended in January. Needless to say I also cancelled my direct debit. I got a text message from them today "We've not received your last Sky payment. Go to Sky.com/mysky to pay. You're in contract and may be subject to early termination charges if you don't pay". I'm going to play with these muppets. I'm in contract? errr no I'm not. Termination charges? I'm not in a contract. Imposing £2.50 in penalty charges? Show me a signed contract that I agree to pay this penalty charge. Again I terminated my contract with o2 in Feb and o2 confirmed this.
  9. My formal response to MMF is lodge a compliant to OFT and TS like I have done. OFT is taking note. I have lodged a formal complaint to MMF and I have stated that I require a copy of their internal complaints procedure of which they are legally obliged to supply, 3 months later I am still waiting.....................................
  10. My last encounter with MMF was over 3 months ago, Last I heard was a text message that they were sending me a letter. I have sent multiple emails to them stating that I am STILL waiting for this letter to arrive. Pester them MORE than they pester you, They really have no idea whatsoever of the legal system. They rely purely on threats and intimidation, Nothing more.
  11. I got a lot to add about these muppets. I think the worst part is phoning me at work with an automated message. I sent an E-mail to OFT earlier this week explaining the problems with them refusing to answer emails and letters and asked OFT if they have a Credit licence and telling them that I WILL have MMF in Court to explain their un-lawful collection methods to the Court. I think the best one is the ONLY time I spoke to them I went through the in writing speil and all he said was "We don't do letters" I replied "I don't do phone calls" he kept going on and on so I started singing down the phone. My daughter was having fits of laughter. OOO ANd they have breached the DPA Bit suss I think, Message they sent (I have kept them all) Message for Miss Stuart Tucker. Please contact blah blah, hmmmm Stuart Tucker?? Possibly the PDL they used didn't perform a credit check?
  12. Director Details First Name(s):NEILSurname:PETTYDate of Birth:17 Apr 1964Nationality:BRITISHAddress: Multiple Addresses Returned 26 PERSEVERANCE STREET, PUDSEY, WEST YORKSHIRE, LS28 7PZSANDERSON HOUSE, STATION ROAD, HORSFORTH, LEEDS, LS18 5NT322 HARROGATE ROAD, ECCLESHILL, BRADFORD, WEST YORKSHIRE, BD2 3TB I am having problems with these muppets now. I have no problem with them trying to phone a number I have blocked on my mobile, I have no problem leaving robotic messages on my home phone. The problem I do have is leaving robotic messages at work. I found the above info, can any one verify this is the owner and address? I have now sent a second warning to them and I expect to send them a final warning BUT when I take Court action against them for their unlawful activities I would love to send it to his home address as (hopefully) he is the company director.
  13. agreed, the letter she got is perfect for launching a complaint to the relevant bodies but I somehow expect the bodies to do nothing which is pretty much what they do with everything bank related
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