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  1. thank you, iv taken note of all the advice, i will let you know how things work out, thank you
  2. im totally stressed at work, i love my job but recent events are causing me major stress, someone who murdered a family member has turned up at my work place, not his fault, (hurts to say that). 30 years after offence, he's released. what do i do, i cant cope at the moment but work expects me in, expects me to 'jump back on the horse', according to one of my managers, this happened 5 days ago. i dont know what to do, im major stressed and cant stop crying, work is supposed to protect you from harm as far as im led to believe, what happens here ? i dont want to say to much but love to tell my whole story but cant. what do i do ? how do i go on the sick, iv never done it before, i cant cope at the moment, i cant be there. manager wants me back at work after giving me one day off, my mind is crumbling
  3. who ever receives the child benefit receives the csa payments, as you will be paying csa for your children aswel if you work, or a fiver a week if your on benefits, money you make maybe taken into consideration, do you pay csa, or does the csa not bother to chase you, an interesting post, thank you take care xx
  4. however if you claim child tax credits they will take that into consideration and take from your child to give to your partners
  5. 2 daughters one at school aged 15 the other aged 16 she is 17 in feburary, csa being paid for both daughters, no problems all being paid. however the mother is claiming working 16 hours but is working 36, (proven, investigation in progress). 16 year old working full time no college, mother says shes at college, mother claiming everything, for both kids never declared daughter working full time shes still claiming family allowance csa, ect. csa notified, csa sent her letters, shes ignoring them, what happens next ?? p.s. in the meanwhile full csa for both daughters is still being paid
  6. what was wrong with my post? at the end of the day, things arnt about money, its about love, are you telling me in your time of need your going to squabble over money issues ? the reason the poster thinks of others is to get the house in order, its a process that people do. im more than sure the father will be there in time of need, at 19 years old a man stands up for himself as im sure he does.
  7. apparently its in my set wages although it doesnt specify, is that right ?
  8. i work as a sessional and work approx 3 to 4 days a week, ive worked at the same place for 5 years and have never received any holidays or holiday pay. i queried this and manager abruptly says im not entitled, i think i am, iv just phoned h.r who says £1.20 should be added to my wages for days worked during month. nothing says this at all, h.r. says shes going to have a look and get back to me, any advice ?
  9. thank you so much, my son is coming over later to talk to me, i will update you with any other info, once again thank you
  10. hello, im sorry but the details i have are few, my son has been depressed for months now, and he's finally told my why, he is stuck in the cycle of payday loan trap, he couldnt make payment this month but offered to pay £30 on tuesday 31st this month to which they agreed, he has just called me to say he had an e-mail this morning (yes Sunday morning) demanding £50 payment by 10 o'clock tonight or they will add another £100 onto the loan which he owes. to me this sounds like threats with menaces, can they do this ? any advice would be a brilliant help thankyou
  11. will look tomorrow, but ive never had them, thankyou
  12. i remember (got told nothing) that laws regarding casual, sessional, workers had changed and that they were entitled to more rights
  13. i have a contract, and i have asked for a new one since laws have changed 2011-2012 but got nothing, i have to take it or lump it. you'd be surprised who i work for,
  14. i am an employee, who gets no holiday pay or sick pay, i am in limbo, ive worked this job continuous for 4 years
  15. im employed by the business, no agencys anywhere
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