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  1. Thank You. I'm in such a bad place right now I really appreciate your understanding. Bless You. Liz xx
  2. Thank You. I really appreciate it when I know there is someone who can empathise with me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love to you and I feel your bereavement xx
  3. Unortunately, although Mark only left me 9 weeks ago I've been off work since the end of August looking after him on a Dr.s certificate. If I don't go back next Monday I will go onto half pay, which, as you can imagine, is not possible with bills etc.
  4. Thanks Caro. This is a bad week. I should have gone back to work over a week ago but I've had to take A/L. It's my birthday on Thursday (31st) and Mark's is on Saturday (2nd Feb). The year he was born my birthday was on a Thursday and he was born on the following Saturday. I feel like we've gone a full circle. I've gone through the first Christmas without him (though I didn't know much about it as he was only buried on 12th Dec). How do I get through this week. I'm brokenhearted
  5. Thinking of you Burlyb. I don't know how we can get through these special days when EVERY day is almost unbearable. Cassie xx
  6. Thanks All. Mark's Birthday on 2nd February. I'll raise a glass on that day for him and all our Angels who have left us. I always said Mark had the voice of an Angel. He used to sing in the church choir years ago and never lost his beautiful voice, so....... Sing loud now Mark with all the Angels. I am absolutely bereft. xxxxxxxxxxx
  7. I've not been on CAG fo a long time and have only just seen this beautiful thread. Can I raise a belated glass to my beautiful son, Mark, who passed away on 26th November. He only got sick in August and passed suddenly that Monday evening. I was in the hospital talking to him only an hour before he died. Keep singing with the Angels Mark!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Hi T Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will call you one day........ You've had your fair share of troubles :(since that lovely weekend we had - we must do it again! The race went well, although as the years go by it's getting a bit harder, but still it's for such a good cause. Thanks Again for your generosity. Cassie xx
  9. Thanks hightail. Excuse my ignorance: what does POM-V product mean?
  10. Hello hightail Thanks for your response. I don't quite know if they're prescription only - everytime I have a problem with my dog I take her to the vet, probably very niaive (or stupid:(. These were given to me at the surgery when I came out of the consultation. They are called "EASOTIC". Her ear is better now (she didn't have a tic) and they are only good for 10 days after opening, so I can't keep them for future use. Cassie x
  11. Hi Jack1966 I agree with you the prices are a lot. I took Hattie to the vet on Saturday morning - she suffers with really mucky ears and although I clean them regularly, sometimes I can tell she needs drops as she is constantly shaking her head. The consutation fee was £23.50 (it lasted 3 minutes) and the drops cost £15. She's fine now (until the next time!!) Although I work I don't get paid until next week so I paid by cheque as I had no money (which will now cost me double with bank charges). Cassie x
  12. Hi Angels (and Charley) Long time no "speak":) I've been looking and keeping up with the gossip from afar (or "lurking" as Charley once put it)!!:???: I've probably got a terrible cheek but for this cause I've got no shame: As a lot of you will remember my friend lost her son at the age of 24 to cancer. Well, that was 3 years ago last month (can you believe it??). At the time I felt there was nothing constructive I could do for her, so............. I took part in the "Race for Life" in memory of James that year. I'm running again this year (my 4th) on Sunday at Blackheath. Over the years I've magaged to raise over 2K. I know times are hard for the most of us........................I'll say no more. If you could sponsor me I would be very grateful but even if you can't your thoughts at 10.30 on Sunday morning will be very much appreciated. (I'm not getting any younger..........) http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/elizabethhaigh1 Cassie xx
  13. RIP Sparky and Tyler. Have a look at the poem in #25 - it's very sad but oh so true. Cassie xx
  14. Kia I've just read your posts. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Your Dad is now with your Mum. May they both Rest in Peace. Love and Hugs Cassie xxxxxxxxxxxx
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