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  1. Yes, She just ignored it, due to not being able to afford to pay the fine then it just got out of hand
  2. Guys, Looking for some advice, I did this once before ( good few years back but cant remember what I acctually did or where to find it There is a template some where to send to the swift telling them I will pay X amount a month and not to visit my house.......... can you help with this? my mate ignored a PCN parking fine & swift gave her a £465.85 bill to be paid by Tuesdy of next week or they will be removing her goods from the house She is a single parent not working?
  3. Hi Can anyone help me? I was under the impression that there was a limit in place to how much a bank can charge you in any one day and in a month is this correct? and does it also cover buisness banking? I was charged last week £380 in one day for the return of a few direct debits..... which hurts real bad
  4. Hi all, Im a little unsure of whats going on, my case is with the 1000's stayed at the courts Is this now a lost casue? Ive read a few posts and completly confused meself lol I received a letter off the bank telling me they would not be returning any money, and that I would receive a letter off the DG....... IS that it now? is it al over?
  5. I cant find it anywhere, Ive called welcome and asked them to post me a copy of it. If it is a personal loan, Do I take it that its our own fault? Even though I dont recall seeing or hearing anyone tell me it was a personal loan?
  6. Hi there, Can anyone give me some advice? Myself and my OH purchased a car 4 years ago through welcome finance ont he aggreement it stated HIRE PURCHASE. We changed the car 2 years ago keeping the Credit with welcome. We have been dithering last few months about exchanging the car again, and my OH texted one of the adverts on TV to get a price on the car if we were to part X it, he also (for no reason) also texted a number to find out if the car was on HP.... strangley enough it came back ours isnt?! We never thought no more of it because obviously we no the car is on HP because I pay the monthly direct debit to welcome finance. Today we decided to pop down to a local garage to check out some cars and restructure the finance on the car with this other firm, we went through all the procedure, only to come back with "your car isnt on HP, you must have a "personal loan"!! Now I no its 2 years ago since I resigned the for the new car, but for the life of me I do not recall any one telling me I was having a "personal loan", I was under the impression I was taking out hire purchase, HAs this happened to anyone else?..... because to me, I have been miss sold something, am I right...... Please if anyone can give me any info and advise on what and where I should go from here or if I dont have any kind of case Id be gratefulll to here from you, I have requested that Welcome Finance send me a copy of the "agreement" and Ive not stated why, So eagerly awaiting this arriving in the post. Kell
  7. kelley


    Can anyone send me in the right direction? Im looking for some info on harrasment, the bank has been phoning me with regards to my overdrawn account, even though I have kept up the agreed payments of £80 per month. I had a go at the last agent to call saying I was taking this further. and that I felt I was being harrassed! he appologised an said I would recieve no further calls. He kinda told the truth! I no get text messages asking me to phone the bank lol Is there any templates I can use to send a letter, and any posts that may help me Thanks in advance! Kell
  8. kelley

    Have Moved

    Hi guys, Just after some advise, Ive moved from my adress where I started my claim, the bank obviously have my new address, should I write or e-mail DG?? if so who would I send it to? and are we Jez over 2 years and still waiting lol
  9. I would of called the police!!
  10. Ok so Im assuming I definatley dont pay the Swift... and just pay the council. Do I write to let swift no that as they have refused my payment.... I will send it directly to the council?
  11. Ok Im still confused!! Do I phone up these baliffs an make an appointment to see them? They are refusimg to accept my monthly paymnt offer. Should I phone the council and tell them that they are refusing my payment offer?? Help please, my partner is really worring and well so am I now
  12. uh I have no idea.... the credit recovery agency is called Swift and are based in Merthy Tydfill in South Wales.... and on the letter she posted through the door it just says that I have to pay the full balance to the Baliffs office in 24 hours( that was on the 8th)
  13. Sorry its for council tax arrears...£611 + now £22.50 fees no I never let the baliff in as they never knocked the door...... she ust posted her initial letter through my door..
  14. Oh please does anyone have any advice? Im scouring the posts but my heads in bits! Idont no what to do next Kell
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